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Rottmann, Lothar (Thermo 201204 Product Manager ICPMS/GDMS before Global Support Manager Inorganic Mass Spectrometry) Product Manager (personnel) Thermo Fisher (Group) Germany
Rottmann, Martin (Univ Versailles 201012 Associate Professor + Hospital Raymond Ponicaré, Garches) Assistant Professor / Associate Professor University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ) France
Roubos, Hans (DSM 201007 Senior Scientist Bioinformatics) Researcher (industry) DSM (Group) Netherlands
Rougemond, Eric (Aguettant 201302– CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aguettant (Group) France
Roush, John (PerkinElmer 201002 President Environmental Health) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division PerkinElmer (Group) United States (USA)
Rousselle, Tristan (Protein’eXpert 200011–201306 CEO + Co-Founder LEFT 6/13 before Genome Express) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aguettant (Group) France
Roy, Jonathan (Danaher 201612 VP of Pharma Partnerships at Leica Biosystems) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Danaher (Group) Germany
Royce, Steve (Agilent 201308 Food Segment Manager for the Americas) Product Manager (personnel) Agilent (Group) United States (USA)
Rudd, Pauline (NIBRT 201005 Professor) Professor NIBRT (National Institute for Bioprocessing, Research and Training) (IRL) Ireland, Republic of
Ruge, Stefan (Bruker 200908 Managing Director Bruker Daltonik GmbH) Managing Director Bruker Corporation (Group) Germany
Rullkötter, Jürgen (Univ Oldenburg 201009 Professor and DirectorICBM) Professor University of Oldenburg (Carl von Ossietzky University) Germany
Rumin, Rafael (Francisco Soria Melguizo 200905 General Manager) General Manager (management) Francisco Soria Melguizo S.A. Spain (España)
Ruotolo, Brandon (Univ Michigan 2009– Assoc Prof Dept of Chemistry before Univ Cambridge Research Fellow) Assistant Professor / Associate Professor University of Michigan United States (USA)
Ruppersberg, Peter (201004 Professor + until 4/10 Advisory Board Member of PANATecs) Professor
Rusckowski, Steve (Quest Diagnostics 201205– CEO before Philips CEO of Philips Healthcare sector since 2006) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Quest Diagnostics (Group) United States (USA)
Russel, David H. (Texas A&M Univ Professor + Head of Lab for Biological Mass Spectrometry) Professor Texas A&M University, Dept. of Chemistry United States (USA)
Russell, Clare (formerly Jones) (BioStrata 201404– Managing Director before Chempetitive UK + Alto Marketing) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager BioStrata Ltd. United Kingdom (GB)
Russell, David H. (Texas A&M Univ 201208 Prof Dept of Chemistry since 1980) Professor Texas A&M University, Dept. of Chemistry United States (USA)
Russo, Richard E. (Rick) (United States (govt) 201405 Senior Scientist at LBNL joined 1982) Researcher (university / research institute) United States (govt) United States (USA)
Ruth, James (Forensic Laboratories 201008 Director) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Forensic Laboratories (Denver, CO) United States (USA)
Ruzich, Kathy (Thermo Fisher 201510) public relations / investor relations Thermo Fisher (Group) United States (USA)
Ryals, John (Metabolon 200510 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Metabolon (Group) United States (USA)
Ryan, Bruce (Waters 201005 Director Marketing, Global Services) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Waters (Group) United States (USA)
Ryan, Peter (KR Analytical 201003 Partner) n. a. KR Analytical Ltd. United Kingdom (GB)
Ryan, Susan (IonSense 201301– US Sales Manager before PerkinElmer + Teledyne Isco + Varian + Waters + Zymark) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager IonSense Inc. United States (USA)
Rüssmeier, Nick (Optimare 201204 Mechanical Engineering) Engineer Aerodata (Group) Germany
Römer, Axel (A&M Labor 201201 Managing Director) Managing Director A&M Labor für Analytik und Metabolismusforschung Service Gmb
Röpke, Werner (Techlab GmbH 201204 Managing Director) Managing Director Techlab GmbH Germany
Rösch, Paul (Univ Bayreuth 201504 Professor at Research Center for Bio-Macromolecules) Professor University of Bayreuth Germany
Röver, Stephan (Roche 201006 Scientific Expert for Discovery Chemistry) Researcher (industry) Roche (Group) Switzerland
Saalfeld, Sonja (Techlab GmbH 201204 Managing Director) Managing Director Techlab GmbH Germany
Sabatini, David M. (MIT 201203 Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research + Broad Institute) Researcher (university / research institute) MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) United States (USA)
Sachdev, Rakesh (Sigma-Aldrich 201506 CEO before 200811– CFO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Merck (DE) (Group) United States (USA)
Sachs, Alan (Thermo Fisher 201706 CSO) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Thermo Fisher (Group) United States (USA)
Sack, Stephan (Harlan Laboratories 200910 Manager Analytical Services at Harlan Laboratories Ltd) Laboratory Manager (industry) Envigo (Group) Switzerland
Sadler, John (Agilent 201503 General Manager of Software + Informatics business) General Manager (management) Agilent (Group) United States (USA)
Safan, Erica (Phenomenex 201607 Brand Manager) n. a. Danaher (Group) United States (USA)
Sahin, Gencer (Hamburg (govt) 201603 Investment Manager at Innovationsstarter Fonds Hamburg) Investment Manager Hamburg (govt region) Germany
Saiyed, Taslimarif (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research 201102 Director Strategic Alliances + BusDev at C-CAMP) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Tata Institute of Fundamental Research India
Salbu, Sarah (PerkinElmer 201205 Corporate Public Relations Specialist) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager PerkinElmer (Group) United States (USA)
Salem, Gustavo (Gus) (IDEX 201605 Group President of IDEX Health & Science before Siscapa + Agilent + Assay Designs) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division IDEX Corporation (Group) United States (USA)
Salem, Isam (IPRC (JO) 201501 VP Operations) n. a. International Pharmaceutical Research Center (IPRC) (JO) Jordan
Salomon, Arthur (Brown Univ 200709– Adjunct Assitant Prof Chemistry Dept) Assistant Professor / Associate Professor Brown University United States (USA)
Samazan, Tanya (Bioinformatics LLC 201801 Managing Editor of Insrument Business Look) Editor / Publisher Bioinformatics LLC United States (USA)
Sanchez, Alberto (Bruker 201106 Sales Manager Mass Spec Bruker Spain) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Bruker Corporation (Group) Spain (España)
Sanchez, Jean-Charles (Univ Geneva 201204 Professor + Director Biomedical Proteomics Research Group) Professor University of Geneva (Université de Genève, UNIGE) Switzerland
Sanders, Alan (Bruker 201411 Director of Marketing at Bruker Detection) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Bruker Corporation (Group) United States (USA)
Sanders, Alan (Bruker 201511 Director of Marketing at Bruker Detection) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Bruker Corporation (Group) Germany
Sanders, Ian (Toximet 201406– CEO before EVP Sales + Applications at Bruker Life Science) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bio-Check (UK) (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Sanders, Mark (Thermo Fisher 201506 Director Software Development Platform) Product Manager (personnel) Thermo Fisher (Group) United States (USA)
Sandra, Koen (Research Institute for Chromatography) Research & Development Manager Research Institute for Chromatography (R.I.C.) (Group) Belgium
Sandra, Pat (Research Institute for Chromatography before Ghent Univ) Professor Ghent University (UGent) Belgium
Sansawat, Supreeya (SGS 201012 Global Manager of Food Services) n. a. SGS (Group) Switzerland
Santemma, Jon (Leucadia 201606 Global Head of Healthcare Investment Banking at Jefferies) n. a. Leucadia (Group) United States (USA)
Santiago, Paulina (SLAS 201605 Marketing Manager at SLAS Europe) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Belgium
Santing, Ruud (Sinensis 201409 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Eurofins (Group) Netherlands
Santner, Friedrich (Anton Paar 201311 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Anton Paar (Group) Austria
Santorelli, Bob (JEOL 201003 CEO JEOL USA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) JEOL (Group) United States (USA)
Santoro, Massimo (Schauenburg 201412– Technical Marketing Director at Markes before Thermo Fisher + PerkinElmer) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Schauenburg (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Saptari, Vidi (Precisive 201503 Founder) Company Founder MKS Instruments (Group)
Sasaki, Ryan (ACD/Labs 201307 Director Global Strategy before NMR Product Marketing Manager) Corporate Strategy Manager Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) (Group) Canada
Sasisekharan, Ram (MIT 201707 Professor at Dept of Bioengineering at Koch Institute for Cancer Research) Professor MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) United States (USA)
Sasov, Alexander (Bruker 201204– Managing Director of Bruker microCT before SkyScan NV CEO + founder) Managing Director Bruker Corporation (Group) Belgium
Sauer, Uwe (ETH Zurich 201007 Institute of Molecular Systems Biology) Researcher (university / research institute) ETH Zürich (ETHZ) Switzerland
Sauermann, Stefan (AnagnosTec 200912 CEO + CFO joined 2/02 as CFO) Managing Director AnagnosTec Gesellschaft für Analytische Biochemie und Diagnostik mbH Germany
Sauter, Andrew (Sera Prognostics 201101 CFO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Sera Prognostics Inc. United States (USA)
Savela, Jyrki (TimeGate Instruments 201505 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) TimeGate Instruments Oy Finland
Saxonov, Serge (10x Genomics 201602 CEO + Co-Founder before Quantalife + 23andMe) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 10x Genomics Inc. United States (USA)
Scagnetti, Paul (Bruker 201504 President of Nano Surfaces division) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Bruker Corporation (Group)
Scangos, George A. (Biogen Idec 201007– CEO before Exelixis 199611– CEO before Bayer) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Biogen (Group) United States (USA)
Schatz, Peer M. (Qiagen 200511 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Qiagen (Group) Netherlands
Schauenburg, Florian G. (Schauenburg 201301 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Schauenburg (Group) Germany
Schauer, Nicolas (Metabolomic Discoveries 201102 Managing Director) Managing Director Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH Germany
Scheek, Sigrid (Ascenion 200801 Technology Manager) IP Manager Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) Germany
Scheffer, Petra (Bruker Corp 201701 Director of MarCom at Bruker Daltonics) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Bruker Corporation (Group) Germany
Schertiger, Jesper (Sony 201404 SVP European Sales + Marketing at Sony DADC) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Sony (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Schick, Georg (201201 VP Industrial Sales + Marketing at Bruker Elemental division) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Bruker Corporation (Group) Germany
Schiewe, Hajo (Proteros 200708 EVP Business Development) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Proteros (Group) Germany
Schifrin, Alexander (Metabolomic Discoveries 201604 Business Development Manager) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH Germany
Schild, Hansjörg (Univ Mainz 201312 Prof + Director of Institute for Immunology at Univ Medical Center) Professor University of Mainz (Johannes Gutenberg University) Germany
Schiller, Sandy (PerkinElmer 201003 Marketing Communications Manager) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager PerkinElmer (Group) United States (USA)
Schlumpberger, Thomas (Innai Systems 201405 VP Business Development + Sales) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Hitachi Data Systems Corporation United States (USA)
Schlüter, Hartmut (Univ Hamburg 201306 Professor at UKE) Professor University of Hamburg Germany
Schlösser, Beate (Endress+Hauser 201705 Assitant Public + Internal Communication) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Endress+Hauser (Group) Switzerland
Schmelig, Karlheinz (Creathor GmbH 201204 Managing Director) Managing Director Creathor Venture (Group) Germany
Schmidt, Jochen (Altana 201301– R&D Analytics at Actega Terra GmbH before Abbott Products GmbH) Laboratory Manager (industry) Actega Terra GmbH Germany
Schmidt, Jürgen (Leibniz-Gemeinschaft 201003 IPB Halle) Researcher (university / research institute) Leibniz-Gemeinschaft Germany
Schmidt, Thomas (Agilent 201306– OpenLAB CDS Product Manager before Waters before Creon LabControl) Product Manager (personnel) Agilent (Group) Germany
Schmitt-Kopplin, Prof. Dr. (Helmholtz 201312 Prof at Helmholtz-Zentrum München) Professor Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) Germany
Schmittmann, Matthias (Bentekk 201412– Managing Director) Managing Director Dräger (Group) Germany
Schmitz, O. (Univ Wuppertal 201005 Professor) Professor University of Wuppertal Germany
Schnabl, Siegfried (Eurofins 201410– Managing Director Eurofins Genomics AT GmbH before VBC-Biotech GmbH) Managing Director Eurofins (Group) Austria
Schnegg, Elgar (Biocrates Life Sciences 200806–201306 CEO LEFT 6/13 before Sandoz/Hexal Austria + FMCG) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Biocrates (Group) Austria
Schneiderbauer, Alois (Biotecon 2008– Managing Director + CBO before IBA GmbH 200401– CBO before CyBio before MWG) Managing Director Biotecon Diagnostics GmbH Germany
Schnell, Beate (InSphero 201601– Head of Sales before Promega + Abbott Diagnostics) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager InSphero (Group) Switzerland
Schnitzler, Jan (Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center 200808) n. a. Johns Hopkins University United States (USA)
Schobesberger, Christina (Sony 201203 Sony DADC Austria GmbH) n. a. Sony (Group) Austria
Schoening, Stephanie (Monarch LifeSciences 200911 Marketing Director) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Monarch LifeSciences LLC United States (USA)
Schoenmakers, Peter (Univ Amsterdam 201402 Professor) Professor University of Amsterdam (UvA) Netherlands
Schreiber, André (Danaher 201504 Food + Environmental Global Applications Manager at Sciex Toronto) Professor Danaher (Group) Canada
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