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Örebro Univ–Waters: mass spectrometer, 2012 supply Xevo TQ-S system w APGC ion source + Acquity I-Class UPLC system to MTM Research Center 2012-01-01
Zweckverband Landeswasserversorgung–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201012– supply AB Sciex TripleTOF 5600 to Waterworks Langenau + collab method developm 2010-12-08
Zivak Technologies–Tecan: automated liquid handling, 201310 supply Cavro Omni Robot for use with clinical Dx HPLC + LC-MSMS systems 2013-10-22
Zespri–Metabolomic Discoveries: metabolomic services, 201601– supply service MS-based profiling of kiwi fruit using Flavour Profiler Technology 2016-01-18
Zephyrus Biosciences–Bio-Techne: investment, 201603 acquisition by Bio-Techne Corp 2016-03-21
Young In Group–Eurofins: investment, 201804 acquisition of Lab Frontier Co Ltd from YIG by Eurofins 2018-04-03
Young In Group–Agilent: investment, 201805–201808 acquisition €na of Agilent-related business from former long-term Korean distributor YI Scientific 2018-05-22
Young In Group–Agilent: analytical instruments, –201805 distribution in South Korea by YI Scientific long-term until 5/18 2018-05-22
Yingsheng Biotechnology–Biotage: clinical mass spectrometry, 201906– collab strategic + OEM sale in China by Shandong Yingsheng Biotechnology 2019-06-04
Yale Univ–EluciData: metabolomics software, 201906 supply existent PollyPhi Workflow s/w with Sciex MS systems at Kibbey lab at Medical School 2019-06-21
Yale Univ–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201906 supply existent Sciex TripleTOF 6600 system at Kibbey lab at Medical School 2019-06-21
Yale Univ–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201906 supply existent Sciex QTRAP 5500 system at Kibbey lab at Medical School 2019-06-21
Yale Univ–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201109 supply use of AB Sciex QTRAP 5500 LC/LC/MS system for phosphoproteomics 2011-10-28
Yale Univ–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201112 supply €na 7890A GC/MS system to new West Campus 2011-12-13
Yale Univ–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201112 supply €na 6490 triple quadrupole LC/MS system to new West Campus 2011-12-13
Yale Univ–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201112 supply €na 6120 single quadrupole LC/MS system to new West Campus 2011-12-13
Yair Technologies–Protea Biosciences: analytical instruments, 201210– distribution of sample prep + mass spec + LAESI products in Israel by Yair 2012-10-04
Yair Technologies–Advion: mass spectrometer, 201204– collab excl distribution of expression Compact Mass Spectrometer in Israel by Yair 2012-04-26
Xitogen Technologies–Danaher: investment, 201404– acquisition of Xitogen tog with Cytojene Corp by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences 2014-04-22
Xiril–Sias: investment, 2012 acquisition of Xiril AG by Sias AG 2012-01-01
X-Rite–Danaher: investment, 201204–201205 acquisition $625m cash tender offer incl debt + net of cash acquired $5.55/share 2012-04-10
Wyatt Technology–Scott Partnership: public relations, 201007 service existent 2010-07-15
Worcester Polytechnic Institute–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201008 supply existent 6130 Series LC/MS system listed on web site of Life Sciences Core 2010-08-29
Wiley–Medical Univ Innsbruck: MSforID Library, 201106 collab Wiley publishes MSforID as Wiley Registry of Tanden Mass Spectral Data 2011-06-14
Wiley–GeneBio: SmileMS software, 201105– collab ww non-excl co-distribution of SmileMS with LC-MS/MS libraries 2011-05-30
Wiley–Bio-Rad: spectral libraries, 201612 collab product integration launch of Wiley Spectral Lab powered by Bio-Rad’s KnowItAll 2016-07-26
Wibby Environmental–Phenomenex: investment, 201101 acquisition 2011-01-01
Whitehouse Laboratories–Albany Molecular: investment, 201512 acquisition $54m in cash + milestones $2m in shares 2015-12-15
Whatman–Parker Hannifin: investment, 2000 acquisition of Balston Inc by Parker Hannifin Corp 2000-01-01
Westburg–Analytik Jena: investment, 201107 acquisition 20% stake in Westburg BV for €150k 2011-07-18
West Virginia Univ–Protea Biosciences: LAESI technology, 201103– collab research in leukemia cancer cells with WVU MBRCC 2011-03-22
Welch Materials–DataApex: chromatography s/w, 201803– distribution Hangzhou Welch Scientific Instruments to market OEM version of Clarity in China 2018-03-15
Weizmann Institute–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, –201006– supply existent LTQ-XL-Orbitrap at Biological Mass Spec Facility 2010-06-18
Weizmann Institute–Danaher: mass spectrometer, –201006– supply existent AB Sciex Q-TRAP-4000 Hybrid system at Biological Mass Spec Facility 2010-06-18
Weizmann Institute–Bruker: MRI system, 201710 supply Biospec 15.2 Tesla USR preclinical UHF MRI system 2017-10-18
Wayne State Univ–Waters: mass spectrometer, 200912 supply installation of 1st Synapt G2 HDMS System in US in lab of Prof Sarah Trimpin 2009-12-01
Waters–Örebro Univ: mass spectrometry, 201211– collab MTM Research Center at Örebro Univ joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2012-11-05
Waters–Wyatt Technology: liquid chromatography, 201705– of µDAWN MALS detector with Acquity UPLC + APC systems 2017-05-31
Waters–Univ North Texas: mass spectrometry, 201209– collab Shulaev Metabolomics Lab at UNT joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2012-09-25
Waters–Univ Minnesota: mass spectrometry, 201306– collab Flavor Research + Education Center joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2013-06-07
Waters–Univ Minnesota: mass spectrometry, 201110– collab Mass Spec Lab at Univ Minnesota joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2011-10-03
Waters–Univ Maryland: mass spectrometry, 201310– collab Mass Spec Lab at School of Pharmacy joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2013-10-14
Waters–Univ Maryland: food analysis technology, 201005– collab founding of IFSTL as public-private partnership w FDA + JIFSAN 2010-05-21
Waters–Univ Maastricht: mass spectrometry, 201606– collab M4I Institute joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2016-06-22
Waters–Univ London: mass spectrometry, 201011– collab LC/MS/MS King’s College London Drug Control Centre joins Centers of Innovation Program 2010-11-10
Waters–Univ Liverpool: mass spectrometry, 201402– collab to combine Affimer microarrays w mass spec for methods for biomarker + target discovery 2014-02-03
Waters–Univ Copenhagen: mass spectrometry, 201602– collab Forensic Chemistry Lab joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2016-02-16
Waters–Univ Campinas: mass spectrometry, 201201– collab Prof Eberlin’s Thomson Lab at UNICAMP joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2012-01-30
Waters–Univ California: mass spectrometry, 201603– collab Center for Advance Lab Medicina at UCSD joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2016-03-17
Waters–United Kingdom (govt): food analysis technology, 201206– collab founding of Fera International Food Safety Training Laboratory (Fera IFSTL) 2012-06-13
Waters–TGen: mass spectrometry, 201108– collab TGen Center for Proteomics joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2011-08-26
Waters–Tecan: liquid handling technology, 201201– supply €na OEM Freedom EVO platform for Waters clinical lab assays with ACQUITY TQD LS/MS/MS 2012-01-17
Waters–Spectris: analytical instruments, 201801– collab co-marketing agreem with Malvern Panalytical for Omnisec Reveal with Acquity APC system 2018-01-16
Waters–Spark Holland: SPE technology, 201211 collab ww sale + support of integratated ACQUITY UPLC Online SPE Manager by Waters 2012-11-20
Waters–Siscapa: mass spectrometry, 201707– license non-excl to certain SAT technology for standardisation of liquid LC/MS assays 2017-07-12
Waters–Singapore (govt): mass spectrometry, 201702– collab A*STAR BTI joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2017-02-27
Waters–Singapore (govt): mass spectrometry, 201606– collab developm cancer glycobiology methods with A*STAR’s BTI 2016-06-21
Waters–Singapore (govt): mass spectrometry, 2014– collab evaluation GlycoWorks RapiFluor-MS Glycan Kit + workflow with A*STAR’s BTI 2014-01-01
Waters–Salesforce: CRM cloud software, 201910– supply Waters to use Sales Cloud Einstein + Service Cloud + Einstein Analytics 2019-10-16
Waters–Restek: gas chromatography, 201808– collab co-marketing of GC-MS instrumentation + consumables to food safety labs 2018-08-28
Waters–Purdue Univ: ionisation technology, 201807– collab further development of DESI technology by Cooks lab 2018-07-23
Waters–Protea Biosciences: LAESI technology, 201203– collab co-marketing agreem for LAESI DP-1000 with Synapt G2 + G2S HDMS Sytems 2012-03-12
Waters–Prosolia: ionisation technology, 201807 acquisition of excl rights to DESI technology by Waters from Prosolia + PRF 2018-07-23
Waters–Prosolia: ionisation technology, 201406– acquisition excl rights €na to use DESI for clinical research applications with Waters ToF MS systems 2014-06-16
Waters–Premier Biosoft: SimLipid software, 201106– collab co-marketing + reselling SimLipid w Waters UPLC mass spec solutions for lipidomics research 2010-05-24
Waters–Premier Biosoft: SimGlycan software, 201005– collab co-marketing SimGlycan w Waters mass spec solutions for glycan + glycopeptide analysis 2010-05-24
Waters–Phytronix: LDTD Ion Source, 201007– collab product integration with Waters MS/MS systems 2010-07-26
Waters–Peak Scientific: gas generator, 201005– supply OEM ww of nitrogen generators incl spare parts + services for Waters LC/MS systems 2010-05-21
Waters–Omics LLC: cheminformatics, 201406 product integration of PetroOrg Petroleomics s/w with Synapt G2-Si MS system 2014-06-16
Waters–Omic Analytics: mass spectrometry software, 201703– license excl for sale of Proteolabels s/w with Progenesis QI for Proteomics 2017-03-15
Waters–Ohio State Univ: mass spectrometry, 201509– collab Chemical Instrument Center joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2015-09-22
Waters–Nonlinear Dynamics: mass spectrometry s/w, 201208– collab developm of data analysis solutions for proteomics + metabolomics 2012-08-02
Waters–Nonlinear Dynamics: mass spectrometry s/w, 201205 collab existent developm of TransOmics Informatics s/w based on Progenesis LC-MS 2012-05-21
Waters–NIBRT: UPLC glycan analysis database, 201005– collab developm by NIBRT w Waters UPLC techn + co-marketing by Waters + NIBRT 2010-05-06
Waters–NIBRT: biotherapeutics characterisation, 201203– collab establishm Complete Product + Processing Characterization Facility (CPPCF) 2012-03-27
Waters–Newcastle Hospitals: mass spectrometry, 201007 collab existent LC/MS clinical applications 2010-07-26
Waters–Molecular Discovery: mass spectrometry s/w, 201808– collab product integration MetaSite + MassMetaSite s/w with UNIFI Platform 2018-08-02
Waters–IonSense: ionisation technology, 201706 collab + supply product integration DART technology with Waters MS 2017-06-01
Waters–Indiana Univ: mass spectrometry, 201212– collab Lab of Biological Mass Spectrometry at IU joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2012-12-13
Waters–Imperial College: translational medicine, 201409– collab framework agreem of Waters + Imperial College + BGI for omics standards + applications 2014-09-11
Waters–Georgetown Univ: mass spectrometry, 201107– collab LC/MS Fornace Lab of Lombardi Cancer Center joins Centers of Innovation Program 2011-07-07
Waters–Florida State Univ: mass spectrometry, 201111– collab Future Fuels Institute at FSU joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2011-11-15
Waters–F-DGSi: gas generator, 201408 supply + collab existent resale of F-DGSi gas generators by Waters with Waters instruments 2014-08-22
Waters–Duke Univ: mass spectrometry, 201105– collab LC/MS School of Medicine Proteomics Core joins Centers of Innovation Program 2011-05-11
Waters–CPGR (ZA): mass spectrometry, 201602–collab targeted proteomics using Xevo TQ-S MS with Acquity M-Class UPLC via Microsep 2016-02-26
Waters–Colorado State Univ: mass spectrometry, 201410– collab Proteomics + Metabolomics Facility joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2014-10-28
Waters–China (govt): mass spectrometry, 201510– collab Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2015-10-21
Waters–Chang Gung Univ: mass spectrometry, 201506– collab Healthy Aging Research Center joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2015-06-11
Waters–Cerno Bioscience: MassWorks s/w, 200903 product integration existent MassWorks supports Waters MassLynx software 2009-03-12
Waters–CBCI: mass spectrometry, 201304– collab Mandal Lab at St John’s Research Institute joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2013-04-09
Waters–Biocrates: AbsoluteIDQ Kits, 201205– collab Waters Xevo TQ MS editions of established AbsoluteIDQ p180 + p150 kits 2012-05-14
Waters–BioCity (GB): analytical services, 201601– establishment joint open access laboratory in BioHub at Alderley Park 2016-01-06
Waters–Andrew Alliance: automated liquid handling technology, 201902–collab new solutions for LC-MS research 2019-02-06
Waters–Andrew Alliance: automated liquid handling technology, 201706– collab co-marketing semi-automated sample prep solution 2017-06-01
Waters–Allen & Gerritsen: public relations, 201005 service Waters listed as client/partner on a&g web site 2010-05-21
Waters–Advion: mass spectrometry, 200611– collab integration of TriVersa NanoMate with Synapt HDMS System 2006-11-16
Waters–Advion: mass spectrometry, 2003– collab initial collaboration of Waters + Advion BioSystems 2003-01-01
Waters–ACD/Labs: cheminformatics, 201106 collab product integration ACD/AutoChrom for Empower 2 with ACQUITY UPLC H-Class 2011-06-23
Washington Univ–Mérieux: mass spectrometer, 201308 supply + collab School of Medicine investigation site for VITEK MS approval study 2013-08-22
Washington Univ–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201512 supply GC + LC + MS systems + analytical software to lab of Jeffrey Gordon 2015-12-09
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