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Sysmex–SAFIA Technologies: mycotoxin immunoassays, 202402– distribution ww of tests for food/agri by Sysmex Partec using SAFIA tech + flow cytometry 2024-02-15
Nion–Buker: investment, 202401 acquisition €na of Nion by Bruker 2024-01-03
LumiraDx–Roche: investment, 202312– acquisition $295m + $55m milestones of parts of LumiraDx Group related to innovative PoC technology 2023-12-29
Elitech–Bruker: investment, 202312– acquisition €870m in cash of Elitech Group from PAI Partners SIGNED Put Option Letter 2023-12-23
Tome Biosciences–Bruker: investment, 202312 financing rounds Series A + B totalling $213m incl investor Bruker Corp 2023-12-12
Tome Biosciences–SEVERAL: investment, 202312 financing rounds Series A + B $213m announced at launch 2023-12-12
Oxford Nanopore–Mérieux: investment, 202310 investment £69.1m purchase of 29m ordinary shares at £2.38/share by bioMérieux 2023-10-19
Olink–Thermo Fisher: investment, 202310– acquisition cash tender offer $3.1b at $26/share by Thermo Fisher 2023-10-17
MIRO Analytical–Bruker: investment, 202310 majority investment €na by Bruker 2023-10-04
Refeyn–Alto Marketing: public relations, 202310 service existent by Alto Marketing Ltd 2023-10-02
CrystalsFirst–Helmholtz: drug discovery technology, 202309–202410 collab developm in joint project LigandML with DESY with funding from IFB Hamburg 2023-09-01
Abcam–Danaher: investment, 202308– acquisition $24/share in cash = enterprise value $5.7b incl assumed indebtedness + net of acquired cash 2023-08-28
PhenomeX–Bruker: investment, 202308–202310 acquisition cash tender offer $108m by Bruker at $1/share 2023-08-17
NuChem Sciences–Sygnature Discovery: investment, acquisition of NuChem Sciences by Sygnature Discovery 2023-07-31
Revvity–Scitara: lab informatics, 202307– collab expansion product integration of Signals Software Suite with DLX technology 2023-07-27
CrystalsFirst–NexMR: fragment-based drug discovery, 202307– collab combining crystallography technology with NRM for drug discovery 2023-07-24
Orange Science–Organomation: sample evaporators, 202307– distribution of nitrogen blowdown evaporator lines of Organimation in JP by Orange Science 2023-07-20–SEVERAL: investment, 202306 seed financing round €3.6m with Elaia Partners + Heal Capital + HTGF 2023-06-26
Lunaphore–Bio-Techne: investment, 202306– acquisition by of Lunaphore by Bio-Techne ANNOUNCED 2023-06-22
Ellab–Novo Group: investment, 202306– acquisition of Ellab by Novo Holdings from EQT Private Equity + co-shareholders 2023-06-21
DNTox–SEVERAL: investment, 202306 seed financing round €1.4m led by HTGF 2023-06-14
Sartorius–Waters: biopharma production technology, 202306– collab expansion integration of PATROL UPLC PAS with Resolute BioSMB platform 2023-06-05
Midwest Biosolutions–Bionter: analytical instruments, 202305– collab Midwest Bio to promote + sell Bionter products + services in the US 2023-05-08
Zontal–Bruker: investment, 202305 acquisition €na of Zontal by Bruker 2023-05-08
Ten23 Health–Bionter: particle counting, 202305– collab developm of methods incl installation of EVE particle counter at Ten23 Heatlh 2023-05-02
Bio-Techne–Lunaphore: spatial omics, 202304– collab strategic partnership integrating COMET system with RNAscope technology 2023-04-17
Mérieux–Oxford Nanopore: nanopore technology, 202304– collab strategic exploring nanopore sequencing for infectious disease diagnostics bioMérieux 2023-04-14
Agilent–Hamamatsu: digital pathology, 202303– collab distribution of NanoZoomer digital pathology slide scanners by Agilent 2023-03-10
Agilent–e-MSion: mass spectrometry technology, 2019– collab co-marketing of ExD cell technology with 6500 Series LC-/Q-TOF 2023-03-09
e-MSion–Agilent: investment, 202303 acquisition of e-MSion by Agilent 2023-03-09
Agilent–Proscia: digital pathology, 202303– collab ww distribution multi-year for Concentriq Dx platform with Agilent digital pathology solutions 2023-03-08
Astrea Bioseparations–Biotage: investment, 202302– acquisition $190m in shares + $45 cash milestones of Astrea from Gamma Biosciences (KKR) 2023-02-15
Biotage–KKR: investment, 202302– investment $25m tog with sale of Astrea Bioseparations by Gamma for shares resulting in 17% share in Biotage of Gamma 2023-02-15
Wyatt Technology–Waters: investment, 202302–202305 acquisition $1.36b in cash of Wyatt by Waters 2023-02-15
HEL Group–Zyme Communications: public relations, 202302 service existent by Zyme 2023-02-08
Danaher–Seed Biosciences: cell dispenser, 202302– distribution excl of DinspenCell in US + Asia + resale in Europe by Molecular Devices 2023-02-07
SAMDI Tech–Charles River: investment, 202301 acquisition of remaining 80% not already owned for $50m in cash by Charles River 2023-01-30
Agilent–Plasmion: ionisation technology, 202301– collab co-marketing of SICRIT ion source with Agilent Ultivo LC/TQ + LC/MSD iQ MS systems 2023-01-18
Siemens–ASG Superconductors: magnetic resonance imaging, 202301– collab integration of ASG MRI magnets >7T in Siemens Healthineers UFH MRI systems 2023-01-18
InDevR–Adjuvant Capital: investment, 202301 financing round Series B totalling $9m incl $4m from Adjuvant Capital 2023-01-17
InDevR–Mérieux: investment, 202301 financing round Series B totalling $9m incl $5m from bioMérieux in connection w partnership 2023-01-17
InDevR–SEVERAL: investment, 202301 financing round Series B $9m from bioMérieux + Adjuvant Capital 2023-01-17
Mérieux–InDevR: VaxArray platform, 202301– excl distribution of VaxArray portfolio by bioMérieux in Europe 2023-01-17
Delta Precision–Astrea Bioseparations: investment, 202301 acquisition of Delta Precision Ltd by Astrea 2023-01-09
Evosep–Novo Group: investment, 202301 minority investment of $40m by Novo Holdings A/S 2023-01-09
Acquifer Imaging–Bruker: investment, 202301 acquisition €na of Acquifer Imaging Gmbh + subsidiary Deltabyte GmbH by Bruker 2023-01-05
Biognosys–Bruker: investment, 202301 acquisition €na of majority share in Biognosys by Bruker 2023-01-04
Danaher–Advanced Solutions: laboratory automation equipment, 202301 collab developm BAB400 with ImageXpress for 3D Cell Culture + sales by MolDev 2023-01-04
IsoPlexis–Berkeley Lights: investment, 202212–202303 merger acquisition $57.8m in shares with former Berkeley owners holding 75.2%, renamed PhenomeX 2022-12-21
Numares–EU (govt): credit, 202212– quasi-equity venture debt financing up to €20m from EIB 2022-12-20
Numares–SEVERAL: investment, 202212 financing round €20m from existing investors 2022-12-20
Variolytics–SEVERAL: investment, 202212 seed financing round €7-digit from HTGF + FTTF + business angels 2022-12-07
Cellesce–Danaher: investment, 202212 acquisition of Cellesce by Molecular Devices 2022-12-06
Neurescence–Bruker: investment, 202211–202212 acquisition 100% of Neurescence Inc by Bruker 2022-11-14
Elemental Machines–SEVERAL: investment, 202211 financing round Series B $41m led by Sageview Capital 2022-11-10
Inscopix–Bruker: investment, 202211 acquisition €na of Inscopix by Bruker 2022-11-08
Binding Site–Thermo Fisher: investment, 202210– acquisition £2.25b in cash from shareholder group led by Nordic Capital ANNOUNCED 2022-10-31
MS-Omics–Clinical Microbiomics: investment, 202210 acquisition of MS-Omics ApS by Clinical Microbiomics A/S 2022-10-17
Cevec–Danaher: investment, 202210 acquisition of Cevec by Cytiva 2022-10-06
Irubis–EU (govt): investment, 202210 seed financing round totalling €2.8m incl co-investor EIC Fund 2022-10-06
Irubis–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 202210 seed financing round totalling €2.8m incl co-lead investor HTGF 2022-10-06
Irubis–OTHER: investment, 202210 seed financing round totalling €2.8m incl business angels as co-investors 2022-10-06
Irubis–SEVERAL: investment, 202210 seed financing round €2.8m led by HTGF + Verve Ventures + Ventura BioMed Investors 2022-10-06
Irubis–TU Munich: investment, 202210 seed financing round totalling €2.8m incl co-investor Initiative for Industrial Innovators 2022-10-06
Irubis–Ventura Biomed Investors: investment, 202210 seed financing round totalling €2.8m incl co-lead investor Ventura Biomed Investors 2022-10-06
Irubis–Verve Capital Partners: investment, 202210 seed financing round totalling €2.8m incl co-lead investor Verve Ventures 2022-10-06
Agilent–Scitara: lab informatics, 202209– collab product integration of OpenLab CDS + SLIMS with Scientific Integration Platform SIP + DLX 2022-09-21
ValitaCell–Danaher: investment, 202209 acquisition of ValitaCell by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences 2022-09-13
2bind–Dynamic Biosensors: switchSENSE technology, 202209– collab technology-service with 2bind using HeliX biosensor system as certified beta customer 2022-09-01
Trace Analytics–908 Devices: investment, 202208 acquisition $15.3m upfront cash + $2m cash milestones 2022-08-09
Atlas Antibodies–Genovis: MS-based analysis of biopharmaceuticals, 202208– supply service LC-MS analytics of recombinant CHO-antibodies to Evitria 2022-08-08
Polymer Standards Service–Agilent: investment, 202208 acquisition €na of PSS by Agilent 2022-08-02
NeoSphere Biotechnologies–SEVERAL: investment, 202207 financing round Series A €6m 2022-07-25
SPT Labtech–EQT: investment, 202206– acquisition £650m of SPT Labtech by EQT IX Fund from Battery Ventures 2022-06-22
ModuVision–Knauer: investment, 202206 acquisition of ModuVision by Knauer 2022-06-13
Peptone–Bessemer Venture: investment, 202206 financing round Series A totalling $40m incl co-lead investor Bessemer Venture Partners 2022-06-09
Peptone–F-Prime: investment, 202206 financing round Series A totalling $40m incl co-lead investor F-Prime Capital 2022-06-09
Peptone–Hoxton Ventures: investment, 202206 financing round Series A totalling $40m incl existing + co-investor Hoxton Ventures 2022-06-09
Peptone–Novartis: investment, 202206 financing round Series A totalling $40m incl existing + co-investor dRX Capital 2022-06-09
Peptone–Nvidia: AI-based drug discovery, 202206 collab incl use of Nvidia DGX A100 supercomputer to run Peptone’s algorithmic engine 2022-06-09
Peptone–SEVERAL: investment, 202206 financing round Series A $40m led by F-Prime + Bessemer Venture Partners 2022-06-09
Peptone–Walden Catalyst: investment, 202206 financing round Series A totalling $40m incl co-investor Walden Catalyst Vemtures 2022-06-09
Agilent–Mettler-Toledo: lab automation, –202206 collab developm + product integration automated + digitalised sample prep for LC/GC workflow 2022-06-01
Weezion–Mérieux: in-vitro diagnostics, 202206– collab technical assistance from bioMérieux to develop MS-based sepsis IVD 2022-06-01
Weezion–Mérieux: investment, 202206 investment €2m from bioMérieux for a 4.26% share accompanied by technical assistance 2022-06-01
Irubis–EU (govt): grant, 202005– grant €1.3m from EIC Accelerator Pilot Programme 2022-05-26
OMass–SEVERAL: investment, 202204 financing round Series B £75.5m led by new investors GV + Northpond Ventures + Sanofi Ventures 2022-04-28
Peak Proteins–Sygnature Discovery: investment, 202204 acquisition €na of Peak Proteins by Sygnature Discovery 2022-04-26
PerkinElmer–Scitara: lab informatics, 202204– collab product integration of Signals informatics platform with Scientific Integration Platform SIP 2022-04-14
Refeyn–Foresight Group: investment, 202204 financing round Series B incl existing + co-investor Foresight Group 2022-04-11
Refeyn–Horizons Ventures: investment, 202204 financing round Series B incl existing + co-investor Horizons Ventures 2022-04-11
Refeyn–Northpond Ventures: investment, 202204 financing round Series B incl lead investor Northpond Ventures 2022-04-11
Refeyn–Oxford Science Enterprises: investment, 202204 financing round Series B incl existing + co-investor OSE 2022-04-11
Refeyn–SEVERAL: investment, 202204 financing round Series B led by Northpond Ventures 2022-04-11
Refeyn–Univ Oxford: investment, 202204 financing round Series B incl existing + co-investor Univ Oxford 2022-04-11
IonSense–Bruker: investment, 202204 acquisition of IonSense by Bruker 2022-04-06
Optimal Industrial–Bruker: investment, 202204 acquisition €na of Optimal Industrial Automation + Technologies by Bruker 2022-04-05
Irubis–EU (govt): credit, 202203– convertible loan €500k from EIC Fund as part of EIC Accelerator Pilot programme 2022-03-24
Biogenity–Denmark (govt): investment, 202203 Innovation Fund Denmark invests in Innobooster project BioSWITCH 2022-03-23
PrognomiQ–Bruker: investment, 202203 financing round totalling $46m incl lead investor Bruker Corp 2022-03-15
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