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Canopy Biosciences–Bruker: investment, 202009 acquisition €na of Canopy Biosciences LLC by Bruker Corp 2020-09-11
Helmholtz–Bruker: NMR spectrometer, 202009c supply 1.2 GHz NMR spectrometer with 28 Tesla to FZ Jülich 2020-09-01
Univ Guelph–Bruker: NMR spectrometer, 202008 supply existent of 400 MHz NMR spectrometer + Fourier 80 benchtop NRM system 2020-08-24
Mobilion–SEVERAL: investment, 202008 financing round Series B $35m led by aMoon + incl Agilent + IP Group + Hostplus + Cultivation Capital 2020-08-17
DNA Script–SEVERAL: investment, 202007 financing round Series B extension $50m led by Casdin Capital 2020-07-29
Resolution Spectra Systems–Merck (DE): investment, 202007 acquisition €na of Resolution Spectra Systems by Merck 2020-07-01
Waters–Heidrick & Struggles: recruitment services, 202007 supply service placement of Udit Batra as CEO of Waters 2020-07-01
Univ Bochum–Max Planck: antibiotics research, 202006– collab establishment CESAR Center for Antibiotics Research at Univ Bochum with LDC 2020-06-18
Univ Bochum–North Rhine-Westphalia (govt): grant, 202006– grant €4m from NRW + EFRO for establishment CESAR Center for Antibiotics Research with LDC 2020-06-18
Gustave Roussy–Biognosys: MS-based proteomics, 202004– collab using proteomic profiling in attempt to repurpose tocilizumab for Covid-19 2020-04-28
Danaher–Canale Communications: public relations, 202003 service existent for Cepheid by Canale Communciations 2020-03-21
Agilent–Visiopharm: image analysis software, 202003– collab co-marketing of Visiopharm’s AI-driven solutions for digital pathology 2020-03-02
Sterling Pharma Solutions–Thermo Fisher: LC system, 202003 supply early customer for Vanquish Core HPLC System 2020-03-02
Danaher–Sherlock Biosciences: molecular diagnostics, 202002– collab developm of Cepheid GeneXpert tests using CRISPR-based SHERLOCK technology 2020-02-28
InstruNor–Fluidigm: investment, 202002 acquisition $7.2m with $5.2m in cash + $2m in stock 2020-02-26
BIA Separations–Univ Zagreb: purification technology, 202002– commercial license + collab developm of virus + viral vector immunoaffinity purification 2020-02-19
OMass–SEVERAL: investment, 202002 financing round Series A extension £27.5m bringing total Series A to £41.5m 2020-02-17
NanoPin Technologies–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometry, 202002– collab developm LC-MS-based workflows for blood-based infectious disease diagnostics 2020-02-13
Fluidigm–Georgetown Univ: mass cytometry, 202002– collab establishment of joint CoE for Imaging Mass Cytometry at Georgetown Lombardi CCC 2020-02-10
Georgetown Univ–Fluidigm: mass cytometry, 202002– supply Hyperion Imaging System for new CoE for Imaging Mass Cytometry at GLCCC 2020-02-10
LabCorp–Fluidigm: mass cytometry, 202002– supply Covance selects CyTOF technology incl Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling Assay for drug dev services 2020-02-10
Piramal–Onex Corp: investment, 201901– acquisition Decision Resources by Clarivate Analytics from Piral Enterprises Ltd for $900m cash + $50m shares 2020-01-17
Danaher–Sophia Genetics: genomic technologies, 202001– collab ww expansion IDT NGS enrichment products with Sophia Genetics DDM for clinical research 2020-01-15
Andrew Alliance–Waters: investment, 202001 acquisition by existent investor Waters 2020-01-13
Promega–Merck (DE): CRISPR technology, 201912– license to CRISPR IP io from Merck to Promega to develop CRISPR-edited cell lines 2019-12-19
Schauenburg–JP Scientific: SPE technology, 201912– ww commercial license + supply to Markes from JP Scientific Ltd 2019-12-10
EMBL–Bruker: microscope, 201912 supply existent early customer EMBL for new Luxendo TruLive3D Imager 2019-12-09
Indivumed–Biognosys: MS-based proteomics, 201912– collab integration of HRM MS proteomics data into multi-omics IndivuType cancer database 2019-12-02
Mobilion–SEVERAL: investment, 201911 financing round Series A $15.4m led by Agilent 2019-11-12
Aston Univ–Waters: mass spectrometer, 201911 supply first Select Series Cyclic IMS mass spectrometer installed at School of Health + Life Sciences 2019-11-07
Owlstone–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometry, 201911– collab integration of Q Exactive GC Hybrid Quad-Orbitrap MS into Breath Biopsy platform 2019-11-07
Greenough–KDM Communications: investment, 201911 merger combination to provide transatlantic PR services 2019-11-06
Danaher–Sartorius: investment, 201910– acquisition $750m three life science businesses by Sartorius part of regulatory clearance for GE/Danaher deal 2019-10-21
Waters–Salesforce: CRM cloud software, 201910– supply Waters to use Sales Cloud Einstein + Service Cloud + Einstein Analytics 2019-10-16
FloDesign Sonics–Merck (DE): investment, 201910 acquisition €na by Merck 2019-10-10
Dalhousie Univ–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201910 supply C$1.3m of Orbitrap Fusion MS system to MS + Proteomics Core Faclity 2019-10-07
Lundbeck–LeadXPro: drug discovery services, 201910– collab structural proteomics services using X-ray + cryo-EM for small molecule drug discovery 2019-10-07
Freiberg Instruments–Bruker: investment, 201910 acquisition €na of Magnettech EPR business by Bruker 2019-10-02
Creoptix–SEVERAL: investment, 201909 financing round Series 1st closing CHF8m incl investors Swisscanto Invest + Waters 2019-09-30
Creoptix–Waters: investment, 201909 financing round Series 1st closing totalling CHF8m incl existing + co-investor Waters Corp 2019-09-30
Creoptix–Zürcher Kantonalbank: investment, 201909 financing round Series 1st closing totalling CHF8m incl new + lead investor Swisscanto Invest 2019-09-30
Danaher–Protein Metrics: bioinformatics, 201909– collab extension integration of Protein Metrics s/w suite with Sciex HRAM systems 2019-09-30
Roper Technologies–AMETEK: investment, 201909– acquisition $925m in cash of Gatan Inc from Roper Technologies by AMETEK 2019-09-27
Bruker–Murdoch Univ: analytical technologies, 201909– collab strategic alliance with ANPC incl MS + NMR for phenomics research 2019-09-20
Murdoch Univ–Bruker: NMR spectrometer, 201909 supply NMR FoodScreener 2019-09-20
China (govt)–Agilent: grant, 201909– Thought Leader Award to Hualiang Jiang at SIMM CAS for work in medicinal chemistry + drug discovery 2019-09-19
Orion Corp–Genedata: bioinformatics, 201909– supply license to Genedata Biologics as SaaS for large-molecule r+d to Orion Pharma 2019-09-11
Agilent–Mobilion: mass spectrometry, 201909– collab integration of SLIM ion mobility technology with Agilent Q-TOF MS platform 2019-09-10
Mobilion–CG Life: public relations, 201909 service existent by CG Life 2019-09-10
Mobilion–United States (govt): mass spectrometry, 201909 license existent to LIMS technology from PNNL excl for life science applications 2019-09-10
Agilent–SEVERAL: credit, 201909–202909 public offering $500m net $492.8m Senior Notes 2.75% due Sept 2029 2019-09-05
FU Berlin–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201909 supply existent LC/MS/MS + GC/MS systems at FU Berlin used in doping control study with Agilent support 2019-09-03
Univ College London–Bruker: atomic force microscope, 201908 supply existent London Centre for Nanotechnology long-term user of NanoWizard systems 2019-09-02
Biocrates–MIG Founds: investment, 201909c financing round incl MIG Fonds + GAF + Austria family office consolidation shareholder structure 2019-09-01
Biocrates–SEVERAL: investment, 201909c financing round incl MIG Fonds + GAF + Austria family office consolidation shareholder structure 2019-09-01
Biocrates–Xolaris Service KVG: investment, 201909c financing round incl MIG Fonds + GAF + Austria family office consolidation shareholder structure 2019-09-01
GenomeWeb–Crain Communications: investment, 201909 acquisition of GenomeWeb LLC by Crain Communications Inc 2019-09-01
Kinomica–BioCity (GB): investment, 201908 investment by BioCity via Innovate UK Precision Medicine Investment Accelerator 2019-08-29
Chungnam National Univ–Agilent: grant, 201908– Thought Leader Award to Hyun Joo An at GRAST for MS-based glycomics + biopharma research 2019-08-28
Atonarp–SEVERAL: investment, 201908 financing round Series C $33m 2019-08-26
Univ Florence–Bruker: NMR spectrometer, 201908– supply expected first customer for new 1.2 GHz NMR spectrometer 2019-08-26
LemnaTec–Nynomic: investment, 201908 acquisition €na of assets of LemnaTec Gmbh by Nynomic AG 2019-08-12
Biognosys–SEVERAL: investment, 201908 financing round Series G from existing + new institutional + private investors 2019-08-08
Blue Heron–Eurofins: investment, 201908 acquisition of Blue Heron Biotech by Eurofins Genomics LLC 2019-08-06
BSSN Software–Merck (DE): investment, 201908 acquisition €na of BSSN Software GmbH by Merck KGaA 2019-08-06
Merck (DE)–BSSN Software: laboratory software, 2014– supply Merck working with BSSN Software 2019-08-06
908 Devices–Manufacturing USA: grant, 201907– grant from NIIMBL for developm of at-line bioreactor process analytics tog w MilliporeSigma et al 2019-07-25
Merck (DE)–908 Devices: biopharma production technology, 201907– collab 908 + MilliporeSigma + Univ North Carolina on bioreactor process analytics 2019-07-25
EverlyWell–PerkinElmer: consumer diagnostics, 201907– collab + supply CAP lab services immunoassays + genomic tests for US home health test market 2019-07-24
BioTek Instruments–Agilent: investment, 201907–201908 acquisition $1.165b incl anticipated tax benefits net $1.05b 2019-07-11
PMOD Technologies–Bruker: investment, 201907 acquisition €na of PMOD Technologies LLC by Bruker 2019-07-08
Danaher–Cobo Technologies: protein expression analysis, 201907– collab co-marketing PIPPR platform with SWATH Acquisition + Sciex TripleTOF 6600 2019-07-05
Biodesix–Oncimmune: clinical proteomic cancer test, 201906– collab excl commercialisation of EarlyCDT Lung in US by Biodesix 2019-06-28
Transplant Genomics–Eurofins: investment, 201906 acquisition of Transplant Genomics Inc by Eurofins 2019-06-25
Danaher–EluciData: metabolomics software, 201906– collab co-marketing agreem for Polly multi omics platform with Sciex technologies 2019-06-21
Illumina–PerkinElmer: soil microbiomics, 201906 collab extension presenting new automated metagenomics shotgun sequencing workflow 2019-06-21
Yale Univ–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201906 supply existent Sciex QTRAP 5500 system at Kibbey lab at Medical School 2019-06-21
Yale Univ–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201906 supply existent Sciex TripleTOF 6600 system at Kibbey lab at Medical School 2019-06-21
Yale Univ–EluciData: metabolomics software, 201906 supply existent PollyPhi Workflow s/w with Sciex MS systems at Kibbey lab at Medical School 2019-06-21
Ohio State Univ–Fluidigm: mass cytometer, 201906 supply existent OSU uses CyToF technology in cancer research 2019-06-17
Merck (US)–Agilent: molecular companion diagnostics, 201906 collab existent developm of PD-L1 IHC 22CR pharmDx for use with Keytruda 2019-06-11
Binding Site–Tecan: laboratory automation, 201906 collab existent developm automated solution for using MALDI-MS to diagnose blood cancers 2019-06-06
HighChem–Thermo Fisher: investment, 201906 acquisition €na of HighChem Ltd by Thermo Fisher 2019-06-06
Merck (DE)–Rigaku: X-ray crystallography, 201906– collab developm of devices for use with Merck consumables using crystalline sponge technology 2019-06-06
Merck (DE)–Univ Tokyo: crystalline sponge technology, 201906– license for technolgoy invented by Prof Makoto Fujita 2019-06-06
MiniFab–Schott: investment, 201906– acquisition of MiniFab Pty Ltd by Schott 2019-06-05
Agilent–Frost & Sullivan: market research, 201906 supply service survey of pharma lab leaders on lab workflows by F&S 2019-06-04
Yingsheng Biotechnology–Biotage: clinical mass spectrometry, 201906– collab strategic + OEM sale in China by Shandong Yingsheng Biotechnology 2019-06-04
Bruker–908 Devices: sample separation technology, 201906– collab integration of ZipChip microfluidics separation with Bruker TOF systems 2019-06-03
Otsuka–LeadXPro: structure-based drug discovery, 201906– collab strategic on membrane protein structure research of Astex + LeadXPro 2019-06-03
Bruker–Genedata: bioinformatics, 201905– collab product integration Genedata Expressionist supports timsTOF MS systems data 2019-05-31
Bruker–PreOmics: sample preparation technology, 201905– collab developm + marketing PreOmics iST sample preparation on timsTOF Pro MS system 2019-05-31
Helmholtz–Bruker: mass spectrometry software, 201905 supply existent HIPS long-time user of SCiLS Lab + MetaboScape s/w 2019-05-31
Medical Univ South Carolina–Bruker: mass spectrometer, 201905 supply existent timsTOF fleX system early customer Proteomics Center at Med Univ SC 2019-05-31
Verdel Instruments–Longwall Venture Partners: investment, 201905 seed financing round totalling £230k incl £100k from Longwall Ventures 2019-05-30
Verdel Instruments–SEVERAL: investment, 201905 seed financing round £230k from Longwall Venture Partners + Innovate UK 2019-05-30
Verdel Instruments–United Kingdom (govt): investment, 201905 seed financing round totalling £230k incl investor Innovate UK 2019-05-30
Biocrates–NONE: investment, 201905– bankruptcy filed for subsidiary Metanomics Health GmbH 2019-05-22
Cubuslab–Labfolder: investment, 201905 acquisition merger of Cubuslab Gmbh + Labfolder GmbH + new name Labforward GmbH 2019-05-22
JnJ–Owlstone: breath analyser, 201905– collab developm breath-based test for early detection of pulmonary hypertension with Actelion 2019-05-20
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