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order ascendingorder descendingDeal: Collaboration or Financing order ascendingorder descendingDate
Luxendo–SEVERAL: investment, 201510 financing round Series A €6m co-led by EMBL Ventures + LSP 2015-10-14
Luxendo–SEVERAL: investment, 201701 financing round Series A extension €2m bringing total to €8m co-led by LSP + EMBL Ventures + EMBLEM 2017-01-12
LZS-Concept–Analytik Jena: laboratory equipment, 201101– distribution and service in Austria by LZS-Concept Handels- und Service GmbH 2011-01-11
M-Scan–SGS: investment, 201011 acquisition 2010-11-01
Magellan Biosciences–Dionex: investment, 200909 acquisition €na HPLC related assets of ESA Biosciences from Magellan 2009-09-16
Magnex Scientific–Varian: investment, 200411 acquisition 2004-11-01
Maine Manufacturing–GVS (IT): investment, 2012 acquisition of 68% share in Maine Manufacturing by GVS Srl 2012-01-01
Malaysia (govt)–Agilent: analytical instruments, 201008– collab establishment of IPHARM-Agilent Global Reference Research Lab 2010-08-02
Markes International–Schauenburg: investment, 201301 acquisition of majority share by Schauenburg International 2013-01-16
Mars Bioanalytical–Ionicon: mass spectrometer, 201107– distribution + service + support of PTR-MS in India by Mars Bioanalytical Pvt Ltd 2011-07-21
Massachusetts (govt)–908 Devices: mass spectrometer, 201504 supply State of MA Hazardous Materials Emergency Division acquires 8 M908 MS systems 2015-04-21
Massanalys–InProcess Instruments: mass spectrometer, 201010 distribution existent in Nordic Countries by Massanalys Spectrometry Nordic AB 2010-10-03
Massanalys–Ionicon: PTR mass spectrometer, 201009 distribution existent in Nordic Countries by Massanalys Spectrometry Nordic AB 2010-09-27
Materlab–Biocrates: metabolomics, 201202– collab distribution + co-marketing rights in Spain for Materlab for all Biocrates kits 2012-02-06
Matriks–Agilent: analytical instruments, 201112 distribution existent Matriks is authorized Agilent reseller in Norway 2011-12-09
Matriks–Parker Hannifin: gas generator, 201112 distribution existent of Parker Balston gas generators in Norway 2011-12-09
Max Planck–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201006 supply existent LTQ Orbitrap Velos at MPI for Biochemistry 2010-06-18
Max Planck–Waters: mass spectrometer, 200606c–200711c supply Synapt HDMS System as one of 1st customers 2006-06-01
Maxxam Analytics–Bureau Veritas: investment, 201312–201401 acquisition CAD650m from majority shareholder Omers Private Equity 2013-12-20
McKinley Scientific–New Objective: LC/MS technology, 201211– collab developm + marketing high-end LC/MS systems incl nanospray front-end technology 2012-11-26
Mechem Laboratories–Eurofins: investment, 201703 acquisition of Mechem by Eurofins 2017-03-15
Medi Analytika India–BIA Separations: chromatography, 201505– distribution of CIM monolyth columns in India by Medi Analytika 2015-05-15
Medical Univ South Carolina–Bruker: mass spectrometer, 201905 supply existent timsTOF fleX system early customer Proteomics Center at Med Univ SC 2019-05-31
MediMass–Waters: investment, 201407 acquisition virtually all assets which comprise REIMS technology for iKnife by Waters 2014-07-22
Medizinsches Labor Hannover–Labor Limbach: investment, 201901 acquisition 100% of MLH by Limbach Gruppe SE PENDING 2019-01-26
Melbourn Scientific–Intertek: investment, 201307 acquisition of Melbourn Scientific Ltd 2013-07-09
Memorial Sloan-Kettering–Protea Biosciences: LAESI technology, 201404– collab research using LAESI for molecular imaging of cancer cells 2014-04-30
Meranco–Analytik Jena: laboratory equipment + instruments, 201108 existent distribution in Poland by Meranco 2011-08-06
Mercachem–Proteros: drug discovery services, 200806– collab joint offering of services to life science industry 2008-06-23
Merck (DE)–908 Devices: biopharma production technology, 201907– collab 908 + MilliporeSigma + Univ North Carolina on bioreactor process analytics 2019-07-25
Merck (DE)–Agilent: companion diagnostics, 201503 collab existent of Merck Serono + Dako 2015-03-10
Merck (DE)–BSSN Software: laboratory software, 2014– supply Merck working with BSSN Software 2019-08-06
Merck (DE)–Eurofins: investment, 201401 acquisition of Merck Millipore DDS business by Eurofins 2014-01-09
Merck (DE)–Illumina: molecular diagnostics, 201503– collab strategic alliance ww for sequencing-based cancer tests Merck Serono 2015-03-10
Merck (DE)–KineMed: biomarker discovery services, 201401– supply service applying mass spec to identify protein + lipid multiple sclerose markers 2014-01-13
Merck (DE)–P&G: investment, 201804 acquisition €3.4b in cash of Merck’s consumer healthcare by P&G 2018-04-19
Merck (DE)–Palantir: data integration and analysis s/w, 201701– collab €na use initially in healthcare ultimately in all 3 business sectors of Merck 2017-01-12
Merck (DE)–Rigaku: X-ray crystallography, 201906– collab developm of devices for use with Merck consumables using crystalline sponge technology 2019-06-06
Merck (DE)–Roche: biochemical reagents, 201901–2025 distribution extension ww excl of Roche biochemical reagents portfolio 2019-01-14
Merck (DE)–Univ Tokyo: crystalline sponge technology, 201906– license for technolgoy invented by Prof Makoto Fujita 2019-06-06
Merck (US)–Agilent: molecular companion diagnostics, 201906 collab existent developm of PD-L1 IHC 22CR pharmDx for use with Keytruda 2019-06-11
Mérieux–ATCC: mass spectrometry, 201408– collab expanding VITEK MS micro-organisms library using VITEK MS system at ATCC 2014-08-21
Mérieux–Baker & Yorke: public relations, 201408 service existent for bioMérieux 2014-08-21
Mérieux–Banyan Biomarkers: IVD tests, 201701– collab developm + validation blood tests for TBI plus ww commercialisation rights for bioMérieux 2017-01-19
Mérieux–Copan: sample prep automation, 201501– collab distribution of WASP + WASPLab systems by bioMérieux starting in FR+DE+UK + to be expanded 2015-01-01
Mérieux–DeNovo Sciences: blood-based diagnostics, 201510– collab feasability of combining DeNovo liquid biopsy techn w bioTheranostics markers 2015-10-06
Mérieux–Illumina: molecular diagnostics, 201411– collab excl developm NGS epidemiology solution for service labs using MiSeq system bioMérieux 2014-11-18
Mérieux–Image Sept: public relations, 201211 supply service bioMérieux listed as client on web site of Image Sept 2012-11-24
Mérieux–TDS HMS: IT services, 201309– supply cloud hosting services for LIMS + Oracle EBS + JED for Mérieux NutriSciences by OneNeck IT Services 2013-09-26
Mérieux–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201306 supply existent LC-HRMS Exactive Orbitrap used to develop MRM MS technique by Mérieux NutriSciences 2013-06-28
Merlin Diagnostika–Bruker: investment, 201709 acquisition €na by Bruker 2017-09-26
Mestrelab Research–Bruker: investment, 201812 acquisition of majority share €na by Bruker incl strateg collab + partnership 2018-12-13
Mestrelab Research–SpectralWorks: analytical instrument software, 201708– collab mutual reseller agreem for all respective NMR/MS s/w products 2017-08-15
Metabolomic Diagnostics–SEVERAL: investment, 201401 financing round Series A €750k 2014-01-08
Metabolomic Diagnostics–Univ College Cork: metabolomic technology, 201401 license existent to technology used for PrePsia test 2014-01-08
Metabolomic Discoveries–Metabolon: investment, 201709 acquisition €na of Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH by Metabolon Inc 2017-09-05
Metabolon–Essex Woodlands: investment, 201608 financing $15m from new investor Essex Woodlands 2016-08-11
Metabolon–Essex Woodlands: investment, 201612 addit $15m fimdomg from returning investor Essex Woodlands 2016-12-05
Metabolon–SEVERAL: credit, 201810– debt facility $30m from Innovatus Capital Partners LLC + East West Bank 2018-10-11
Metabolon–SEVERAL: investment, 201108 financing round Series D $13.1m 2011-08-29
Metabolon–SEVERAL: investment, 201401 financing round Series E $15m incl new investors Camden Partners + Sumitomo Corp 2014-01-03
Metrohm–Analytik Jena: analytical instruments, 2011–201312 distribution Metrohm India Ltd excl sales partner for AJ products in India 2011-11-01
Metrohm–Analytik Jena: ion chromatography, 201210 collab developm + supply new Combustion Module by Analytik Jena for Methrom’s CIC system 2012-10-19
Metrohm–Ecknauer & Schoch: public relations, 201409 service existent 2014-09-29
Metrohm–Waters: chromatography s/w, 201407– collab product integration Empower CDS now can control Metrohm IC systems 2014-07-17
mgt LabMark–Eurofins: investment, 201301 acquisition of 80% majority share in mgt LabMark Environmental Pty Ltd 2013-01-22
Michrom–Bruker: investment, 201102–201104 acquisition €na 2011-02-24
Michrom–TÜV Rheinland: quality management services, 201008 service ISO 9001:2008 certification by TÜV Rheinland 2010-08-18
MicroConstants–Waters: mass spectrometer, 201103 supply installation Xevo TQ-S LC/MS/MS system in San Diego 2011-03-02
MicroLiter–Wheaton: investment, 201212 acquisition 2012-12-20
Micron Analitica (ES)–Phenomenex: investment, 201505 acquisition of long-time Spanish distributor by Phenomenex 2015-05-01
Microsaic–Aviva: investment, 201410 Vidacos raises shareholding to 3.35m shares resulting in shareholding of 5.3% 2014-10-23
Microsaic–Conscience Creative: public relations, 201406 service existent trade PR for Microsaic 2014-04-15
Microsaic–DataApex: chromatography s/w, 201510– product integration Clarity now suports Microsaic 4000 MiD mass detector 2015-10-13
Microsaic–Huntsworth: public relations, 201108 service existent by Citigate Dewe Rogerson 2011-08-08
Microsaic–Octopus Investments: investment, 201404 divestment sale of 500k shares resulting in shareholding of 5.17% 2014-04-15
Microsaic–Octopus Investments: investment, 201410 raises shareholding to 5.3m shares resulting in shareholding of 8.43% 2014-10-07
Microsaic–PERSON: investment, 201312 divestment Alan Finlay sells 140k shares resulting in holding of 2m shares representing 3.95% shareholding 2013-12-11
Microsaic–Plexus: mass spectrometer, 201409– service contract manufacturing of Microsaic’s 4000 MiD MS System by Plexus in UK 2014-09-10
Microsaic–Scott Partnership: public relations, 201203 service existent 2012-03-02
Microsaic–SCPA GmbH: chromatography software, 201704– collab integration of 4000 MiD MS system with PrepCon 5 preparative data + control s/w 2017-04-26
Microsaic–SEVERAL: investment, 201104 institutional placing £4m 12.5m new shares to institutional investors at 32p/share IPO 2011-04-05
Microsaic–SEVERAL: investment, 201206 placing 3.867m ordinary shares resulting in £1.45m net 2012-06-01
Microsaic–SEVERAL: investment, 201305 placing £4.28m 9.95m new ordinary shares to existent + new shareholders 2013-05-01
Microsaic–SEVERAL: investment, 201410 conditional placing £4.4m with 10.5m new ordinary shares 42p/share to existent + new shareholders 2014-10-07
Microsaic–SEVERAL: investment, 201509–201510 placing £3.3m of 9.9m new ordinary shares 2015-09-30
Microsaic–SEVERAL: investment, 201608 placing £5.4m net £5m w 108k new ordinary shares at 5p/share 2016-08-26
Microsep–Waters: analytical instruments, 201602– distribution excl existent of Waters products in South Africa by Microsep 2016-02-26
Miltenyi Biotec–Univ Duisburg-Essen: imaging technology, 201901 acquisition process for opitcal clearing of biological samples for miccrosopy 2019-01-17
Minerva Scientific–PerkinElmer: OneSource laboratory management, 2003– supply service 2003-01-01
Minerva Scientific–PerkinElmer: OneSource laboratory management, 201009– supply service extension 2010-09-02
MiniFab–Schott: investment, 201906– acquisition of MiniFab Pty Ltd by Schott 2019-06-05
Mission Bio–Agilent: investment, 201812 financing round Series B totalling $30m incl investor Agilent Technologies 2018-12-13
Mission Bio–SEVERAL: investment, 201812 financing round Series B $30m from Agilent + Cota Capital + LAM Capital + Mayfield 2018-12-13
Mississippi State Univ–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201007 supply 7000B GC/MS/MS installed 1y-donation State Chemical Lab price would be $230k 2010-07-01
Mitsubishi Chemical–Pronota: protein biomarker, 201102– collab €na discovery marker for stroke using MASStermind + MASSterclass for Molecuence Corp 2011-02-22
MIT–Agilent: grant, 201707– Thought Leader Award to Ram Sasisekharan to MS-based biopharma characterisation 2017-07-18
MIT–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201707 supply Sasisekharan lab to use 6545XT AdvanceBio + AssayMAP + 1260 + 1290 Infinity II LC + MassHunter s/w 2017-07-18
Miyazaki (govt)–Shimadzu: mass spectrometer, 201511 supply Nexera UC system to new joint venture assocation for food safety 2015-11-05
MKS Instruments–Sartorius: investment, 201704 acquisition $72.5m of MKS Instruments AB (Umetrics) by Sartorius Stedim Biotech 2017-04-03
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