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order ascendingorder descendingDeal: Collaboration or Financing order ascendingorder descendingDate
Sera Prognostics–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201302 supply purchase multiple 6490 iFunnel triple quad MS sytems as part of strategic partnership 2013-02-14
Sera Prognostics–Agilent: proteomic prenatal tests, 201302– collab developm proteomic assays for early prediction of pregnancy complications 2013-02-14
Blue Stream Laboratories–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201302 supply purchase Agilent 6538 QTOF system 2013-02-13
Blue Stream Laboratories–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201302 supply purchase Thermo TSQ Vantage Triple Stage Quadrupole system 2013-02-13
908 Devices–Univ North Carolina: mass spectrometry technology, 201302– license excl to technology developed by M Ramsey at Univ NC Chapel Hill + ORNL 2013-02-12
Agilent–Ameritox: mass spectrometry, 201302 collab developm solutions for medication monitoring using RapidFire system 2013-02-11
Ameritox–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201302 supply use of multiple RapidFire systems for medication monitoring by Ameritox 2013-02-11
Multiplicom–SEVERAL: investment, 201302 financing round €5.5m from existing investors Gimv + VIB + new investors PMV + RMM + Qbic 2013-02-08
Ono Pharmaceutical–Genedata: mass spectrometry s/w, 201302– license to Genedata Expressionist for Mass Spectrometry 2013-02-07
Danaher–Institute for Systems Biology: mass spectrometry, 201302– collab multi-y AB Sciex developm methods + technology for proteomics MS using SWATH 2013-02-06
Institute for Systems Biology–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201302 supply AB Sciex TripleTOF 5600+ + Eksigent ekspert nano-LC 400 for use with SWATH 2013-02-06
PharmaSea project–EU (govt): grant, 201302–201701 FP7 grant €9.5m 2013-02-01
Laboratorium Zeeuws-Vlaanderen–Eurofins: investment, 201301 acquisition of LZV by Eurofins 2013-01-30
National Univ Singapore–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201301 supply Exactive Plus LC/MS system to NERI 2013-01-24
National Univ Singapore–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201301 supply existent Equan MAX LC/MS system at NERI 2013-01-24
National Univ Singapore–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201301 supply existent Orbitrap Velos Pro hybrid LC/MS system at NERI 2013-01-24
Thermo Fisher–National Univ Singapore: mass spectrometry, 201301– collab on metabolomics of urban water systems incl method + manpower developm NERI 2013-01-24
Thermo Fisher–Northeastern Univ: LC/MS technology, 201301– collab with Barnett Institute to advance LC-MS techniques for protein analysis 2013-01-24
BAC–Life Technologies: investment, 201301 acquisition €na 2013-01-22
ELS (NZ)–Eurofins: investment, 201301 acquisition of ELS Ltd 2013-01-22
mgt LabMark–Eurofins: investment, 201301 acquisition of 80% majority share in mgt LabMark Environmental Pty Ltd 2013-01-22
Markes International–Schauenburg: investment, 201301 acquisition of majority share by Schauenburg International 2013-01-16
Leibniz-Gemeinschaft–Wiley: investment, 201301 acquisition of the assets of FIZ Chemie from German govt + Berlin govt et al 2013-01-15
pH (IT)–TÜV Süd: investment, 201301 aquisition 100% of pH s.r.l. 2013-01-11
Verinata Health–Illumina: investment, 201301– acquisition $350m + up to $100m milestones through 2015 2013-01-07
Quotient Bioresearch–LGC: investment, 201301 acquisition of Quotient Bioanalytical Sciences division by LGC 2013-01-02
ABF–Genedata: bioinformatics, 2013– supply use of Genedata Selector by AB Enzymes for strain genome data management 2013-01-01
Innovative Medicines Initiative–EU (govt): grant, 201301–201712 funding support €16m for TRANSLOCATION project by IMI total project cost €29.3m 2013-01-01
Innovative Medicines Initiative–European ScreeningPort: antibiotics, 201301–201712 partner in €29.3m TRANSLOCATION project of IMI 2013-01-01
Innovative Medicines Initiative–Jacobs Univ: antibiotics, 201301–201712 project coordinator in €29.3m TRANSLOCATION project of IMI 2013-01-01
Kaiser Optical Systems–Endress+Hauser: investment, 2013 acquisition by Endress+Hauser 2013-01-01
Panatecs–HWI Analytik: analytical services, 201301– strategic alliance offering of complementary portfolio of services 2013-01-01
Sigma-Aldrich–Olink: research reagents, 2013– distribution of Duolink reagents by Sigma-Aldrich 2013-01-01
Shimadzu–Thermo Fisher: chromatography s/w, 201212 collab product integration Dionex Chromeleon 6.8 s/w now controls Nexera UHPLC series 2012-12-25
Cerep–Eurofins: investment, 201212– acquisition €25.2m €2/share with 8.48% acquired from T Jean + public offer for remaining shares 2012-12-21
picoSpin–Thermo Fisher: investment, 201212 acquisition of picoSpin LLC by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc 2012-12-21
MicroLiter–Wheaton: investment, 201212 acquisition 2012-12-20
NYSE Euronext–IntercontinentalExchange: investment, 201212–201311 acquisition $11b in cash + shares 2012-12-20
Partners HealthCare–Agilent: grant, 201212– Agilent Thought Leader Award incl grant of funding + technologies to Dr Robert Gerszten at MGH 2012-12-18
Perkindo Mitra Analitika–PerkinElmer: analytical technology, 201212 distribution PT Perkindo Mitra Analitika is distributor in Indonesia 2012-12-17
Waters–Indiana Univ: mass spectrometry, 201212– collab Lab of Biological Mass Spectrometry at IU joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2012-12-13
Agilent–Advion: LC/MS system, 201212 collab full integration of expression CMS with Agilent HPLC + UHPLC systems 2012-12-10
Biognosys–SEVERAL: investment, 201212 intermediate financing round closed 2012-12-07
Valtex–Advion: mass spectrometer, 201212– collab distribution of expression Compact Mass Spectrometer in Russia 2012-12-07
Shimadzu–Perfinity: protein sample preparation, 201212– global marketing + distribution of Perfinity iDP system by Shimadzu 2012-12-05
Peak Scientific–Levy McCallum: public relations, 201212 service existent by Levy McCallum Ltd 2012-12-04
Indiana Univ–Waters: mass spectrometer, 201212 supply of 2nd Synapt HDMS mass spectrometer to Laboratory of Biological Mass Spectrometry at IU 2012-12-01
Imperial College–Waters: analytical technology, 201211– Waters is one of 6 partners of newly planned MRC-NIHR Phenome Centre at Imperial 2012-11-30
Techno X–Analytik Jena: investment, 201211 acquisition of 20.05% stake in Techno X + extension of collaboration 2012-11-30
Spark Holland–LGC: reference materials, 201211– supply LoGiCal reference materials to develop online SPE-LC/MSMS solution using Symbiosis system 2012-11-27
Univ Bochum–DFG (DE): grant, 201211– DFG grant €7.2m for 3rd + final phase 3.5y of SFB 642 2012-11-27
McKinley Scientific–New Objective: LC/MS technology, 201211– collab developm + marketing high-end LC/MS systems incl nanospray front-end technology 2012-11-26
Mérieux–Image Sept: public relations, 201211 supply service bioMérieux listed as client on web site of Image Sept 2012-11-24
Ani Labsystems–Trivitron: investment, 201211 acquisition €15.8m of 100% of Ani Labsystems group by Trivitron Healthcare 2012-11-23
MVZ Dortmund–Orexo: IRIS analyser, 201211 supply existent 2012-11-23
Kyowa Hakko Kirin–Activiomics: mass spectrometry services, 201211– supply research services using TIQUAS technology within BioFocus partnership 2012-11-22
Waters–Spark Holland: SPE technology, 201211 collab ww sale + support of integratated ACQUITY UPLC Online SPE Manager by Waters 2012-11-20
Agilent–Siscapa: mass spectrometry, 201211 collab existent developm MRM-MS workflows for RapidFire w 6490 Triple Quad MS system 2012-11-16
RJ Lee Group–Ionicon: mass spectrometer, 201211 supply existent use of PTR-MS instrument in mobile lab by RJ Lee 2012-11-13
Univ Texas–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201211 supply new AB Sciex TripleTOF 5600+ System to UT Southwestern Medical Center 2012-11-13
Univ Tübingen–Germany (govt): grant, 201211– GO-Bio grant €1.7m for 2.5y for NMI project »Biomarker Tests for Drug Developom« from BMBF 2012-11-13
Shanghai Haoyuan Biotech–PerkinElmer: investment, 201211 acquisition $38m + sales-based milestones of Shanghai Haoyuan Biotech Co Ltd 2012-11-12
Stanford Univ–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201211 supply existent AB Sciex 5800 MALDI TOF/TOF at Proteomics Core at Canary Center for Cancer Detection 2012-11-09
Waters–Örebro Univ: mass spectrometry, 201211– collab MTM Research Center at Örebro Univ joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2012-11-05
Univ Maryland–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201211c supply Thermo LTQ Orbitrap Velos MS w ETD + NanoLC system to MS Facility at School of Pharmacy 2012-11-01
3D-MASSOMICS project–EU (govt): grant, 201210– FP7 grant €2.8m 2012-10-30
Agilent–Rovira i Virgili Univ: mass spectrometry, 201210– collab COS becomes Center of Excellence for integrated biology workflows 2012-10-30
EADS–Ionicon: mass spectrometer, 201210 supply existent PTR-TOF 8000 MS for several A330/A340 Airbus aircraft for air testing 2012-10-29
Agilent–Premier Biosoft: SimLipid s/w, 201210– collab integration SimLipid 3.3 + Agilent MS Systems + Pathway Architect s/w for lipidomics research 2012-10-26
Thermo Fisher–OpenGate Capital: investment, 201210 acquisition €na lab workstation business from Thermo Fisher 2012-10-24
Sentinel Services (ZA)–SGS: investment, 201210 acquisition of Sentinel Services (Pty) Ltd by SGS SA 2012-10-22
Thermo Fisher–Univ Utrecht: mass spectrometry, –201210 collab advancement of Orbitrap mass analyzer using Exactive Plus MS by AJR Heck + A Makarov 2012-10-22
Univ Texas–Shimadzu: analytical instruments, 201210– collab + supply formation of new $25.2m Institute for Research Technologies at UT Arlington 2012-10-22
Protea Biosciences–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201210 supply existent ABI MALDI 4800 TOF/TOF MS at newly opended MSIC 2012-10-20
Protea Biosciences–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201210 supply existent LTQ Velos MS at newly opended MSIC 2012-10-20
Protea Biosciences–Waters: mass spectrometer, 201210 supply existent Synapt G2 high resolution ion mobility/TOF MS at newly opended MSIC 2012-10-20
Dichrom–Protea Biosciences: mass spectrometry services, 201210– supply of MS services of new ProteaBio MS Center in German-speaking Europe by Dichrom 2012-10-19
Metrohm–Analytik Jena: ion chromatography, 201210 collab developm + supply new Combustion Module by Analytik Jena for Methrom’s CIC system 2012-10-19
Thermo Fisher–Immundiagnostik: MS-based proteomic assays, 201210– collab developm product integration ImmunoTube technology with LC-MS/MS 2012-10-16
Danaher–Phytronix: LDTD ion source, 201210 integration of LDTD ion source with AB Sciex DiscoveryQuant software 2012-10-15
Danaher–Bain Capital: investment, 201210–201302 acquisition $1.6b of 50/50 jv Apex Tool Group by Bain Capital w $560m Danaher net proceeds 2012-10-10
Analytik Jena–Russian Academy of Sciences: analytical instruments, 201210 collab new Analytik Jena Competence Center located at Zelinsky Institute 2012-10-09
InterLab (RU)–Analytik Jena: analytical instruments, 201210 existent most imporant sales partner in Russia + partner for Competence Center in Moscow 2012-10-09
COSMOS project–EU (Govt): grant, 201210– FP7 funding €2m for COordination Of Standards in MetabOlomicS 2012-10-08
BioAnalytic (PL)–Protea Biosciences: analytical instruments, 201210– distribution of sample prep + mass spec + LAESI products in Poland 2012-10-04
IDL Teknolojik–Protea Biosciences: analytical instruments, 201210– distribution of sample prep + mass spec + LAESI products in Turkey 2012-10-04
Irida Iberica–Protea Biosciences: analytical instruments, 201210– distribution of sample prep + mass spec + LAESI products in Spain + Portugal 2012-10-04
Yair Technologies–Protea Biosciences: analytical instruments, 201210– distribution of sample prep + mass spec + LAESI products in Israel by Yair 2012-10-04
PX'Therapeutics–Aguettant: investment, 201210 acquisition of majority stake by Aguettant Biotech 2012-10-01
Da Vinci–Astrotech: mass spectrometer, 201209– distribution of 1st Detect MMS-1000 mass spectrometer by TransGlobal Distributors in Europe 2012-09-25
Leco–Genedata: mass spectrometry software, 201209 collab existent product integration Expressionist MSX s/w with High Resolution TOFMS 2012-09-25
Univ North Texas–Waters: mass spectrometer, 201209 supply existent Synapt G2 system at Shulaev Metabolomics Lab at UNT 2012-09-25
Waters–Univ North Texas: mass spectrometry, 201209– collab Shulaev Metabolomics Lab at UNT joins Waters Centers of Innovation Program 2012-09-25
Bruker–Onex Corp: in-vivo imaging systems, 201209– acquisition €na of preclinical in-vivo imaging business of Carestream Health by Bruker 2012-09-21
Danaher–Univ Wollongong: mass spectrometry technology, 201209– excl license to OzID technology IP + collab lipid analysis AB Sciex 2012-09-18
IRIS International–Danaher: investment, 201209–201210 acquisition $338m cash tender offer $19.5/share to be integrated in Beckman Coulter Dx business 2012-09-17
Agilent–Molecular Discovery: mass spectrometry software, 201209– co-marketing Mass-MetaSite s/w w Agilent LC/MS hardware for metabolite identification 2012-09-16
Agilent–MRM Proteomics: proteomics, 201209– collab co-marketing by both of more complete quantitative proteomics solutions 2012-09-13
Agilent–SEVERAL: credit, 201209 sale $400m 3.20% Senior Notes due 2022 to repay senior notes due 9/12 + general purposes 2012-09-10
Thermo Fisher–Protein Metrics: proteomic s/w tools, 201207– license Byonic database search s/w for integration w Proteome Discoverer + Preview s/w 2012-09-10
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