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Fraunhofer–Germany (govt): grant, 201104–201403 grant €287k to Fraunhofer MEVIS in MALDI-AMK 3D MALDI Imaging project from BMBF 2011-04-01
France (govt)–Mérieux: water analysis technology, 201801– collab extension to develop Acquapad by bioMérieux + CNES 2018-01-15
FORTH–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 2009 supply purchase LTQ-Orbitrap XL with ETD by Proteomics Facility of IMBB-FORTH 2009-01-01
Food Analytical Laboratory–Intertek: investment, 201108 acquisition £6m of FAL from management shareholders 2011-08-01
Food Analytica (HU)–Eurofins: investment, 201801 acquisition by Eurofins 2018-01-18
Focused Photonics–Ionics: mass spectrometer, 201308– distribution of Ionics LC-MS/MS systems incl service + support in China by FPI 2013-08-13
Fluidigm–Visiopharm: image analysis software, 201809– collab co-marketing of Visiopharm s/w with Hyperion Imaging System 2018-09-10
Fluidigm–Univ Zurich: mass cytometry s/w, 201710– ww distribution of histoCAT s/w with Hyperion Imaging System by Fluidigm 2017-10-24
Fluidigm–SEVERAL: investment, 201812 public offering $63.3m net $59.1m with 8.15m+1.225m shares common stock at $6.75/share 2018-12-11
Fluidigm–SEVERAL: investment, 201708 sale of $30m with 9,09m common stock in at-the-market equity offering 2017-08-10
Fluidigm–SEVERAL: credit, 201401–201402 senior convertible notes offering $175m+$26.25m due 2034 to finance acquisition of DVS Sciences 2014-01-29
Fluidigm–Miraca: molecular diagnostics, 201708– license to CFTR next-gen sequencing assay from Baylor Genetics for use with Juno System 2017-08-17
Fluidigm–Indica Labs: digital pathology software, 201902– collab co-promotion of HALO image analysis s/w with Hyperion Imaging System 2019-02-07
Fluidigm–Georgetown Univ: mass cytometry, 202002– collab establishment of joint CoE for Imaging Mass Cytometry at Georgetown Lombardi CCC 2020-02-10
Fluidigm–GenomOncology: bioinformatics, 201611– collab co-marketing GO Clinical Workbench with Juno Targeted DNA Sequencing Library Prep system 2016-11-09
Fluidigm–Genomenon: genomic software tools, 201806– collab co-marketing genomic panel design services with Mastermind + Fluidigm 3D 2018-06-07
Fluidigm–DNA Software: genomic software, 201810– distribution of CopyCount-CNV software with Fluidigm Biomark HD system 2018-10-04
Fluidic Analytics–SEVERAL: investment, 201811 financing round $31m led by existing investor Draper Esprit 2018-11-26
Fluidic Analytics–SEVERAL: investment, 201609 financing round Series B £5.3m ($6.9m) led by IQ Capital Partners 2016-09-06
Fluidic Analytics–SEVERAL: investment, 201501 financing round Series A £1.56m ($2.4m) led by Cambridge Enterprise 2015-01-12
Fluidic Analytics–IQ Capital: investment, 201811 financing round totalling $31m incl existing + co-investor IQ Capital 2018-11-26
Fluidic Analytics–Draper Esprit: investment, 201811 financing round totalling $31m incl existing + lead investor Draper Esprit 2018-11-26
Fluidic Analytics–Delin Ventures: investment, 201811 financing round totalling $31m incl new + co-investor Delin Ventures 2018-11-26
Fluidic Analytics–BGF: investment, 201811 financing round totalling $31m incl new + co-investor BGF 2018-11-26
Fluidic Analytics–Amadeus Capital: investment, 201811 financing round totalling $31m incl existing + co-investor Amadeus Capital Partners 2018-11-26
Florida State Univ–Waters: mass spectrometer, 201111 supply existent Waters LC/MS systems at Future Fuels Institute 2011-11-15
Florida State Univ–United States (govt): FTICR mass spectrometer, 201006– collab developm 21-tesla National High Magnetic Field Laboratory + PNNL 2010-06-21
Florey Institute–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201309 supply existent Agilent 7700 ICP-MS coupled to LC at Metalloproteomics Lab at Florey Institute 2013-09-19
Flora Research Laboratories–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201011 supply one of the first Agilent 500 Ion Trap LC/MS systems to Flora 2010-11-11
FloDesign Sonics–Merck (DE): investment, 201910 acquisition €na by Merck 2019-10-10
Flagship Pioneering–Lipotype: lipid analysis, 201709c supply service lipid anaylsis for Flagship VentureLabs 2017-09-13
Finesse Solutions–Thermo Fisher: investment, 201702 acquisition €na of Finesse Solutions Inc by Thermo Fisher 2017-02-14
Filgen–Metabolomic Discoveries: metabolomics, 201404– distribution excl of Metabolomic Discoveries’ technologies in Japan by Filgen 2014-04-25
Filgen–Biognosys: mass spectrometry, 201307– distribution for 2y right to market + sell Biognosys products in Japan 2013-07-01
Feng Chi Biotech–Agena Bioscience: mass spectrometer, 201504 supply existent Feng Chi is Certified Service Provider for MassARRAY platform in China 2015-04-27
FEI–Thermo Fisher: investment, 201605–201609 acquisition $4.2b in cash for $107.5/share 2016-05-27
Federal Univ São Paulo–Shimadzu: mass spectrometer, 201405 supply existent LCMS-8040 used by Group of Bio-organic + Bioanalytics 2014-05-17
Federal Univ São Paulo–Shimadzu: mass spectrometer, 201405 supply existent GCMS-QP2010Ultra used by Group of Bio-organic + Bioanalytics 2014-05-17
Exquiron Biotech–SAMDI Tech: drug discovery services, 201502– collab mutually co-promotion of respective services in Europe + North America 2015-02-08
Expression Pathology–United States (govt): grant, 200805 $148k SBIR Phase I grant from NCI 2008-05-15
Expression Pathology–Flagship Biosciences: tissue proteomics, 201012– collab offering Liquid Tissue SRM assays with digital pathology services 2010-12-08
Expression Analysis–Quintiles: investment, 201208 acquisition €na 2012-08-13
Experchem Laboratories–Eurofins: investment, 201505 acquisition of Experchem by Eurofins 2015-05-07
Exova–Eurofins: investment, 201612 acquisition CAD13m of 5 environmental testing labs of Exova in Québec + Ontario by Eurofins 2016-12-06
Exova–Eurofins: investment, 201605– acquisition £18m of GB + IE food, water + pharma testing labs of Exova by Eurofins 2016-05-19
Excellims–Armada Group: public relations, 201303 service existent for Excellims 2013-03-18
Evotec–ROI Verwaltungsgesellschaft: investment, 201104 existent ROI owns 17.4m voting rights or 15.07% of voting rights 2011-04-20
Evotec–Reach Separations: chromatography, 201403– collab with Reach becoming technology partner providing small molecule chromatography 2014-03-19
Evotec–IDBS: data management + analysis s/w, 201001– supply use of ActivityBase XE by European ScreeningPort 2010-01-07
Evotec–Genedata: bioinformatics, 201606– supply license Evotec using Genedata Screener now in HTS + HCS 2016-06-28
Evotec–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201205 supply multiple RapidFire High-throughput MS systems to Hamburg facility 2012-05-16
Evotec–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201205 supply 6460 Triple Quadrupole instrumentation to Hamburg facility 2012-05-16
Evosciences–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201707– distribution of Sciex MS systems with flexible finacing packages via Evosciences in Europe 2017-07-27
EverlyWell–PerkinElmer: consumer diagnostics, 201907– collab + supply CAP lab services immunoassays + genomic tests for US home health test market 2019-07-24
Euroimmun–Univ Lübeck: diagostics, 201007 collaboration 14 ongoing projects existent 2010-07-04
Euroimmun–Scienion: print/spotting technology, 201102 supply sciFLEXARRAYER for r+d + production purposes of microarray diagnostic products 2011-02-21
Euroimmun–Schleswig-Holstein (govt): grant, 201107– grant €775k for EUROTide project to develop automated indirect immuno-fluorescence solution 2011-07-18
Euroimmun–PerkinElmer: investment, 201706–201712 acquisition $1.3b in cash 2017-06-19
Euroimmun–EVP Capital: investment, 201106 existent portfolio company via Heptagon Capital listed on EVP web page 2011-06-26
Eurofins–SEVERAL: investment, 201609 capital increase €296m w 800k new shares at €370/share to institutional investors 2016-09-08
Eurofins–SEVERAL: investment, 201512 placement of 1m new ordinary shares to institutional investors NOT REALISED 2015-12-09
Eurofins–SEVERAL: investment, 199710 IPO 1997-10-24
Eurofins–SEVERAL: credit, 201707–202407 senior unsecured €650 Euro bond 7y at 2.125% due July 2024 2017-07-18
Eurofins–SEVERAL: credit, 201507–202301 senior unsecured €500 Euro bond 7.5y at 3.375% due Jan 2023 2015-07-01
Eurofins–SEVERAL: credit, 201311–201811 inaugural €300m Euro bond 5y maturity with annual interest rate of 3.125% 2013-11-19
Eurofins–Québec (govt): investment, 201606 private placement €200m of 606k new shares at €330/share to CDPQ 2016-06-29
Eurofins–Martin Group: investment, 201512 existent Martin family holds 42% of share capital + 59% of voting rights of Eurofins 2015-12-09
Eurofins–Lablicate: mass spectrometry software, 201607 supply existent Eurofins is reference customer for OpenChrom s/w 2016-07-27
Eurofins–Danaher: mass spectrometry, 201303 collab developm LC/MS/MS method for analysis of animal feed with AB Sciex + Phenomenex 2013-03-18
ETH Zürich–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201512 supply existent new 253 Plus 10kV IRMS at lab of Stefano Bernasconi 2015-12-14
ETH Zürich–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201111 supply existent Orbitrap Velos at Aebersold Lab 2011-11-18
ETH Zürich–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201007 supply existent QTRAP 5500 System in use at Institute of Molecular Systems Biology 2010-07-21
ETH Zürich–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201904 supply new 6546 LC/Q-TOF MS system to lab of Nicola Zamboni 2019-04-15
ETH Zürich–Agilent: gel electrophoresis, 201111 supply existent Agilent 3100 OFFGEL fractionator at Aebersold Lab 2011-11-18
ETG GmbH–Analytik Jena: investment, 201304 acquisition further 60% share raising Analytik Jena AG share to 80% 2013-04-10
ETG GmbH–Analytik Jena: investment, 2002 acquisition of 20% share by Analytik Jena AG 2002-01-01
ESC Lab Sciences–Agilent: gas chromatography, 201611 supply existent Intuvo 9000 GC system at ESC Lab 2016-11-30
ERICo (SI)–Eurofins: investment, 201706 acquisition of ERICo by Eurofins from Gorenje Group + two other shareholders 2017-06-23
ERC GmbH–Antec Leyden: ROXY EC system, 201106 distribution existent ERC is selling ROXY system in Germany 2011-06-08
Erasmus Univ–Waters: mass spectrometer, 201206 supply use of Waters triple quad with SRM for pre-eclampsia research at Erasmus Medical Center 2012-06-15
EQT–Agilent: investment, 201205–201206 acquisition of Dako for $2.2b in cash on a debt-free basis 2012-05-17
EPL Bio Analytical Services–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201707 supply Sciex QTRAP 6500+ LC-MS system with SelexION 2017-07-11
EPL Bio Analytical Services–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201707 supply existent Sciex Triple Quad 6500+ LC-MS system with SelexION at EPL BAS 2017-07-11
EPL Bio Analytical Services–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201707 supply existent AB Sciex Triple Quad 6500 LC-MS system at EPL BAS 2017-07-11
EPL Bio Analytical Services–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201707 supply existent AB Sciex QTrap 6500 LC-MS system at EPL BAS 2017-07-11
Enyo Pharma–Charles River: drug discovery services, –201711 collab drug target identification of EYP002 using CCMS technology 2017-11-28
Environmental Resource Associates–Waters: investment, 2006 acquisition of ERA by Waters 2006-01-01
Environmental Laboratory Services (IE)–Eurofins: investment, 201707c acquisition of ELS by Eurofins 2017-07-01
Endress+Hauser–GUS Group: investment, 201707 acquisition of AJ Blomesystem GmbH by GUS Group 2017-07-01
Empiriko–Interchim: liquid chromatography, 201402– collab combining Biomimiks + PuriFlash/MS technology for drug metablism studies 2014-02-26
Emory Univ–Eurofins: investment, 201506–201509 acquisition of 75% share for $40m in cash in Emory Genetics Laboratory from School of Medicine 2015-06-29
Emory Univ–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201707 supply existent Sciex Topaz LC-MS system at Emory Univ School of Medicine 2017-07-31
EMBL–Bruker: microscope, 201912 supply existent early customer EMBL for new Luxendo TruLive3D Imager 2019-12-09
ELS (NZ)–Eurofins: investment, 201301 acquisition of ELS Ltd 2013-01-22
EireChrom–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201311 distribution existent EireChrom is Irish AB Sciex representative for MS + chromatography 2013-11-08
Eichrom Laboratoires–Eurofins: investment, 201804 acquisition by Eurofins 2018-04-04
Edinburgh Instruments–Techcomp: investment, 201302 acquisition 2013-02-25
Edge BioSystems–StoneCalibre: investment, 201407 acquisiton of EdgeBio by StoneCalibre LLC 2014-07-08
Ecotech–Ionicon: mass spectrometer, 201208– distribution + support of Ioncion PTR-MS instruments by Ecotech Pty Ltd in New Zealand 2012-08-07
Ecotech–Ionicon: mass spectrometer, 201208– distribution + support of Ioncion PTR-MS instruments by Ecotech Pty Ltd in Australia 2012-08-07
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