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Shimadzu–F-DGSi: gas generator, 201408 supply + collab existent resale of F-DGSi gas generators by Shimadzu with Shimadzu instruments 2014-08-22
Shimadzu–HCC De Facto: public relations, 200103 service existent for Shimadzu Biotech / Kratos 2001-03-01
Shimadzu–Indigo Biosystems: Ascent software, 201406– collab developm + marketing of Ascent s/w with Shimadzu MS systems 2014-06-18
Shimadzu–m/e Brand Communication: public relations, 201409 service existent 2014-09-29
Shimadzu–Mitsui: mass spectrometry, 2005–201008 collab development Accurate Glycan Analyzer system Shimadzu + MKI + AIST 2005-01-01
Shimadzu–Nagoya Univ: mass spectrometry, –201608 collab developm of Quick-DB GC/MS/MS forensic toxicological database 2016-08-26
Shimadzu–National Univ Singapore: environmental analysis, 201406– collab w NERI incl supply of instruments + establishm of joint facility NUSAFE 2014-06-02
Shimadzu–Novilytic: blood plasma collection technology, 201404– collab SSI launches Noviplex Cards for use with LC-MS/MS 2014-04-17
Shimadzu–Peak Scientific: gas generator, –201408 service developm + production of customised Nitrogen Headspace 250 Gas Generator for Shimadzu HS-20 2014-08-11
Shimadzu–Peak Scientific: gas generator, –201605 service developm + production Genius 3051 Generator for Shimadzu LCMS-8050 + 8060 systems 2016-05-30
Shimadzu–Perfinity: protein sample preparation, 201212– global marketing + distribution of Perfinity iDP system by Shimadzu 2012-12-05
Shimadzu–Perfinity: protein sample preparation, –201103 collab co-development Perfinity Workstation for LC-MS sample prep 2011-03-11
Shimadzu–Phenomenex: chromatography, 201102– collab offering Shimadzu systems w Phenomenex colums together as complete solution in US 2011-02-22
Shimadzu–Phoenix Marcom: public relations, 201109 service existent for Shimadzu UK Ltd 2011-09-15
Shimadzu–Phytronix: LDTD ion source, 201706– integration of LDTD ion source into Triple Ion Source for LCMS-8060 2017-06-05
Shimadzu–Premier Biosoft: mass spectrometry s/w, 201806 collab product integration SymLipid + SymGlycan s/w for Shimadzu’s new LCMS-9030 Q-TOF 2018-06-04
Shimadzu–Sony: MALDI targets, 201110 supply existent OEM single-use MALDI targets to Kratos by Sony DADC 2011-10-11
Shimadzu–Sony: MALDI targets, 201203– collab extension developm application-specific + barcoded disposable MALDI targets by Kratos + Sony DADC 2012-03-21
Shimadzu–Systems Biology Institute (JP): mass spectrometry s/w, –201706 collab developm of Multi-omics Data Analysis Pack with Osaka Univ 2017-06-06
Shimadzu–Thermo Fisher: chromatography s/w, 201212 collab product integration Dionex Chromeleon 6.8 s/w now controls Nexera UHPLC series 2012-12-25
Shimadzu–Thermo Fisher: chromatography, 201103 collab product integration Thermo Atlas CDS instrument control s/w for Shimadzu Prominence HPLC 2011-03-21
Shimadzu–Trivitron: mass spectrometry, 201609– collab newborn screening tests of Labsystems Diagnostics on Shimadzu mass spec systems 2016-09-06
Shimadzu–Univ Kyoto: chromatography, 201203 co-development of Recycle-Assist s/w with Kyoto Univ Graduate School of Engineering 2012-03-02
Shimadzu–Univ Kyoto: stem cell research, 201102– collab analysis of iPSCs + search for biomarkers using mass spectrometry CiRA 2011-02-03
Shimadzu–Univ Messina: mass spectrometer, –201412 collab developm 5D Ultra-e LC-GCxGC-MS/MS system with Mondello Lab 2014-12-16
Shimadzu–Univ Osaka: mass spectrometry, 201412–201703 collab data analysis of MS data incl establishm of joint metabolomics MS lab at Osaka Univ 2014-12-01
Shimadzu–Univ Texas: analytical chemistry, 201204– collab formation new Shimadzu Center for Advanced Analytical Chemistry at UTA 2012-04-06
Shimadzu–Univ Tokyo: biomarker discovery technology, 201104–201403 collab joint research w Ono Pharma to develop lipidomic biomarker discovery techn 2011-04-01
Shimadzu–Univ Tokyo: mass spectrometry, 201306 collab co-developm of LC/MS/MS Method Package for Lipid Mediators with Dept of Lipidomics 2013-06-07
Shimadzu–Univ Washington: Skyline s/w, 201406 collab product integration Skyline s/w with Shimadzu triple quad LC/MS/MS systems MacCoss Lab 2014-06-17
Shimadzu–Univ Wisconsin: mass spectrometry, 201511– collab new Shimadzu lab at UWM established w $1.13m grant from Shimadzu 2015-11-03
Shoreline Science–Ionicon: PTR mass spectrometer, 201009 distribution existent in Japan by Shoreline Science Research Inc 2010-09-27
Showa Denko–BIA Separations: LC columns, 201407– collab expansion Showa Denko takes over BIA sales in Asia-Pacific region 2014-07-29
Sias–Tecan: investment, 201510–201511 acquisition CHF25m in cash 2015-10-28
SiChem–Germany (govt): grant, 201004– BMWi grant €100k for synthesis of isotope bearing compounds for BACTRAP system 2010-04-01
SiChem–Helmholtz: BACTRAP analytical system, 201004– collaboration incl BMWi grant synthesis of isotope bearing compounds for BACTRAP system 2010-04-01
Siemens–Danaher: investment, 201407– acquisition Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics' Clinical Microbiology Business by Beckman Coulter 2014-07-16
Sierra Sensors–Bruker: investment, 201806 acquisition €na of Sierra Sensors GmbH by Bruker 2018-06-04
Sigma-Aldrich–Danaher: mass spectrometry reagents, 201209– distribution ww of iChemistry Solutions of AB Sciex 2012-09-06
Sigma-Aldrich–Glantreo: LC column technology, 201312 collab developm + license Ecoprous silica manufacturing process 2013-12-03
Sigma-Aldrich–Honeywell: research chemicals, 201510–201512 acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich research chemicals business by Honewell 2015-10-20
Sigma-Aldrich–Indi Molecular: PCC technology, 201412– collab €na to explore use of PCC technology w Sigma-Adrich’s biological tools 2014-12-17
Sigma-Aldrich–IROA Technologies: compound library, 201509– distribution ww excl of Mass Spectrometry Metabolite Library of Standards (MSMLS) by Sigma 2015-09-17
Sigma-Aldrich–Merck (DE): investment, 201409–201511 acquisition $17b in cash 2014-09-22
Sigma-Aldrich–Olink: research reagents, 2013– distribution of Duolink reagents by Sigma-Aldrich 2013-01-01
Sigma-Aldrich–Olink: research reagents, 201510 acquisition of Duolink product portfolio by Sigma-Aldrich 2015-10-29
Sigma-Aldrich–Roche: biochemical reagents, 201503– distribution ww excl of Roche biochemical reagents portfolio 2015-03-19
Sigma-Aldrich–Scripps Research Institute: research reagents, 201307– funding of research + commmercialisation of resulting research reagents by Sigma 2013-07-18
Sigma-Aldrich–United States (govt): reference materials, 201506– collab with NIST to develop SRMs for qNMR 2015-06-04
Sigma-Aldrich–United States (govt): reference materials, 201506– distribution ww of NIST SRMs by Sigma-Aldrich 2015-06-04
Silliker–Mérieux: investment, 201008 existent Institut Mérieux owns 86% of Silliker 2010-08-12
Simcere (CN)–Agena Bioscience: mass spectrometry, 201803– collab strategic developm + commerc of CDx + PGx using MassArray System in China 2018-03-26
SINC do Brasil–Shimadzu: investment, 201604 acquisition $12m acquisition of all shares + incl relocation cost by Shimadzu do Brasil Comercio 2016-04-29
Sinensis–Eurofins: investment, 201601 acquisition by Eurofins 2016-01-13
Singapore (govt)–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201601 suppy TripleTOF 6600 system with Nano LC system to A*STAR’s BTI by Sciex 2016-01-25
Singapore (govt)–Waters: mass spectrometer, 201606– supply use of Synapt G2-S HDMS system as part of collab by A*STAR’s BTI 2016-06-21
SIRS-Lab–Analytik Jena: investment, 201305 acquisition €na of all assets of bankrupt SIRS-Lab GmbH 2013-05-06
Siscapa–New England Peptide: peptide synthesis, 201406– supply + sale of stable isotope stand peptides for use in SISCAPA assays 2014-06-12
Siscapa–SEVERAL: investment, 201405 financing round Series A from angel investors + few new private investors 2014-05-12
SkyScan–Bruker: investment, 201204 acquisition €na of SkyScan NV renamed Bruker microCT NV 2012-04-02
Smart Cell Processing Project (JP/GB)–Shimadzu: mass spectrometry, 201504 collab developm of cell analysis method using LC/MS system 2015-04-09
Smart Cell Processing Project (JP/GB)–Tokyo Electron: cell handling technology, 201504 existent public-private project led by Tokyo Electron 2015-04-09
Snowy Range Instruments–Metrohm: investment, 201603 acquisition of majority by Metrohm + SnRI renamed Metrohm Raman 2016-03-04
SomaLogic–Agilent: oligo microarrays, 201904– supply €na multi-year custom oligo arrays for SOMAscan assay 2019-04-30
Sonic Healthcare–Bruker: mass spectrometer, 201709 supply existent MLB is long-term user of MALDI Biotyper system 2017-09-26
Sony–Stratec: investment, 201606–201607 acquisition €30m 100% of Sony DADC BioSciences business by Stratec 2016-06-08
Sotax–Waters: liquid chromatography, 201611– distribution rights for Acquity UPLC H-Class Sytem for pharma labs in several countries for Sotax 2016-11-01
Spark Holland–LGC: reference materials, 201211– supply LoGiCal reference materials to develop online SPE-LC/MSMS solution using Symbiosis system 2012-11-27
Spectra Analysis Instruments–DANI Instruments: investment, 201501 acquisition of SAI by DANI 2015-01-12
Spectro Analytical Labs (IN)–Eurofins: investment, 201711 acquisition of Spectro by Eurofins 2017-11-16
Spectro Scientific–AMETEK: investment, 201811 acquisition $190m by AMETEK 2018-11-27
SPEware–Tecan: investment, 201608–201609 acquisition of SPEware for $50m in cash + $10m milestones 2016-08-31
Spinnovation–Sinensis: investment, 201409 acquisition €na of Spinnovation Holding BV by Sinensis Life Sciences BV 2014-09-19
Spyglass Technologies–SRI International: mass spectrometry, 201403– license excl + further co-developm of MIMS technology 2014-03-19
SRA Instruments–F-DGSi: gas generator, 201408 supply + collab existent resale of F-DGSi gas generators by SRA with SRA instruments 2014-08-22
Stable Arm (MY)–Microsaic: mass spectrometer, 201805– distribution of Microsaic’s 4500 MiD MS detector in Malaysia 2018-05-24
Stanford Univ–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201211 supply existent AB Sciex 5800 MALDI TOF/TOF at Proteomics Core at Canary Center for Cancer Detection 2012-11-09
Stanford Univ–DVS Sciences: CyTOF mass cytometer, 201107 supply existent use by Prof Garry Nolan 2011-07-14
State Univ New York–Matrix Science: Mascot s/w, 201105 supply Sequest 3G search engine + Mascot on Sorcerer platform to Univ at Buffalo 2011-05-25
State Univ New York–Sage-N Research: Sorcerer platform, 201105 supply Sequest 3G search engine + Mascot on Sorcerer platform to Univ at Buffalo 2011-05-25
State Univ New York–Waters: mass spectrometer, 201112 supply Waters donates ACQUITY TQD LC/MS system to Univ at Buffalo School of Pharmacy 2011-12-21
Sterling Pharma Solutions–Thermo Fisher: LC system, 202003 supply early customer for Vanquish Core HPLC System 2020-03-02
StoneCalibre–Transgenomic: ion chromatography, 201509 acquisition $2.1m in cash of IC product line + related assets of Transgenomc by EdgeBio 2015-09-09
Stratos–Roche: investment, 201405 strategic investment in Stratos Genomics in connection with collab on SBX technology 2014-05-26
Stratos–Roche: investment, 201506 investment $10m in Stratos Genomics related to technical milestone in collab on SBX technology 2015-06-16
SunChrom–MayLab: liquid chromatography, 201008 collab existent SunChrom is partner + German distributor of MayLab 2010-08-29
Superchrom (IT)–Restek: investment, 201305 acquisition of majority share in Superchrom Srl by Restek Corp 2013-05-31
SVA Ltd–SGS: investment, 201505 acquisition by SGS 2015-05-19
Syagen–Safran: investment, 201104–201107 acquisition of Syagen Technology Inc by Morpho Detection Inc 2011-04-19
Symphogen–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201810 supply Q Exactive Plus Orbitrap LC-MS/MS with BioPharma Option for biopharma QC 2018-10-29
Symrise–Lablicate: mass spectrometry software, 201607 supply existent Symrise is reference customer for OpenChrom s/w 2016-07-27
Syngenta–Caprotec: CCMS technology, 201307– supply service €na profiling interactions of new active ingredients with proteome for Syngenta 2013-08-12
Takeda–Evotec: mass spectrometry services, 201103– collab Kinaxo will apply PhosphoScout techn to assist drug developm research of Takeda 2011-03-15
Takeda–Genedata: bioinformatics, 201207 collab existent license to Genedata Expressionist for Mass Spectrometry s/w 2012-07-11
Takeda–Metabolon: metabolomics, 201204– collab multi-year research alliance to discover drug targets + biomarkers 2012-04-17
Takeda–Proteome Sciences: protein biomarker services, 201103–– supply PS Biomarker Services provision of MS assays for disease related proteins 2011-03-29
Tata Group–Eurofins: investment, 201707– acquisition of Advinus Therapeutics from Tata Group ANNOUNCED 2017-07-26
Tata Institute–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201102 supply existent Thermo LTQ Orbitrap Discovery at C-CAMP mass spec facility 2011-02-24
Tata Institute–Waters: mass spectrometer, 201102 supply existent Waters Q-TOF Ultima at C-CAMP mass spec facility 2011-02-24
Tecan–Artel: liquid handling technology, 201202– collab developm QC Kit for Freedom EVO based on Ratiometric Photometry technology 2012-02-06
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