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Bruker Corp–Evosep: liquid chromatography, –201802 collab product integration of timsTOF Pro MS + Evosep One LC for HT clinical proteomics 2018-02-26
NMDL-LCPL (NL)–Eurofins: investment, 201802 acquisition of NMDL-LCPL by Eurofins 2018-02-26
Reproductive Health Science–PerkinElmer: investment, 201802– acquisition A$25.18m with A$0.28/share of RHS Ltd by PerkinElmer 2018-02-26
City Analysts–Eurofins: investment, 201802 acquisition of City Analysts Ltd by Eurofins 2018-02-23
IRM² Infrarot Mikroskopie und Messtechnik GmbH–Bruker Corp: investment, 201802 acquisition €na of IRM² by Bruker 2018-02-22
BioMeca–Synthelis: proteomic services, 201802– collab joint services for production + folding validation of difficult-to-express proteins 2018-02-12
Korea Institute of Science and Technology–Agilent: analytical services, 201802– collab with Doping Control Center during Winter Olympics 2018-02-08
Korea Institute of Science and Technology–Thermo Fisher: analytical services, 201802– supply support to Doping Control Center during Winter Olympics 2018-02-08
Pfizer–Genedata: bioinformatics, 201802– supply license for Genedata Bioprocess enterprise platform to Pfizer Inc 2018-02-08
Univ Glasgow–JEOL: electron microscope, 201802–201809 supply JEM-Z300 FSC CRYO ARM 300 to new SCMI 2018-02-08
Thermo Fisher–Endress+Hauser: lab automation, 201802 collab product integration of AJ’s CyBio FeliX system in cell-free DNA extraction device 2018-02-07
Danaher–Dahlgren Communications: pubic relations, 201802 supply service existent by Dahlgren for Phenomenex 2018-02-06
Danaher–IROA Technologies: mass spectrometry, 201802– collab co-marketing of IROA Workflow Kit with SWATH Acquisition + Sciex TripleTOF Systems 2018-02-05
Labo Van Poucke–Eurofins: investment, 201802 acquisition of LVP by Eurofins 2018-02-05
TraitGenetics–SGS: investment, 201802 acquisition of TraitGenetics GmbH by SGS 2018-02-02
Agilent–Insight Experience: human capital management, –201801 supply service co-developm of Agilent’s Emerging Leaders Program 2018-01-30
Agilent–Univ Southern California: laboratory equipment, 201801– collab establ Center of Excellence in Biomolecular Charaterization at USC 2018-01-29
Concept Life Sciences–Spectris: investment, 201801 acquisition £163m on debt/cash-free basis from Equistone Partners + company management 2018-01-26
Selcia–Eurofins: investment, 201801 acquisition of Selcia Ltd by Eurofins 2018-01-25
Craft Technologies–Eurofins: investment, 201802 acquisition of Craft Technologies Inc by Eurofins 2018-01-23
Concept Life Sciences–Alderley Analytical: analytical services, 201801– collab partnership to provide bioanalytical + DMPK services 2018-01-18
Food Analytica (HU)–Eurofins: investment, 201801 acquisition by Eurofins 2018-01-18
BIA Separations–Zyme Communications: public relations, 201801 service existent by Zyme 2018-01-17
UBM–Informa: investment, 201801–201806 merger acquisition £3.9b in cash + shares of UBM plc by Informa plc 2018-01-17
Waters–Spectris: analytical instruments, 201801– collab co-marketing agreem with Malvern Panalytical for Omnisec Reveal with Acquity APC system 2018-01-16
France (govt)–Mérieux: water analysis technology, 201801– collab extension to develop Acquapad by bioMérieux + CNES 2018-01-15
Tsing Hua Testing & Analysis–Eurofins: investment, 201801 acquisition by Eurofins Scientific 2018-01-15
Premier Biosoft–Florida International Univ: mass spectrometry s/w, 201801– collab MS data analysis solutions for lipidomics 2018-01-11
Luxcel Biosciences–Agilent: investment, 201801 acquisition €na of Luxcel by Agilent 2018-01-09
BASF–Biocrates: investment, 201801 acquisition of Metanomics Health GmbH by Biocrates from BASF Plant Science GmbH 2018-01-03
Biocrates–BASF: investment, 201801 financing round incl BASF Plant Science GmbH + MIG Fonds + GA Asset Fund 2018-01-03
Biocrates–MIG Fonds: investment, 201801 financing round incl BASF Plant Science GmbH + MIG Fonds + GA Asset Fund 2018-01-03
Biocrates–SEVERAL: investment, 201801 financing round incl BASF Plant Science GmbH + MIG Fonds + GA Asset Fund 2018-01-03
Biocrates–Xolaris Service KVG: investment, 201801 financing round incl BASF Plant Science GmbH + MIG Fonds + GA Asset Fund 2018-01-03
Phenom-World–Thermo Fisher: investment, 201712 acquisition €na of Phenom-World BV by Thermo Fisher 2017-12-29
Pasteur Group (BR)–Eurofins: investment, 201712 acquisition by Eurofins 2017-12-21
Danaher–Cotecna: mass spectrometry, –201712 collab developm LC-MS/MS method for pesticide detection by Sciex + NofaLab 2017-12-18
thinXXS Microtechnology–Idex Corporation: investment, 201712 acquisition of thinXXS Microtechnology AG by Idex Corp 2017-12-11
PerkinElmer–TeakOrigin: food analysis technology, 201712– collab developm of integrated platform for food authenticity + quality testing 2017-12-05
Qvella–Mérieux: investment, 201712 financing round Series B totalling $20m incl co-lead + new strategic investor bioMérieux 2017-12-04
Qvella–SEVERAL: investment, 201712 financing round Series B $20m co-led by new strategic investor bioMérieux + existing investor syndicate 2017-12-04
Thermo Fisher–EPTEK Technology: analytical instruments, 201712 acquisition €na of continous emission monitoring assets from EPTEK 2017-12-04
Apix Analytics–SEVERAL: investment, 201712 financing round Series B €8m incl bpifrance + BNP Paribas + Demeter Ventures et al 2017-12-01
Protea Biosciences–NONE: investment, 201712– filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy 2017-12-01
Enyo Pharma–Charles River: drug discovery services, –201711 collab drug target identification of EYP002 using CCMS technology 2017-11-28
GSK–Owlstone: breath analyser, 201711– collab Breath Biopsy platform used in ph2 respiratory disease study of danirixin 2017-11-27
LIMA project–EU (govt): grant, 201711– Horizon 2020 grant €6.3m 4y Liquid biopsies and IMAging for improved cancer care 2017-11-23
Danaher–National Univ Singapore: mass spectrometry, 201711– collab plan to launch proteomics + MS training centre in 2018 with PCC NUS 2017-11-22
ChemPass–ChemAxon: cheminformatics, 201712– collab integration of ChemAxon s/w into SynSpace design s/w 2017-11-21
Dexstr–ChemAxon: cheminformatics, 201711– collab integration of ChemAxon s/w into Inquiro Scientific Knowledge Management System 2017-11-21
Spectro Analytical Labs (IN)–Eurofins: investment, 201711 acquisition of Spectro by Eurofins 2017-11-16
Dian Diagnostics (CN)–Danaher: mass spectrometry, 201711– collab joint venture of Sciex + Dian to develop + register + market MS IVD reagents in China 2017-11-13
China (govt)–Agilent: grant, 201711– Thought Leader Award to Jiandong Jiang at CAMS IMM for MS-based drug discovery research 2017-11-12
Charles River–Caprotec: CCMS technology, 2017 acquisition of CCMS IP + technology of Caprotec by Charles River 2017-11-01
Blue Ocean Nova–Endress+Hauser: investment, 201710 acquisition €na of Blue Ocean Nova AG 2017-10-31
IDBS–Danaher: investment, 201710 acquisition of IDBS by Danaher Life Sciences platform 2017-10-30
Fluidigm–Univ Zurich: mass cytometry s/w, 201710– ww distribution of histoCAT s/w with Hyperion Imaging System by Fluidigm 2017-10-24
Weizmann Institute–Bruker Corp: MRI system, 201710 supply Biospec 15.2 Tesla USR preclinical UHF MRI system 2017-10-18
Institut Nehring–Eurofins: investment, 201710 acquisition of Institut Nehring GmbH by Eurofins 2017-10-16
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts–Eurofins: investment, 201710– acquisition of LGC Forensics division of LGC Group from KKR 2017-10-12
BIA Separations–Nuvonis: vaccine + gene therapy production technology, 201710– collab co-marketing of cell lines + purification technologies 2017-10-10
Bruker Corp–Protea Biosciences: MS-based clinical tests, 201710– collab development clinical oncology screening assays on rapifleX MALDI Tissuetyper 2017-10-10
Merlin Diagnostika–Bruker Corp: investment, 201709 acquisition €na by Bruker 2017-09-26
Sonic Healthcare–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201709 supply existent MLB is long-term user of MALDI Biotyper system 2017-09-26
LabCentral–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201709 supply high resolution MS system as part of platinum sponsorship agreement 2017-09-19
Bruker Corp–Bioinformatics Solutions: mass spectrometry software, 201709 collab existent using PEAKS Studio s/w for MS-based proteomics 2017-09-18
Bruker Corp–Max Planck: mass spectrometry, –201709 collab developm of PASEF technology for timsTOF Pro MS for proteomics with Matthias Mann 2017-09-18
EAG Laboratories–Eurofins: investment, 201709–201712 acquisition $780m on cash free debt free basis from Odyssey Investment Partners 2017-09-18
Flagship Pioneering–Lipotype: lipid analysis, 201709c supply service lipid anaylsis for Flagship VentureLabs 2017-09-13
Metabolomic Discoveries–Metabolon: investment, 201709 acquisition €na of Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH by Metabolon Inc 2017-09-05
Natrix Separations–Merck (DE): investment, 201708– acquisition €na of Natrix Separations by Merck ANNOUNCED 2017-08-28
Fluidigm–Miraca: molecular diagnostics, 201708– license to CFTR next-gen sequencing assay from Baylor Genetics for use with Juno System 2017-08-17
Biotecon–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201708– distribution OEM of MALDI Biotyper platforms for food analysis in DACH region + Eastern Europe 2017-08-16
Mestrelab Research–SpectralWorks: analytical instrument software, 201708– collab mutual reseller agreem for all respective NMR/MS s/w products 2017-08-15
Ecopro Research–Eurofins: investment, 201708 acquistion of Ecopro Research KK by Eurofins 2017-08-10
Fluidigm–SEVERAL: investment, 201708 sale of $30m with 9,09m common stock in at-the-market equity offering 2017-08-10
Japan Analytical Chemistry Consultants–Eurofins: investment, 201708 acquistion of JACC by Eurofins 2017-08-10
Sebia–Québec (govt): investment, 201708 acquisition of significant minority stake by CDPQ from Astorg + Montagu 2017-08-10
Diagnosticum (HU)–Bruker Corp: food analysis, 201708 collab to form Hungarian Wine Consortium using NMR FoodScreener for wine analysis 2017-08-08
Bruker Corp–OTHER: immunoassay technology, 201708 acquisition €na of portable chip-based ELISA platform by Bruker 2017-08-02
DiscoverX–Eurofins: investment, 201707– acquisition by Eurofins ANNOUNCED 2017-07-31
Emory Univ–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201707 supply existent Sciex Topaz LC-MS system at Emory Univ School of Medicine 2017-07-31
Ascendas Genomics–Fluidigm: molecular diagnostics, 201707– collab developm microfluidics-based MDx systems + assays in China 2017-07-27
Evosciences–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201707– distribution of Sciex MS systems with flexible finacing packages via Evosciences in Europe 2017-07-27
Tata Group–Eurofins: investment, 201707– acquisition of Advinus Therapeutics from Tata Group ANNOUNCED 2017-07-26
Eurofins–SEVERAL: credit, 201707–202407 senior unsecured €650 Euro bond 7y at 2.125% due July 2024 2017-07-18
MIT–Agilent: grant, 201707– Thought Leader Award to Ram Sasisekharan to MS-based biopharma characterisation 2017-07-18
MIT–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201707 supply Sasisekharan lab to use 6545XT AdvanceBio + AssayMAP + 1260 + 1290 Infinity II LC + MassHunter s/w 2017-07-18
Bio-Access–Eurofins: investment, 201707– buy-out of minority shareholders for €100m ANNOUNCED 2017-07-17
Diagenode–PreOmics: proteomic sample preparation, –201707 collab developm combi of Bioruptor + iST Kit to clean peptides for MS 2017-07-14
NofaGroup–Cotecna: investment, 201707 acquisition of NofaGroup by Cotecna Inspection SA 2017-07-13
Waters–Siscapa: mass spectrometry, 201707– license non-excl to certain SAT technology for standardisation of liquid LC/MS assays 2017-07-12
ABF–Genedata: bioinformatics, 201707– supply expansion use of Genedata Selector by AB Enzymes for decision support 2017-07-11
EPL Bio Analytical Services–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201707 supply existent AB Sciex QTrap 6500 LC-MS system at EPL BAS 2017-07-11
EPL Bio Analytical Services–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201707 supply existent AB Sciex Triple Quad 6500 LC-MS system at EPL BAS 2017-07-11
EPL Bio Analytical Services–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201707 supply existent Sciex Triple Quad 6500+ LC-MS system with SelexION at EPL BAS 2017-07-11
EPL Bio Analytical Services–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201707 supply Sciex QTRAP 6500+ LC-MS system with SelexION 2017-07-11
Amatsigroup–Eurofins: investment, 201707– acquisition €130m plus some residual debt from Ekkio Capital 2017-07-10
Cobalt Light Systems–Agilent: investment, 201707 acquisition by Agilent for £40m in cash 2017-07-07
Ana Laboratories–Eurofins: investment, 201707 acquisition by Eurofins 2017-07-05
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