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order ascendingorder descendingDeal: Collaboration or Financing order ascendingorder descendingDate
BioControl Systems–Merck (DE): investment, 201701 acquisition €na of BioControl Systems Inc by Merck KGaA 2017-01-04
InVivo Biotech Services–Bruker Corp: investment, 201701 acquisition €na of InVivo Biotech Services GmbH by Bruker 2017-01-04
SCiLS GmbH–Bruker Corp: investment, 201701 acquisition €na of SCiLS GmbH by Bruker 2017-01-04
Univ Arizona–Agilent: grant, 201701– Thought Leader Award to Shane Snyder to advance water analysis methods 2017-01-04
Laboratoire LCA (MA)–SGS: investment, 201701 acqisition by SGS 2017-01-03
ABM (TW)–Eurofins: investment, 2017 acquisition of Taiwanese food testing services firm ABM by Eurofins Scientific 2017-01-01
Villapharma Research–Eurofins: investment, 201612– acquisition of Villapharma by Eurofins ANNOUNCED 2016-12-29
ASL Análises Ambientais–Eurofins: investment, 201612 acquisition of ASL by Eurofins 2016-12-27
PerkinElmer–Varex Imaging: investment, 201612–201705 acquisition $276m cash of PE’s medical imaging business by Varex Imaging (Varian Medical Systems) 2016-12-22
Laagrima (MA)–SGS: investment, 201612 acquisition by SGS 2016-12-21
Multiplicom–Agilent: investment, 201612 acquisition €68m in cash by Agilent ANNOUNCED 2016-12-20
C-Labs (CH)–SGS: investment, 201612 acquisition of controlling stake by SGS 2016-12-19
Active Spectrum–Bruker Corp: investment, 201612 acquisition €na of Active Spectrum by Bruker 2016-12-16
Univ Illinois–Agilent: grant, 201612– Thought Leader Award to Rohit Bhargava at Cancer Center for infrared spectroscopic imaging 2016-12-12
Biopremier (PT)–SGS: investment, 201612 acquisition of 70% stake by SGS 2016-12-09
Numares–Ruth Group: public relations, 201612 service existent US PR + IR by The Ruth Group 2016-12-08
Transcriptic–Agilent: bioreagents, 201612– collab + suppl of genomic reagents for Transcriptic robotic cloud laboratory 2016-12-08
Exova–Eurofins: investment, 201612 acquisition CAD13m of 5 environmental testing labs of Exova in Québec + Ontario by Eurofins 2016-12-06
Metabolon–Essex Woodlands: investment, 201612 addit $15m fimdomg from returning investor Essex Woodlands 2016-12-05
International Phenome Centre Network–Bruker Corp: NMR technology, 201611– collab Bruker is key partner for NMR technologies + methods + SOPs 2016-12-02
International Phenome Centre Network–Imperial College London: phenomics, 201611– collab MRC-NIHR UK Phenome Centre is founding partner of IPCN 2016-12-02
International Phenome Centre Network–Murdoch Univ: phenomics, 201611– collab Separation Science + Metabolomics Lab is founding partner of IPCN 2016-12-02
Boehringer–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201612 supply of MALDI PharmaPulse 2.0 incl rapifleX MALDI-TOF System in Biberach 2016-12-01
Roche–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201612 supply of MALDI PharmaPulse 2.0 incl rapifleX MALDI-TOF System to Genentech 2016-12-01
Boehringer–ACD/Labs: cheminformatics, 201611– supply deployment of ACD/Spectrus platform by Boehringer in Europe + North America 2016-11-30
ESC Lab Sciences–Agilent: gas chromatography, 201611 supply existent Intuvo 9000 GC system at ESC Lab 2016-11-30
International Phenome Centre Network–Waters: mass spectrometry, 201611– collab Waters founding partner of IPCN provding chromatography + MS expertise 2016-11-30
Jackson Laboratory–Agilent: grant, 201611– Thought Leader Award to Peter Robinson at Jackons Lab for Genomic Medicine for clinical genomics research 2016-11-28
Oxford Instruments–Bruker Corp: investment, 201611 acquisition $17.5m in cash of superconducting wire business OST by BEST 2016-11-17
Accurate Mass Scientific–Bohui: mass spectrometry, 201611– collab AMS new Australian distributor for Advion’s Expression MS + TriVersa NanoMate 2016-11-10
Fluidigm–GenomOncology: bioinformatics, 201611– collab co-marketing GO Clinical Workbench with Juno Targeted DNA Sequencing Library Prep system 2016-11-09
Bruker Corp–OTHER: nucleic acid diagnostics, 201611 acquisition €na of NAT assays + PCR techn assets in Glasgow for MALDI Biotyper platform 2016-11-02
Agilent–PureHoney Technologies: mass spectrometry, 201611– collab developm of applications for RapidFire/MS system 2016-11-01
Imperial College–Owlstone: breath analysis technology, 201611– collab use of ReCIVA + FAIMS in asthma research study of Imperial College 2016-11-01
Laserage Technology–AMETEK: investment, 201611 acquisition of Laserage Technology Corp by AMETEK 2016-11-01
Pressure BioSciences–OTHER: credit, 201611–201710 line-of-credit $2m from an accredited investor 2016-11-01
Q Laboratories–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201611 supply MALDI Biotyper 2016-11-01
Sotax–Waters: liquid chromatography, 201611– distribution rights for Acquity UPLC H-Class Sytem for pharma labs in several countries for Sotax 2016-11-01
Univ Leeds–Bruker Corp: atomic force microscope, 201611 supply existent Dimension FAstScan Bio AFM system at School of Physics + Astronomy 2016-11-01
Proteome Sciences–SEVERAL: investment, 201610– placing £3.3m (net £3.2m) with 66.3m shares at £0.05/share = 22.5% of enlarged issued capital 2016-10-31
Third Rock Ventures–SEVERAL: investment, 201610 closing $616m of Third Rock Ventures IV LP (Fund IV) 2016-10-31
Novasep–SEVERAL: credit, 201610– refinancing of $195m 8% Senior Secured Notes due 25 Oct 2016 via successful exchange offer 2016-10-26
International Laboratory Services (GB)–Eurofins: investment, 201610 acquisition of ILS Ltd by Eurofins Food and Water Testing UK + IE 2016-10-24
Schwabe Pharmaceuticals–ACD/Labs: cheminformatics, 201610– supply deployment of ACD/Spectrus platform by Willmar Schwabe Pharmaceuticals 2016-10-19
Phenomenex–Danaher: investment, 201609– acquisition by Danaher ANNOUNCED 2016-10-12
Otsuka–IROA Technologies: mass spectrometry reagents, 201610– collap developm + ww distribution of IROA kits by CIL 2016-10-10
Kibion–Mayoly Spindler: investment, 201610 acquisition of Kibion AB by Mayoly Spindler 2016-10-05
Brainshake–SEVERAL: investment, 201610 financing round Series B €2m 2016-10-03
Burning Rock (CN)–Agilent: molecular diagnostics, 201609– collab developm of cancer MDx by BR using Agilent SureSelect target enrichment system 2016-09-29
Questel–ChemAxon: cheminformatics, 201609– collab product integration of ChemAxon chemical search + index capabilities into Intellixir s/w 2016-09-27
MVZ HZMD Trier–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201610 supply existent of MALDI Tissuetyper solution 2016-09-25
Lipotype–Germany (govt): grant, 201609 support for Skin Lipidomics developm from Central Innovation Programme for SMEs 2016-09-22
Northeastern Univ–VUV Analytics: vacuum ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy, 201609 supply of VGA-100 VUV detector to Hall lab at Barnett Institute 2016-09-20
Loughborough Univ–Nottingham City Hospital: asthma test, 201609 collab existent developm of LC/MS-based metabolomic saliva test for asthma 2016-09-15
Eurofins–SEVERAL: investment, 201609 capital increase €296m w 800k new shares at €370/share to institutional investors 2016-09-08
Oncovision–Bruker Corp: investment, 201609 acquisition €na of preclinical imaging business of Oncovision by Bruker 2016-09-07
Cepheid–Danaher: investment, 201609–201611 acquisition cash tender offer $53/share valuing Cepheid at $4b net of debt + cash 2016-09-06
Fluidic Analytics–SEVERAL: investment, 201609 financing round Series B £5.3m ($6.9m) led by IQ Capital Partners 2016-09-06
Shimadzu–Trivitron: mass spectrometry, 201609– collab newborn screening tests of Labsystems Diagnostics on Shimadzu mass spec systems 2016-09-06
Unigeo Agricultura de Precisâo–SGS: investment, 201609 acquisition of 75% stake by SGS 2016-09-02
DiViNe project–Affilogic: vaccine purification technology, 201609 collab Affilogic is partner in Horizon 2020 project led by iBET 2016-09-01
DiViNe project–Aquaporin: vaccine purification technology, 201609 collab Aquaporin is partner in Horizon 2020 project led by iBET 2016-09-01
DiViNe project–EU (govt): grant, 201609c– Horizon 2020 grant 5y to advance vaccine purification led by iBET 2016-09-01
DiViNe project–GSK: vaccine purification technology, 201609 collab GSK Italy is partner in Horizon 2020 project led by iBET 2016-09-01
DiViNe project–iBET (PT): vaccine purification technology, 201609 collab GenIbet + iBET are partners in Horizon 2020 project led by iBET 2016-09-01
DiViNe project–Merck (DE): vaccine purification technology, 201609– collab Merck is partner in Horizon 2020 project led by iBET 2016-09-01
Innovative Medicines Initiative–Lipotype: lipidomics, 201609– collab Lipotype is participant in RHAPSODY project on type 2 diabetes 2016-09-01
TestAmerica–JSTI Group: investment, 201609 acquisition of TestAmerica Environmental Services by JSTI Group (CN) 2016-09-01
VRL Laboratories–Eurofins: investment, 201609 acquisition of VRL by Eurofins 2016-09-01
SPEware–Tecan: investment, 201608–201609 acquisition of SPEware for $50m in cash + $10m milestones 2016-08-31
Pressure BioSciences–SEVERAL: investment, 201611 private placement 1st closee $610k net $513k of planned $2.5m placement 2016-08-29
Microsaic–SEVERAL: investment, 201608 placing £5.4m net £5m w 108k new ordinary shares at 5p/share 2016-08-26
Shimadzu–Nagoya Univ: mass spectrometry, –201608 collab developm of Quick-DB GC/MS/MS forensic toxicological database 2016-08-26
Agilent–Univ Adelaide: glycomics, 201608– collab joint establishment of Adelaide Glycomics research facility at Waite campus 2016-08-25
Battelle–Astrotech: mass spectrometer, 201608 collab existent 1st Detect provides OEM-1000NG Core Analyzer for NGCD prototype to Battelle 2016-08-23
VUV Analytics–SEVERAL: investment, 201608 financing round Series B $6.5m led by new investor New Science Ventures 2016-08-18
Bruker Corp–FlavorActiV: food analysis, 201608– collab strategic partnership with launch of Flavor Stability Package for beer analysis 2016-08-15
Metabolon–Essex Woodlands: investment, 201608 financing $15m from new investor Essex Woodlands 2016-08-11
Thermo Fisher–Hamilton: liquid handling products, 201608– direct non-excl distribution of automation products for forensics in EMEA + China 2016-08-11
HS Foils–AMETEK: investment, 201608 acquisition of HS Foils by AMETEK 2016-08-04
Nu Instruments–AMETEK: investment, 201608 acquisition of Nu Instruments by AMETEK 2016-08-04
Biodesix–SEVERAL: investment, 201607 financing round Series F follow-on with additional $7m from existing investors 2016-07-27
Eurofins–Lablicate: mass spectrometry software, 201607 supply existent Eurofins is reference customer for OpenChrom s/w 2016-07-27
Sequenom–LabCorp: investment, 201607–201609 acquisition $302m cash tender offer 2016-07-27
Symrise–Lablicate: mass spectrometry software, 201607 supply existent Symrise is reference customer for OpenChrom s/w 2016-07-27
AgFirst Bay of Plenty–Eurofins: investment, 201607 acquisition by Eurofins 2016-07-26
Numares–Bavaria (govt): investment, 201607 financing round incl €2m from Wachstumsfonds Bayern managed by Bayern Kapital 2016-07-26
Numares–SEVERAL: investment, 201607 financing round incl €2m from Wachstumsfonds Bayern managed by Bayern Kapital 2016-07-26
Wiley–Bio-Rad: spectral libraries, 201612 collab product integration launch of Wiley Spectral Lab powered by Bio-Rad’s KnowItAll 2016-07-26
CMRI (AU)–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201607 supply existent Sciex TripleTOF 6600 systems at ProCan 2016-07-21
PerkinElmer–SEVERAL: credit, 201607–2026 €500m 1.875% Senior Notes due 2026 at issue price of 99.118% of principal amount 2016-07-19
Thomson Reuters–Onex Corp: investment, 201607–201610 acquisition $3.55b in cash of Thomson Reuters IP + Science business by Onex + Baring PE Asia 2016-07-11
Brainshake–SEVERAL: investment, 201607 financing round Series A €3.5m led by Cor Group + incl Tekes + Nordea + Finnvera 2016-07-01
Vanderbilt Univ–United States (govt): grant, 201607– renewal NIH grant $10.5m for 5 years to IMS Resource Research for imaging mass spectrometry 2016-07-01
Charles River–Caprotec: CCMS technology, 201606 collab use of CCMS tech to identify protein targets relevant for phenotypic drug candidate responses 2016-06-29
Eurofins–Québec (govt): investment, 201606 private placement €200m of 606k new shares at €330/share to CDPQ 2016-06-29
Bruker Corp–Univ Greifswald: NMR spectroscopy, –201606 collab developm of B.I.-LISA module based on AVANCE IVDr platform w Prof Nauck 2016-06-28
Danaher–Francis Crick Institute: mass spectrometry, 201606– collab Sciex + Crick Institute + Univ Cambridge in proteomics using SWATH 2016-06-28
Danaher–Univ Cambridge: mass spectrometry, 201606– collab Sciex + Crick Institute + Univ Cambridge in proteomics using SWATH 2016-06-28
Evotec–Genedata: bioinformatics, 201606– supply license Evotec using Genedata Screener now in HTS + HCS 2016-06-28
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