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order ascendingorder descendingDeal: Collaboration or Financing order ascendingorder descendingDate
SRA Instruments–F-DGSi: gas generator, 201408 supply + collab existent resale of F-DGSi gas generators by SRA with SRA instruments 2014-08-22
Thermo Fisher–F-DGSi: gas generator, 201408 supply + collab existent resale of F-DGSi gas generators by Thermo + Dionex with own instruments 2014-08-22
Waters–F-DGSi: gas generator, 201408 supply + collab existent resale of F-DGSi gas generators by Waters with Waters instruments 2014-08-22
ATCC–Mérieux: mass spectrometer, 201408 supply recent acquisition of VITEK MS MALDI TOF system incl database by ATCC from bioMérieux 2014-08-21
Mérieux–ATCC: mass spectrometry, 201408– collab expanding VITEK MS micro-organisms library using VITEK MS system at ATCC 2014-08-21
Mérieux–Baker & Yorke: public relations, 201408 service existent for bioMérieux 2014-08-21
Reach Separations–Ramarketing: public relations, 201408– service by Ramarketing & PR Ltd 2014-08-21
Bruker Corp–CMS: legal services, 201408 service legal advice by CMS Hasche Sigle on acqu of Bruker’s ICP-MS business by Analytik Jena 2014-08-14
Bruker Corp–Analytik Jena: investment, 201407–201409 acquisition €na of ICP-MS business from Bruker by AJ 2014-08-13
Shimadzu–Peak Scientific: gas generator, –201408 service developm + production of customised Nitrogen Headspace 250 Gas Generator for Shimadzu HS-20 2014-08-11
Danaher–Sniper Public Relations: public relations, 201408 service existent for AB Sciex by Sniper PR 2014-08-09
Biognosys–ETH Zürich: HRM-MS technology, 201408 license to N-glyco-capture technology invented by Ruedi Aebersold 2014-08-08
Alderley Analytical–Waters: mass spectrometer, 201408 supply existent Xevo TQ-S MS system w Acquity UPLC I-Class using UNIFI s/w platform 2014-08-07
Amptek–AMETEK: investment, 201408 acquisition of Amptek Inc 2014-08-05
IBL International–Tecan: investment, 201407 acquisition €29m in cash 2014-07-30
BIA Separations–Showa Denko: investment, 201407 existent Showa Denko is co-owner of BIO Separations GmbH 2014-07-29
Showa Denko–BIA Separations: LC columns, 201407– collab expansion Showa Denko takes over BIA sales in Asia-Pacific region 2014-07-29
Vutara–Bruker Corp: Investment, 201407 acquisition €na of Vutara Inc by Bruker 2014-07-28
Agilent–MRM Proteomics: proteomics, 201407– collab expansion of co-marketing of quantitative proteomics solutions 2014-07-24
MediMass–Waters: investment, 201407 acquisition virtually all assets which comprise REIMS technology for iKnife by Waters 2014-07-22
Metrohm–Waters: chromatography s/w, 201407– collab product integration Empower CDS now can control Metrohm IC systems 2014-07-17
Thermo Fisher–GTCR: investment, 201407–201408 acquisition of Cole-Parmer channel business for $480m in cash by GTCR LLC 2014-07-17
Siemens–Danaher: investment, 201407– acquisition Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics' Clinical Microbiology Business by Beckman Coulter 2014-07-16
Ceres Nanosciences–TGen: Nanotrap technology, 201407– collab developm of diagnostic applications for Nanotrap technology 2014-07-10
InSphero–Protea Biosciences: tissue analysis, 201407– collab product integration LAESI molecular MS imaging with 3D InSight microtissues 2014-07-09
Edge BioSystems–StoneCalibre: investment, 201407 acquisiton of EdgeBio by StoneCalibre LLC 2014-07-08
Promega–Zyme Communications: public relations, 201406 service existent by Zyme 2014-06-26
Agilent–Bruker Corp: chromatography data system, 201406 collab product integration exchange of instrument drivers for Compass CDS + OpenLab CDS 2014-06-23
Shimadzu–Indigo Biosystems: Ascent software, 201406– collab developm + marketing of Ascent s/w with Shimadzu MS systems 2014-06-18
Agilent–Premier Biosoft: SimGlycan software, 201406– collab product integration with Agilent mass spec + LC instruments for glycomics research 2014-06-17
ProteinSimple–Techne: investment, 201406 acquisition by Bio-Techne for $300m in cash 2014-06-17
Shimadzu–Univ Washington: Skyline s/w, 201406 collab product integration Skyline s/w with Shimadzu triple quad LC/MS/MS systems MacCoss Lab 2014-06-17
Agilent–Cerno Bioscience: MassWorks s/w, 201406– distribution of MassWorks s/w by Agilent with single quad GC/MSD systems 2014-06-16
Bruker Corp–Max Planck: mass spectrometry s/w, 201406 collab MaxQuant proteomics s/w supporting Bruker UHR-QTOF MS with MPI Matthias Mann group 2014-06-16
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201406 supply use of AB Sciex TripleTOF 6600 System with SWATH Acquisition by Van Eyk 2014-06-16
Florida State Univ–Bruker Corp: FTMS magnet, 201406 supply of 21 Tesla magnet for FTC-ICR MS co-designed by NHMFL 2014-06-16
Protea Biosciences–Gubbs: data analysis s/w, 201406– supply distribution of Gubbs downstream statistal data analysis s/w with LAESI DP-1000 system 2014-06-16
Protea Biosciences–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201406 supply existent Q Exactive Orbitrap MS system used by Protea for HRAM services 2014-06-16
Thermo Fisher–Amgen: mass spectrometry s/w, 201406 license existent to Mass Analyzer s/w as basis for Thermo’s PepFinder s/w 2014-06-16
Thermo Fisher–Excellims: ion mobility spectrometer, 201406 collab co-developm + product integration of MA3100 HPIMS with Orbitrap-based MS systems 2014-06-16
Thermo Fisher–Prosolia: sample preparation, 201406 supply product integration Velox 360 System available for TSQ Quantiva + TSQ Endura MS systems 2014-06-16
Thermo Fisher–Racepoint Global: public relations, 201406 service existent by Racepoint 2014-06-16
Univ Copenhagen–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201406 supply existent Jesper Olsen at NNF CPR has been early-access user of Q Exactive HF system 2014-06-16
Univ Washington–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201406 supply existent MacCoss Lab has been early-access user of Q Exactive HF system 2014-06-16
Waters–Omics LLC: cheminformatics, 201406 product integration of PetroOrg Petroleomics s/w with Synapt G2-Si MS system 2014-06-16
Waters–Prosolia: ionisation technology, 201406– acquisition excl rights €na to use DESI for clinical research applications with Waters ToF MS systems 2014-06-16
PerkinElmer–APCO Worldwide: public relations, 201406 service existent for PerkinElmer 2014-06-12
Siscapa–New England Peptide: peptide synthesis, 201406– supply + sale of stable isotope stand peptides for use in SISCAPA assays 2014-06-12
Thermo Fisher–BioAnalytix: mass spectrometry, 201406– collab developm of MS-based methods for biopharmaceutical analysis using Orbitrap systems 2014-06-11
Indigo Biosystems–SEVERAL: investment, 201406 financing round Series B $8.5m led by Bootstrap Venture Fund LP 2014-06-03
National Univ Singapore–Shimadzu: mass spectrometer, 201406– supply of MS systems as part of collab + establishm of joint facility NUSAFE 2014-06-02
Nuclea Biotechnologies–Liberty Square Group: public relations, 201406 service existent for Nuclea Biotechnologies 2014-06-02
Nuclea Biotechnologies–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometry, 201406– collab biomarker quantification for Type 2 diabetes with BRIMS using triple quad MS 2014-06-02
Shimadzu–National Univ Singapore: environmental analysis, 201406– collab w NERI incl supply of instruments + establishm of joint facility NUSAFE 2014-06-02
Saab–Bruker Corp: analytical instruments, 201406–201511 supply chemical detectors for Saab AWR system delivered to client in Kuwait 2014-06-01
Agena Bioscience–Sequenom: MassArray technology, 201405 acquisition $31.8m + $4m milestones of Sequenom bioscience business by Agena 2014-05-30
Agena Bioscience–Telegraph Hill Partners: investment, 201405 existent Ageno is portfolio company of Telegraph Hill Partners 2014-05-30
Luphos–AMETEK: investment, 201405 acquisition of Luphos GmbH by AMETEK 2014-05-30
Univ Southampton–Protea Biosciences: molecular imaging, 201405– collab research profiling of Alzheimer’s brain cells 2014-05-29
GSK–Genedata: Genedata Biologics, 201405– supply + collab GSK Biopharm RnD 2014-05-28
Roche–Stratos: DNA sequencing technology, 201405– collab r+d of SBX technology incl strategic investment by Roche 2014-05-26
Stratos–Roche: investment, 201405 strategic investment in Stratos Genomics in connection with collab on SBX technology 2014-05-26
Univ Newcastle Australia–Agilent: grant, 201405– Agilent Thought Leader Award to C Mountford for in vivo NMR techniques to detect breast cancer 2014-05-22
Federal Univ São Paulo–Shimadzu: mass spectrometer, 201405 supply existent GCMS-QP2010Ultra used by Group of Bio-organic + Bioanalytics 2014-05-17
Federal Univ São Paulo–Shimadzu: mass spectrometer, 201405 supply existent LCMS-8040 used by Group of Bio-organic + Bioanalytics 2014-05-17
Danaher–MRM Proteomics: proteomics, 201405– collab new quality control kits for MRM-MS targeted proteomics workflows on AB Sciex QTRAP 4000 + 6500 MS 2014-05-15
Lupin–Shimadzu: mass spectrometer, 201405 supply Lupind Ltd in Pune recently purchased GCMS-TQ8030 with HS-20 2014-05-14
Thermo Fisher–Evans Analytical: ionisation technology, 201405– collab developm pulsed ion source technology for glow discharge MS 2014-05-14
GSK–Metabolon: metabolomic services, 201405– supply metabolomic profiling services using DiscoveryHD4 platform 2014-05-13
General Electric–Tesla Engineering: MRI magnets, 201405– collab + supply high-field 7.0T magnets for MRI system of GE Healthcare 2014-05-12
Siscapa–SEVERAL: investment, 201405 financing round Series A from angel investors + few new private investors 2014-05-12
ViraCor-IBT Laboratories–Eurofins: investment, 201405–201407 acquisition $225m in cash from majority owner Ampersand Capital + other shareholders 2014-05-09
Affymetrix–Danaher: lab automation, –201405 collab product integration fully automated ViewRNA eZ Assays on Leica BOND RX staining platform 2014-05-08
Agilent–Pinstripes Communications: public relations, 201405 service existent by Pinstripes Communications 2014-05-08
Agilent–Seoul National Univ: analytical instruments, 201405– collab joint establishm of Research Center at SNU New Drug Development Center 2014-05-08
Seoul National Univ–Agilent: analytical instruments, 201405– supply to joint Research Center at New Drug Development Center at SNU College of Pharmacy 2014-05-08
ProteinSimple–SEVERAL: investment, 201405– IPO filed for listing on Nasdaq Global Stock Market 2014-05-01
Harvard Univ–Protea Biosciences: LAESI technology, 201404– collab research using LAESI for molecular imaging of cancer cells w Dana-Farber 2014-04-30
Memorial Sloan-Kettering–Protea Biosciences: LAESI technology, 201404– collab research using LAESI for molecular imaging of cancer cells 2014-04-30
Integrated Diagnostics–Perella Weinberg Partners: credit, 201404– debt financing $17m by Life Sciences Alternative Funding LLC (LSAF) 2014-04-29
Integrated Diagnostics–SEVERAL: investment, 201404 financing round Series B $30.25m led by Baird Capital 2014-04-29
Thermo Fisher–National Univ Singapore: life science research, 201404– collab strategic research alliance in Singapore up to 5 years 2014-04-28
Filgen–Metabolomic Discoveries: metabolomics, 201404– distribution excl of Metabolomic Discoveries’ technologies in Japan by Filgen 2014-04-25
Xitogen Technologies–Danaher: investment, 201404– acquisition of Xitogen tog with Cytojene Corp by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences 2014-04-22
Princeton Univ–Agilent: grant, 201404– Agilent Thought Leader Award to J Rabinowitz incl use 6550 MS-QTOF LC/MS by LSIIG 2014-04-17
Shimadzu–Novilytic: blood plasma collection technology, 201404– collab SSI launches Noviplex Cards for use with LC-MS/MS 2014-04-17
Biocartis–Danaher: Evalution multiplex detection platform, 201404– collab + supply co-developm + manufacturing by Invetech 2014-04-15
Microsaic–Conscience Creative: public relations, 201406 service existent trade PR for Microsaic 2014-04-15
Microsaic–Octopus Investments: investment, 201404 divestment sale of 500k shares resulting in shareholding of 5.17% 2014-04-15
OTHER–Microsaic: mass spectrometer, 201404– supply OEM ww excl of 4000 MiD miniature MS as standalone system for protein separation applications to NN 2014-04-14
Protea Biosciences–ProActive Capital Group: public relations, 201406 service existent investor relations for Protea 2014-04-14
Protea Biosciences–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201404 supply + installation of UltrafleXtreme MALDI TOF/TOF mass spectrometer for MS imaging 2014-04-08
TriMatrix–PerkinElmer: mass spectrometer, 201404 supply existent NexION 300X ICP-MS system at TriMatrix Labs 2014-04-08
Univ Oulu–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201403 supply existent UltrafleXtreme MALDI Tof/Tof listed on web site of MS Core Facility 2014-03-30
Univ Oulu–Waters: mass spectrometer, 201403 supply existent Synapt G2 HDMS Q-Tof listed on web site of MS Core Facility 2014-03-30
Anatech Instruments–Fortis Technologies: HPLC columns, 201403 distribution existent in South Africa by Anatech Instruments 2014-03-29
Dichrom–Fortis Technologies: HPLC columns, 201403 distribution existent in Germany by Dichrom 2014-03-29
Novasep–NewCap: public relations, 201403 service existent 2014-03-27
Evotec–Reach Separations: chromatography, 201403– collab with Reach becoming technology partner providing small molecule chromatography 2014-03-19
Ipca Laboratories–Reach Separations: chromatography, 201403 collab existent offer custom separation services with Onyx Scientific 2014-03-19
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