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[iito] Business Intelligence. (7/15/20). "Press Release: [iito] Launches ADucation Campaign Summer 2020". Bremen.

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To access the full press release with pictures of all seven banner ads of the campaign, please download the pdf version at ]

> Bringing common sense back into professional online marketing

> Fighting digital racketeering and online surveillance

[iito] Business Intelligence – a Germany-based business intelligence provider focussed on the life sciences industry – proudly announces the launch of its first major promotional banner ad campaign to illustrate its uniqe concept of a digital business model that refuses to rip-off user data for profit and that fights the surveillance of user behaviour and “customised” content bubbles, while at the same time securing an excellent return on investment for its advertising customers.

ADucation Banner Ad Campaign 2020: Banners Detailing [iito]’s Strategy

To get you in the know, [iito] has designed the following seven delicate and joyful banner advertisements to educate (or ADucate) you about the [iito] story and business approach.

“It’s impossible” is no option for [iito], or, living the American dream “Made in the EU”

We started our first free business web portal in March 2010 with a concept that ever since rested on four pillars:

1. no content marketing, i.e., no placed content, no pay-to-play
2. no personalised tracking, i.e., no use and no sale of user data
3. no third party software, i.e., no external marketing software, no FB, Twitter, LinkedIn “likes”
4. no mailings, i.e., no “on-behalf-of”-e-mails for our readers & subscribers

This boils down to
– providing the best free content for decision makers in the life sciences industry
– selling just simple, openly-declared, non-personalised banner ads and nothing else!

For about ten years the discussion with potential customers has always been the same:

Potential customer: “What’s your business model?”
[iito]: “No pay-to-play, no tracking, no mailings, just plain and open banner ads!”

Potential customer: “How do you make money?”
[iito]: “We don’t make money, we create excellent products. How should we make money, if we sell what nobody wants and we don’t sell what everybody is asking for all the time?”

Potential customer: “Oohhh?!? So what?”
[iito]: “Just wait some decades. We will make more money than you’ll ever see, because we will be the only free online offering where you can read what really happens in the industry and not who placed content! The only free* outfit for advertisers to reach excellent readers. It’s very plain.stupid.simple, it’s [iito].”

Actually, this is what happens. We are now in the game for about ten years. And everybody told us our strategy might be honorable but in effect pretty naive and will never work. [iito] made it work. Our ADucation banner series shows you how!

* »free« at [iito] portals means that you can read everything without registration and log-in. There are certainly some peer portals with high quality information that “just” charge you with a log-in, i.e., you pay with your personal data; but that is definitely not for free.

Seven ADucation banners tell a simple, yet unbelievable story

1. Ballett ist Männersport! –– [iito] opens up new opportunities

Ever been to a life science business event with top managers and listened to your male peers? Climbing the highest mountains, skydiving, surfing, marathons, triathlons, sure! In 2020 there is no place for fat people at the top level of life science companies (discrimination will never go away!), not to speak of a grey-haired, 50 years+, 90 kg+, heterosexual man doing ballet. Right? Wrong! [iito] opens up new opportunities. And when the head of [iito] is walking with his »Ballett ist Männersport« T shirt at the BIO-Europe, the men don’t know how to deal with it, but the women actually love it! By the way, it is true, he’s doing ballet instead of running the next marathon, because he’s much too fat. Take this, guys, & try something new yourself!

Message #1: [iito] is different and not just talking about being different!

2. Back into the ad! –– putting your marketing where it belongs

Nobody is opposed to a car advertisement in an automobiles magazine or an ad for a record in a music magazine. However, nobody wants the top 10 list of cars or records to be screwed up by paying customers of the magazine or wants to read reviews directly delivered by the record companies and automobiles companies. Actually, today the term “content marketing” most often describes the intention to screw up the charts. Instead, we are proposing to put the content marketing back into the ad. Why not promote your interesting content via banner ads?
It is fair and open. And if your ad and content are both interesting, surely the right people will click. And it even makes our web portals more interesting and better. It’s up to you!

Message #2: at [iito] portals advertisements are advertisements and content is content!

3. Fighting our customers! –– to guarantee their success

Today online marketing managers want coverage, user data and placed content; a “normal” banner ad nearly seems obscene. Reporting to your boss that you secured an interview or an article is a big success, however, buying a banner seems profane; everybody can do it. But in reality, nearly everybody today is buying directly or indirectly the interview. It is in no way more sophisticated than a simple banner ad. We all lost our innocence a long time ago. At [iito] we fight our customers by not accepting content marketing, although they always ask for it.

Message #3: [iito] refuses services asked for by its customers (all day & all night!) to make sure that the ads of [iito] customers are seen by top decision makers in the life sciences industry!

4. Content first! –– no content marketing & no pay-to-play at [iito] portals

We do believe that especially top level business people need to inform themselves what’s going on in the industry, but have very little time to do so, because there is always the next meeting, the next task and time line looming around the next corner. But where to turn for free information?; if nobody is paying the information provider (editor, journalist) any more, and only is paying for placed content? You can turn to [iito] portals. We put the content first, to make your ad work. Best content, best readers, best ad! Like Sly sang: “The shorter cut is quicker, but (haha haha) time is here to stay!”

Message #4: business professionals want to read what happens, instead of reading who placed content this week!

5. We don’t care what you do! –– no personalised tracking at [iito] portals

Most of today’s digital business models consist of a rip-off of user data and trapping users in customised content, to keep them buying products and services, or to keep them in their opinion bubble. The reader has to take it, because the reader isn’t paying any more for content on free portals, by definition. At [iito] we simply pretend that the reader still pays and spare the reader all the tracking and personalisation horrors of today’s digital business models. Why? Because we want the best readers for our valued advertising customers! But how do we prove that we have the right readers, if we do not track them? Well, the numbers of page views per visit, the time per visit, the number of visitors entering [iito] portals directly without a search engine and our Google rankings for worldwide top industry events are beyond the pale. Please enquire!

Message #5: professionals do not visit business news portals to be tracked and be kept in an info bubble but to inform themselves in style!

6. Plain.Stupid.Simple! –– [iito] Business Intelligence

Our basic idea seems so simple, yet outdated: just provide the best free content and you will get the best readers and then the best advertisers and best advertising. Plain.Stupid.Simple! However, today the product that is paid for is not the content, the product that is paid for is the reader/user. The paying customer is the advertiser and/or buyer of user data. And as everybody knows: who puts the money down will call the shots. But not at [iito] web portals! It took us some years to figure out how, but finally we did the trick. How? This is confidential.

Message #6: we prevent the paying customer from buying the content and the user (data)!

7. Made without love! –– we’re only in it for the money

[iito] is strongly opposed to political correctness, simply because we are a German company and within the last hundred years we had some very bad experience with two regimes that put a strong emphasis on political correctness and “user data collection and analysis”. We are also astonished by photos of employees jumping up and raising their arms into the air, seemingly having lots of fun at work. We believe that business is about delivering services to customers and making a profit. Might help for some, to love their work and have fun, might not be helpful for others. Business is not about jumping around and feeling great, but about delivering great returns on investment. Just ask your VC investor. [iito] is very much aware that to maximise our own profit we ultimately have to deliver to our readers and our advertising customers; and actually, that’s what we do. And love – after all – is just a four letter word, isn’t it?!

Message #7: [iito] optimises its own profit, the value to readers as well as the ROI of its customers with top-notch content for readers and efficient advertising for its advertisers!

### ENDS ###

About [iito] Business Intelligence

[iito] Business Intelligence is a German business information services provider, focused on the European and North American life sciences and the worldwide analytical industry.

More information can be found at


[iito] Business Intelligence
Winterstr. 44
28215 Bremen

Phone: + 49 (0) 421-9889-173

To access the full press release with pictures of all seven banner ads of the campaign, please download the pdf version at ]

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