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Mayoly Spindler. (10/5/16). "Press Release: Mayoly Spindler Acquires the Swedish Laboratory Kibion". Paris.

Organisation Organisation Kibion AB
Index term Index term Kibion–Mayoly Spindler: investment, 201610 acquisition of Kibion AB by Mayoly Spindler

Mayoly Spindler acquires the Swedish laboratory Kibion and becomes the leading company in the market of detecting and control of Helicobacter pylori infections.

Mayoly Spindler, the independent French benchmark laboratory in gastroenterology and dermocosmetics, is continuing its international development with the acquisition of the young Swedish laboratory Kibion. Mayoly Spindler has there by become the leading company in the market of urea breath tests1 used to diagnose the presence of Helicobacter pylori and control its eradication.


• Founded in 2005, headquarters in Uppsala (Sweden)
• 2 production sites:
- Uppsala (Sweden)
- Bremen (Germany)
• Number of employees: 15
• Products:
- Diabact® UBT launched in 2000
- Heliprobe® System launched in 2000
- Kibion® Dynamic commercialized in 2015


Thanks to Diabact® UBT, Kibion’s C-13 Urea Breath Test, and the breath sample analyzers Kibion® Dynamic and Heliprobe®, Kibion enjoys a pro-eminent position in the Helicobacter pylori detecting market, in particular in Germany and in Middle East countries such as Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

« We met 10 months ago, drawn together by obvious complementarity and compatibility. Given our historical activity in the field of gastroenterology, the acquisition of Kibion allows Mayoly Spindler to both broaden our geographical footprint and enrich our product portfolio », Stéphane Thiroloix, CEO of Mayoly-Spindler stated. « In turn, this purchase will facilitate access to the markets in which we are already established for Kibion’s product range ».


• Founded in 1929, headquarters in Chatou (France)
• 2 production sites:
- Chatou
- Dammarie les Lys
• 765 staff worldwide including 567 in France
• Main therapeutic areas: Gastroenterology, dermocosmetics, ENT and rheumatology.


According to the Helicobacter Foundation, approximately 60% of the world population is infected with Helicobacter pylori with a high prevalence in the countries of the southern hemisphere. The bacteria present in the stomach causes chronic gastritis in the infected person that persists throughout the lifetime if the infection is left untreated. In most cases, the infection evolves silently without any particular signs or symptoms2. Helicobacter pylori is responsible for 70% of stomach ulcers and 90% of duodenal ulcers3. The bacterium is also the suspected cause of 60% to 90% of gastric cancers4,5, with 1 to 3% of infected individuals developing gastric cancer6. “The prevalence of Helicobacter pylori is a real public health concern; contrary to the medical community, the general public is largely unaware of its relevance. By widening our Helikit® offering with Kibion’s Diabact® UBT, Kibion Dynamic® and Heliprobe® products, our aspiration to improve this situation becomes realistic ”, Stéphane Thiroloix declared.


Thanks to its nearly 800 employees, Mayoly Spindler is a fast-growing, independent, French pharmaceutical company with 45% of its sales originating outside France, through subsidiaries and business partners in nearly 70 countries.

Pharmaceuticals account for 80% of sales, whilst dermo-cosmetics and contract manufacturing account for respectively 13% and 7%. Gastroenterology accounts for 70% of its pharmaceutical business, with products firmly established in daily therapeutic treatment, such as Meteospamyl®, Probiolog® and Helikit®.

« Our ambition to become an international benchmark in gastroenterology and dermocosmetics, in addition to our competitiveness in France, is based on a model of geographical expansion and collaborative R&D, perfectly illustrated by the acquisition of Kibion », Stéphane Thiroloix explained.


1. The Urea Breath Test is used to detect an active Helicobacter pylori infection thanks to the enzyme urease produced by the bacterium. The urease metabolises the urea into CO2 and ammonia. The urea taken by the patient is labelled with carbon 13, if the patient is infected the expired CO2 will contain carbon 13

2. Therapeutic treatment for the eradication of Helicobacter pylori in adults and children. Afssaps 2005.

3. The duodenum is the first part of the small intestine; it follows on directly from the stomach.

4. JC Delchier. Pre-cancerous gastric lesions: What prevention? Gastroenterol Clin Biol 2004;28(5): 172-7.

5. Malfertheiner P, Fry LC, Mönkemüller K. Can gastric cancer be prevented by Helicobacter pylori eradication? Best practice and research Clinical Gastroenterology 2006;20(4):709-19.

6. Sobhani I. Helicobacter pylori and gastric cancer. Médecine/Sciences 2003;19:431-6.


Mayoly Spindler, a French, privately-owned pharmaceutical company, was founded in 1929 and developed steadily with effective and well known medicines in several disease areas such as gastroenterology, rheumatology, ENT, general medicine and public health. The company is also active in dermo-cosmetics with the Charlieu and Topicrem brands.

Equipped with its own manufacturing facilities, Mayoly Spindler has a solid grip on its own industrial development.


Kibion AB is a diagnostic company and world-leading supplier of rapid, reliable Urea Breath Tests and analytical instruments for detecting the gastric ulcer bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

The products Kibion® Dynamic, Diabact® UBT and Heliprobe® System are currently sold in more than 50 countries with the Middle East and EU being the largest markets.

The company is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, with a subsidiary, Kibion GmbH, in Bremen, Germany.

Kibion AB is certified according to EN ISO 13485 for Medical Devices.


Pascal Fruit
6, avenue de l’Europe,
BP 51 – 78401
Chatou Cedex, France
+33 1 34 80 55 75

Petter Bäckgren
P.O. Box 303,
SE-751 05
Uppsala, Sweden
+46 (0)70-555 69 97


Stéphanie Chevrel &
Anne Bellion
86, avenue des Ternes
75017 Paris
+33 1 45 63 19 00

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