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Sage-N Research, Inc.. (1/31/18). "Press Release: Sorcerer X – Sage-N Research, Inc. Announces First Sub-$10K Informatics for Deep Clinical Proteomics". Milpitas, CA.

Organisation Organisation Sage-N Research Inc.
Products Product Sorcerer™ X server
  Product 2 mass spectrometry software (MS software)
Person Person Chiang, David (Sage-N Research 2002–201010– CEO + Co-founder)

Deep proteomics is fundamentally a precise information science stalled by statistical, often flawed informatics. The turnkey SORCERER™ X server is the first low-priced professional informatics system optimized for low-abundance, modified proteins important for clinical R&D. Its platform includes a queued modular workflow with a high-sensitivity search engine that allows 10+ PTMs. The R language is integrated for flexible data visualization and analysis in each step of the transparent customizable workflow. The SORCERER X is targeted for experienced scientists who outgrow beginner PC programs, and for technologists who research new methods. It is generally applicable to m/z data from any mainstream tandem mass spectrometer (ion trap, TOF), acquisition mode (DDA, DIA), and dissociation (CID, HCD, ETD).

"The powerful yet affordable SORCERER X server levels the playing field," notes David Chiang, Chairman of Sage-N Research, Inc. "It enables even the smallest proteomics labs to do pioneering research through visualizing data, developing novel methods, and doing interactive deep analysis."

Mass spectrometers, like particle colliders and space telescopes, produce huge content-rich datasets challenging to analyze. Many proteomics labs would first collect the data and then try different data analysis software, including academic prototypes, to report the most interesting results at 1% FDR error — a "soft science" approach. But 1% error is 100x too high for precise clinical research. Accurate identification of one critical peptide among typically 10 thousand identified per run requires an effective error rate better than 0.01%, which is impossible with inherently subjective statistics.

SorcererScore™ uniquely uses a "hard science" paradigm akin to particle physics: After the experiment, the data are analyzed in two steps — automated processing as deeply as possible with powerful servers, and then interactively to fine-tune results. For comparison, physics labs don't collect massive data and then blindly rely on fast PC programs that find the most sub-atomic particles or black holes. Unlike abstract genes identified through statistics (p-values), protein molecules are best identified from mass spectra using precise physical parameters (delta-masses).

The SORCERER X's platform can be used for data-independent acquisition (DIA) of low-abundance proteins in experimental design and data analysis. Proteins to be found, say for a targeted pathogen, can be digested in silico and plotted to optimize MS1 precursor scans. To look for short-duration peptides, MS1 data from several runs can be dumped as gigabyte text files to be manipulated, combined, and plotted. DIA peptide ID and quantitation, areas of active research, can leverage SorcererScore modules and R libraries.

The mass spectrometer is only half of the biochemistry information revolution that turns protein analysis into numerical puzzles. A productive informatics platform like the SORCERER X is the other half that transforms m/z data into valuable information.

The SORCERER X is priced at $9995 with a one year license, with immediate availability.

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Sage-N Research, Inc. is the world leader in supplying Integrated Data Appliances (iDAs) for reliable, automated & integrated, high-throughput data analysis for large-data bioscience analysis, including proteomics and computational chemistry applications. The industry-leading SORCERER iDAs are platform systems used by leading life science researchers worldwide to rapidly and accurately identify proteins and protein modifications in biological samples using mass spectrometry data. Founded in 2002, the company is a privately held corporation headquartered in Silicon Valley.


Terri Nowak
(408) 841-7185, ext 34

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