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Shimadzu Corporation. (5/30/11). "Press Release: Repeatability of 0.5% in 1 µl Injections, Sample Injection in as Fast as 7 Seconds, and the Absolute Lowest Carryover. The Nexera MP Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Front End System for LC/MS W

Region Region Denver, CO
  Country United States (USA)
Organisation Organisation Shimadzu Corporation
  Group Shimadzu (Group)
Products Product Nexera MP UHPLC Front End System for LC/MS
  Product 2 SIL-30ACMP HPLC Autosampler

- To provide even higher-speed pharmacokinetics tests and synthesis confirmation in drug discovery processes using LC/MS -

Shimadzu Corporation will release the Nexera MP Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph as a Front End system for LC/MS on May 30th. The Nexera MP is perfect for LC/MS analysis conducted in pharmacokinetics and synthesis stages in drug discovery processes.

The new SIL-30ACMP Multiplate Autosampler used in the Nexera MP is best suited for LC/MS analysis and has the industry's best micro-volume injection repeatability, the world's highest injection speed, and the lowest carryover*. By combining the Nexera MP with Shimadzu's LCMS-8030 Ultra High Performance Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer or the LCMS-2020 Ultra High Performance Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer, a system for analyzing multiple samples quickly at a high accuracy can be created.

The Nexera MP will be exhibited at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) conference to be held in Denver, Colorado USA starting on June 5.

* Carryover: A portion of the sample remains inside the autosampler and mixes with the sample that is injected at a later time, lowering the reliability of analytical data.

Development Background

In the pharmacokinetics and candidate compound synthesis stages in drug discovery processes, multiple samples need to be analyzed in a short time using a LC/MS system to attain higher throughput. In addition, in these processes, minimization of carryover in samples is now more important than ever in order to enhance the reliability of LC/MS analysis as mass spectrometers are becoming more and more sensitive.
In the synthesis stage, there is a demand for a system where two or more users can share an instrument and set samples to be measured without delay so that candidate compounds can be checked and identified quickly for more efficient analysis. In addition to providing more efficient analysis, this setup reduces power consumption, lessening the burden on the environment.

*Liquid Chromatograph (LC)

A liquid chromatography system is used to separate components in samples that contain a mixture of two or more components, and then analyze the quantity of each component. A sample is passed to a column, which is a tube for separation in a mobile phase (water or organic solvent). Its components are qualitatively determined by the time it takes them to reach the detector and quantitatively determined by their peak area and height. Generally, an LC system is configured with a pump, autosampler, column, oven, detector, data processor, and other units.


An LC/MS combines a high performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) with a mass spectrometer (MS). Samples are separated by high performance liquid chromatography and detected by the mass spectrometer. Mass spectrometers are also used to check the target components based on mass information or to perform quantitative analysis. Some of them can be used to estimate the structure of components as well.

*Front end HPLC

High performance liquid chromatograph located in front of the mass spectrometer

Features of the new product

Features of the product are described below.

(1) An excellent injection repeatability of 0.5 % in 1 µL injections ensures efficient sample preparation in pharmacokinetics and synthesis confirmation processes

The Nexera MP uses the SIL-30ACMP Multiplate Autosampler, which provides excellent injection repeatability in micro volume injections (1 % max. in 0.5 µL injections, 0.5 % max. in 1 µL injections, and 0.2 % in 5 µL or higher volume injections). The influence of sample solvents, which causes problems in analysis of deproteinized or synthetic samples, can be minimized by reducing the injection volume. Therefore, samples can be directly injected without dilution to streamline the sample preparation process.

* Repeatability: Degree to which the same results are achieved when a lab technician performs the same specific measurement method repeatedly

(2) Ultra high-performance multi-sample processing with a 7-second sample injection, the world's fastest

In addition to the fast separation of components, and supported by the world's highest level of system pressure resistance (130 MPa), the Nexera MP uses the SIL-30ACMP Multiplate Autosampler, which features the world's fastest injection at just 7 seconds. This enables ultrahigh-speed analysis cycles. Moreover, up to 2304 samples can be set because the SIL-30ACMP can hold 6 microtiter or deep well plates (plates to place samples) that can each hold 384 samples. This enables ultra-high-speed multi-sample processing, which is desired in pharmacokinetics and synthesis confirmation processes. Ultra-high-speed analysis reduces the power consumption and organic solvents used for analysis, which in turn, reduces the environmental burden.

(3) Industry's lowest-level carryover

The Nexera MP provides ultra-low carryover, which is essential for LC/MS analysis. By incorporating the exceptional technology used in the Shimadzu Prominence / Nexera Series autosamplers to effectively prohibit adsorption in the sample line, the SIL-30ACMP achieves the industry's lowest level carryover of 0.0015 % max. (no rinse*). Since the multi-rinse function (4 rinse solutions max.) and the function to automatically wash the sample injection port are equipped with the autosampler, the optimum rinse method can be selected according to the sample. These functions help ensure reliable analysis even when a high-sensitivity mass spectrometer is used.

* Rinse: Action to wash the flow line with a solvent

(4) Open access design enables two or more analyzers to set sample plates

Two or more experimenters often share one system in the compound confirmation process in the drug synthesis stage. If using the Nexera MP, each person can set a sample plate without delay, even during analysis. Therefore, analyses previously run in multiple systems can be run on one system, saving energy and operation costs.

(5) Column oven can be installed according to the position of the mass spectrometer

To achieve ultra-high-speed analysis using an LC/MS, the length of the piping connecting the HPLC and mass spectrometer needs to be minimized to prevent dispersion of the sample so that the separation performance can be fully demonstrated. When mounting the optional CTO-30AS Column Oven to the side of the autosampler, the mounting height can be adjusted in three steps and the angle can be adjusted in a range between vertical and almost horizontal. As a result, the column exit can be positioned according to the height of the LC/MS interface, helping to realize ultra-high-speed, high-separation LC/MS analysis while maximizing the system's separation performance.

The Nexera MP can be controlled from Shimadzu's LabSolutions software and major LC/MS workstations made by other companies. Shimadzu aims to expand its share in liquid chromatograph markets worldwide, mainly targeting LC/MS users in pharmacokinetics and synthesis in drug discovery.

Record changed: 2019-06-09


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