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Shimadzu Corporation. (9/1/10). "Press Release: Release of Comprehensive Two-dimensional Gas Chromatograph System that Realizes First-ever Authentic GCxGC Analysis Using QUadrupole Mass Spectrometer".

Organisation Organisation Shimadzu Corporation
  Group Shimadzu (Group)
Products Product GCMS-QP2010 Ultra mass spectrometer
  Product 2 GCxGC system (Comprehensive Two-dimensional Gas Chromatography)

Shimadzu Corporation is releasing a comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatograph (GCxGC) system that realizes first-ever authentic GCxGC analysis using a quadrupole mass spectrometer. This is accomplished by making use of the ultra high-speed performance with best-in-class scan speed of 20,000 u/sec offered by the GCMS-QP2010 Ultra.

What is GCxGC?

Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography is a state-of-the-art technique with high-resolution chromatographic capability used to separate target compounds from complex matrices. GCXGC chromatography employs two orthogonal GC columns connected in series via a modulator. Effluent from the first column is trapped in the modulator for a given period (modulation time) before being focused and released into the second column.
The chromatogram obtained through repeated trapping and injection is rendered in two dimensions using specialized software, with the first and second dimensions on respective axes.

Background of Development

GC or GC-MS systems are used to qualitatively and quantitatively analyze components in a wide variety of fields, such as environmental, foods, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. However, the conventional gas chromatographic technique may have difficulty separating very complex matrices, such as natural products. Moreover, in recent years, the existence of trace-level hazardous compounds contained in food and the environment has gained significant attention. In many of these cases, an instrument with higher resolution capability is required.

In view of such demands, GCxGC chromatography has gained attention as a powerful technique for realizing superior resolution performance compared to conventional gas chromatography. In many cases, a mass spectrometer has been used as a detector for the purpose of enhancing qualitative capability. Typically, time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometers have been chosen because very high-speed scanning performance is required. However, TOF instrument costs are relatively high in comparison to a single-quad GC-MS. This lower cost, in combination with its ultra high-speed performance, enables the GCMS-QP2010 Ultra to meet these newer demands.

Quadrupole GC-MS Achieves Ultra High-Speed Performance of 20,000 u/sec

The GCMS-QP2010 Ultra, Shimadzu's most advanced quadrupole GC-MS, incorporates new technology that allows us to increase the maximum scan speed of our GC-MS system to 20,000 u/sec. This patented technology, Advanced Scanning Speed Protocol (ASSP; US Patent 6610979), is the key to faster data acquisition, increasing sensitivity at high scan speeds by over five times, compared to previous models. This performances makes the GCMS-QP2010 Ultra ideally suited as part of a GCxGC configuration.. In addition, the system can be used as a conventional GC-MS, saving on initial investment costs.
Versatile Measurement Modes offered by Quadrupole GC-MS

Three data acquisition modes: scan, SIM and scan/SIM simultaneous measurement, are available. The combination of an ultra-fast data acquisition speed of 20,000 u/sec and the ASSP function for increasing sensitivity results in a stable mass spectrum. Public mass spectral libraries containing spectra for hundreds of thousands of compounds can be used for searching mass spectra obtained by GCxGC-MS because most of the mass spectra contained in the public libraries are obtained by quadrupole GC-MS. Moreover, unlike a TOF, which only offers a scan mode, versatile data acquisition modes specific to quadrupole GC-MS are available. These include the SIM mode to obtain high-sensitivity quantitative data and mass spectral measurement or high-sensitivity chromatogram measurement using Scan/SIM modes.

With the introduction of this product, Shimadzu aims to increase its market share of gas chromatograph mass spectrometers worldwide. In line with this product release, Shimadzu has also launched a GCxGC system using a flame ionization detector (FID).

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