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Shimadzu Corporation. (5/30/12). "Press Release: New Ghost Trap DS-HP Column Removes Ghost Peaks and Is Compatible with UHPLC. Increases Reliability of Trace Impurity Analysis by Eliminating Ghost Peaks Caused by Mobile Phases".

Organisation Organisation Shimadzu Corporation
  Group Shimadzu (Group)
Products Product Ghost Trap DS-HP column
  Product 2 Ghost Trap DS column
  Index term 2 Shimadzu–Daiichi Sankyo: LC column, –201104–201205 collab development of Ghost Trap DS column + Ghost Trap DS-HP column

On May 30, Shimadzu Corporation released the Ghost Trap DS-HP, a ghost peak removal column with a high-pressure resistance that allows it to be used in ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) systems. Shimadzu partnered with Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. to co-develop a column capable of efficiently removing ghost peaking that occurs during HPLC gradient elution. The result was the Ghost Trap DS column, released in April 2011, which is now widely used for trace analyses, such as to analyze impurities, and other applications. This new model, capable of handling high pressures, allows removing gradient ghost peaks even in UHPLC applications. Use of this column is anticipated in a wide range of fields, including trace impurities analysis in such fields as pharmaceutical, food, and environmental.

In gradient elution analysis using a UHPLC system, impurities from the mobile phase solvents, mobile phase containers, flow lines, etc., can cause peaks to appear in chromatograms. If such ghost peaks appear, it can be difficult to distinguish them from peaks corresponding to trace sample components, reducing analysis reliability. Furthermore, identifying the source of ghost peaks can be extremely time-consuming, and has been a source of frustration for chromatographers, particularly in trace analysis work. The Ghost Trap DS column enabled efficient removal of impurities from mobile phase solvents and other sources by adsorption to easily avoid the effects of ghost peaks in analysis. To shorten analysis times and improve the efficiency of method development, UHPLC has been increasingly used, even for analyzing impurities and other trace substances. Therefore, the new Ghost Trap DS-HP column with a high-pressure resistance was developed to enable using the Ghost Trap in UHPLC applications. In combination with the Shimadzu's Nexera UHPLC series, it increases the speed of analyzing pharmaceutical impurities and other trace components.

This product offers the following features.

(1) Efficiently Traps Components from Mobile Phases or Their Flow Lines that Cause Ghost Peaks

Ghost Trap DS-HP columns can be used to efficiently adsorb impurities in both aqueous and organic solvents. Using the Ghost Trap DS-HP in reverse-phase gradient elution, which is widely used in liquid chromatography, allows adsorbing and removing all components that cause ghost peaks from mobile phases and their flow lines. This can significantly increase the analytical accuracy of trace analysis. Previously, if ghost peaking interfered with analysis, it was necessary to identify the causes and implement countermeasures, which was extremely time-consuming. In contrast, using the Ghost Trap DS-HP easily removes the causes without any need to investigate their source.

(2) Higher Pressure Resistance Enables Use in UHPLC Analysis

The Ghost Trap DS-HP has a column pressure resistance of 100 MPa, enabling its use in Nexera series systems. Therefore, we expect it to be used for UHPLC trace component analysis, such as for impurities analysis in pharmaceuticals.

The newly-developed high-pressure resistant Ghost Trap DS-HP column is a unique product expected to improve accuracy in trace analysis of pharmaceutical impurities and other applications. With the release of the Ghost Trap DS-HP, we aim to significantly increase Nexera series sales.

Note: The "D" in "DS" stands for Daiichi Sankyo and the "S" Shimadzu Corporation.

Record changed: 2019-06-09


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