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Shimadzu Corporation. (5/10/17). "Press Release: Top-of-the-Line Gas Chromatograph Offers the Highest Level of Core Performance in the World and an Advanced User Interface that Provides Excellent Operability and Easy Maintenance . Release of Nexis GC-203

Organisation Organisation Shimadzu Corporation
  Group Shimadzu (Group)
Products Product Nexis GC-2030 gas chromatograph
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Shimadzu Corporation announces the release of the new top-of-the-line Nexis GC-2030 gas chromatograph (GC).

The Nexis GC-2030 has been designed based on the concept of superior usability and expandability for accommodating a wide variety of applications. The new user interface features a full-color LCD touch panel that provides intuitive and easy-to-understand operability. The included software allows access of laboratory instruments from a smartphone or tablet computer, which enables remote instrument monitoring regardless of the operating environment. In addition, no tools are required to open and close the sample injection port, attach and detach columns, or exchange split lines, which significantly reduces maintenance requirements.

To accommodate a wide variety of analytical applications, the Nexis GC-2030 can be equipped with any of a family of high-sensitivity detectors, such as the barrier discharge ionization detector (BID) or a flame ionization detector (FID) that offers the world's highest sensitivity. In addition to the high reproducibility achieved by the new flow controller, it provides automatic gas leak check and self-diagnostic functions that ensure high reliability. Improved compatibility with specialized analyzers (System GCs) tailored to user needs helps reduce costs, reduce space requirements, and increase analysis productivity.

Background to the Development

Gas chromatographs are used for R&D and quality control in a wide range of fields, such as petrochemicals, fine chemicals, environmental testing, pharmaceuticals, food products, electronics/semiconductors, and flavorings. With the growing concern about safety and to minimize any impact on both humans and the environment, there is increasing demand for analyzing trace impurities in raw materials and analyzing the gases emitted from products. This had led to an increasing demand for systems able to analyze trace quantities with high sensitivity. Meanwhile, those involved in analytical work are demanding instruments able to output reliable results regardless of the skill level of the operator.

Therefore, the Nexis GC-2030 was designed to offer the high sensitivity and high expandability demanded by the market, while also featuring functionality that enables almost anyone to easily operate and maintain the instrument. Thus, it meets a variety of laboratory needs.


1. Innovative User Interface and Excellent Usability

Equipped with a full color LCD touch panel, the Nexis GC-2030 can be operated intuitively by simply touching the clearly organized and easy-to-understand interface. It also allows users to configure various parameter settings, perform self-diagnostics, automatically check for carrier gas leaks, and display chromatograms via the interface on the main GC unit. The extensive use of graphics means the instrument can be operated using simple stress-free operations. Furthermore, software windows linked to icons for each unit in the GC can be used to edit methods using the same operations as when operating the corresponding unit.

Other innovations minimize the time and trouble required for maintenance. These include a sample injection port that can be maintained without using any tools, and a column oven that allows column connection with a single step and is equipped with lighting to illuminate maintenance operations. Furthermore, the automatic gas leak check and automatic self-diagnostic functions help ensure high analytical reliability by providing early warning of any problems.

2. World's Highest Sensitivity and Reproducibility

Equipped with a CPU, the advanced flow controller (AFC) enables ultra-high-speed and ultra-high-precision flow control that results in exceptional reproducibility. It supports a variety of control modes, such as carrier gas constant linear velocity control, constant flowrate control, and constant pressure control. Multi-step programs can be created for each control mode as well. In addition, additional detectors can be installed via up to four ports. These detectors include a flame ionization detector (FID) that offers the world's highest sensitivity, a dielectric barrier discharge detector that can detect trace quantities of organic or inorganic compounds other than helium (He) or neon (Ne) with 0.1 ppm-level (sub-ppm) high sensitivity, an electron capture detector (ECD), and a flame photometric detector (FPD).

3. Exceptional Analysis Productivity

Specialized analyzers (System GCs) can be configured for specific needs by connecting flow lines to up to three ports, detectors to up to four ports, or up to eight valves to an optional valve box. Enhanced compatibility with Advanced Flow Technology (AFT), which enables backflushing, switching between detectors, detector splitting, and heart-cutting, helps improve productivity by reducing laboratory space requirements and increasing analysis speed.

Constant linear velocity control is available for better separation of less expensive nitrogen carrier gas. In addition, the system can use hydrogen as a carrier gas for faster analysis. An optional hydrogen sensor is available for preventing hydrogen accidents by early hydrogen leak detection. Compatibility with the carrier gas saver function and the sleep mode, which significantly reduces power consumption, reduces operating costs and saves energy.

4. New LabSolutions Provides Full Control of Nexis GC-2030 Systems and Offers High Usability

The new LabSolutions software features a graphical user interface that significantly improves usability. It is state-of-the-art CDS software that ensures the sophisticated functionality available with the Nexis GC-2030 can be operated easily.

The new user interface allows the instrument status to be determined at a glance and the parameter settings window to be displayed with a single click. Also, various functionality for ensuring compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and data integrity provides powerful support for laboratory management workflows.

The included software allows access of laboratory instruments from a smartphone or tablet computer, which enables remote instrument monitoring regardless of the operating environment.
With Advanced Flow Technology (AFT) functionality included standard and compatibility with HS-20 and AOC-20 units, the software is capable of meeting a wide variety of needs.

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