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Accucore Vanquish UHPLC column (product series) liquid chromatography (LC) Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-07-15
Vanquish UHPLC system liquid chromatography (LC) Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-07-15
Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometry technology (REIMS technology) ionisation technology (mass spectrometry) Waters (Group) 2014-07-22
Zebron™ ZB-CLPesticides GC column set gas chromatography (GC) Danaher (Group) 2014-07-24
ClinQuan MD software mass spectrometry software (MS software) Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-07-28
Endura MD mass spectrometer triple quadrupole mass spectrometer Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-07-28
Prelude MD HPLC system liquid chromatography (LC) Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-07-28
Vutara™ 350 fluorescence microscope microscope_o Bruker Corporation (Group) 2014-07-28
Phenova Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) reference materials / standards (analytics/diagnostics) Danaher (Group) 2014-07-29
Shodex™ HPLC column liquid chromatography (LC) Showa Denko (SDK) (Group) 2014-07-29
ASAP® (Direct Analysis Probe sample introduction system, Advion) ionisation technology (mass spectrometry) Bohui (Group) 2014-08-06
ChemSearch Mobile App for iOS cheminformatics software tools Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-08-06
Avant HPLC/UHPLC system liquid chromatography (LC) Bohui (Group) 2014-08-07
Mass Spectrometry Metabolite Library of Standards (MSMLS) chemical compound library (availability) 2014-08-08
Precision Nitrogen Headspace 250 gas generator gas generator (laboratory) Peak Scientific (Group) 2014-08-11
Mitra™ (RUO) Microsampling Device sample preparation (technology)_o Danaher (Group) 2014-08-14
Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling (VAMS™) technology sample preparation (technology)_o Danaher (Group) 2014-08-14
CIM® column (Convective Interaction Media monolithic chromatographic column) chromatography_other BIA Separations GmbH 2014-08-15
MAbPac™ HIC-10 HPLC Column liquid chromatography (LC) Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-08-20
iMSCope TRIO imaging mass microscope hybrid mass spectrometer Shimadzu (Group) 2014-08-25
Recipe ClinMass® LC-MSMS Complete Kits® clinical mass spectrometry-based test Recipe Chemicals + Instruments GmbH 2014-08-26
AB Sciex 4500MD Series LC/MS/MS System triple quadrupole mass spectrometer Danaher (Group) 2014-09-01
AB Sciex QTRAP® 4500MD LC/MS/MS System hybrid mass spectrometer Danaher (Group) 2014-09-01
AB Sciex Triple Quad™ 4500MD LC/MS/MS System triple quadrupole mass spectrometer Danaher (Group) 2014-09-01
JNM-ECZS NMR spectrometer (product series) NMR spectroscopy JEOL (Group) 2014-09-01
7200B Q-TOF GC/MS system (Agilent) hybrid mass spectrometer Agilent (Group) 2014-09-02
Evalution™ multiplex detection platform diagnostic device, clinical MyCartis 2014-09-05
Proteome-SEQ™ standardized discovery service mass spectrometry (MS) Biognosys AG 2014-09-05
TSQ Duo triple quadrupole GC-MS/MS system triple quadrupole mass spectrometer Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-09-08
Juno™ System genomic services Fluidigm (Group) 2014-09-16
SkyScan™ 1278 micro-CT system computed tomography (CT) technology Bruker Corporation (Group) 2014-09-17
Ion PGM Dx System DNA sequencing system_other Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-09-18
1290 Infinity II LC System (Agilent) liquid chromatography (LC) Agilent (Group) 2014-09-22
InfinityLab LC system (product series) liquid chromatography (LC) Agilent (Group) 2014-09-22
ChromSquare software cheminformatics software tools Chromaleont S.r.l. 2014-09-27
Kinetex® EVO C18 core-shell HPLC column liquid chromatography (LC) Danaher (Group) 2014-09-29
RoadRunner™ explosives and narcotics trace detector analytical instrument_other Bruker Corporation (Group) 2014-09-29
megavolt electrostatic ionisation technology ionisation technology (mass spectrometry) University of Hong Kong 2014-09-30
Barozyme HT48 system sample preparation (technology)_o Pressure BioSciences Inc. (OTCQB: PBIO) 2014-10-01
Extrahera™ 8-channel automation system for SLE + SPE laboratory automation equipment_o Biotage (Group) 2014-10-01
BaseSpace® cloud computing environment cloud computing Illumina (Group) 2014-10-02
OneOmics™ cloud computing environment (Illumina/AB Sciex) cloud computing Illumina (Group) 2014-10-02
Novum™ Simplified Liquid Extraction (SLE) sorbent reagents (bio/biochemical)_o Danaher (Group) 2014-10-06
Ascentis® Express 2.0 micron UHPLC column liquid chromatography (LC) Merck (DE) (Group) 2014-10-07
Acquity UPC2® Torus™ Column liquid chromatography (LC) Waters (Group) 2014-10-08
Acquity UPC2® Trefoil™ Column liquid chromatography (LC) Waters (Group) 2014-10-08
Raptor™ C18 SPP LC column liquid chromatography (LC) Restek (Group) 2014-10-08
Raptor™ LC column (product series) liquid chromatography (LC) Restek (Group) 2014-10-08
SpeedCore PH Plus core-shell column liquid chromatography (LC) Fortis Technologies Ltd. 2014-10-13
XBridge® Protein BEH SEC Column chromatography_other Waters (Group) 2014-10-15
BioSpec® 210/11 21 Tesla ultra-high field MRI with CryoProbe™ magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Bruker Corporation (Group) 2014-10-17
Q Exactive™ Focus LC-MS/MS system hybrid mass spectrometer Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-10-20
Poros XQ anion exchange resin chromatography_other Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-10-21
maXis II™ UHR-qTOF mass spectrometer hybrid mass spectrometer Bruker Corporation (Group) 2014-11-03
SCION GC/MS system mass spectrometer_other Techcomp (Group) 2014-11-03
SCION SQ™ single quadrupole GC/MS system single quadrupole mass spectrometer Techcomp (Group) 2014-11-03
Cary 610 FTIR microscope microscopy_o Agilent (Group) 2014-11-06
Cary 620 FTIR microscope microscopy_o Agilent (Group) 2014-11-06
AdvanceBio RP-mAb column liquid chromatography (LC) Agilent (Group) 2014-11-11
iONTRAC process monitor mass spectrometer_other Astrotech (Group) 2014-11-12
rapidust® system for mycotoxin testing food analysis technology Eurofins (Group) 2014-11-12
Chromaster HPLC system liquid chromatography (LC) Hitachi (Group) 2014-11-13
HLI Database genomic database Human Longevity (Group) 2014-11-13
Varicol system liquid chromatography (LC) Novasep (Group) 2014-11-13
SecurityGuard Cartridge System for GPC columns chromatography_other Danaher (Group) 2014-11-19
NanoForce nanomechanical testing system Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Bruker Corporation (Group) 2014-12-01
UMT TriboLab™ platform analytical instrument_other Bruker Corporation (Group) 2014-12-01
CH-NMR-NP spectral database of natural products spectral database (spectral library) JEOL (Group) 2014-12-03
fastGC module gas chromatography (GC) Ionicon (Group) 2014-12-04
Orion Ross Ultra Triode pH electrode analytical instrument_other Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-12-11
BioScope Resolve™ biological AFM system Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Bruker Corporation (Group) 2014-12-15
Unity-Air Server system analytical instrument_other Schauenburg (Group) 2014-12-15
5D Ultra-e LC-GCxGC-MS/MS system (Shimadzu) triple quadrupole mass spectrometer Shimadzu (Group) 2014-12-16
Victor™ EnLite™ and EnLite™ Neonatal TREC Kit clinical test_other PerkinElmer (Group) 2014-12-17
Bruker HMDB Metabolite Library (MS/MS spectra) spectral database (spectral library) Bruker Corporation (Group) 2014-12-19
CLAM-2000 Fully Automated Sample Preparation Module for LCMS automated sample preparation technology_o Shimadzu (Group) 2015-01-01
lipoFIT-S100 test lipidomics Numares (Group) 2015-01-01
lipoFIT-S100-400 test lipidomics Numares (Group) 2015-01-01
nanoIR2-s system infrared spectroscopy Bruker Corporation (Group) 2015-01-01
Seahorse XF Cell Energy Phenotype Test Kit research test Agilent (Group) 2015-01-01
JMS-T200GC GC-TOFMS system time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOF-MS) JEOL (Group) 2015-01-08
WASPLab™ system automated sample preparation technology_o Copan (Group) 2015-01-09
WASP® Walk-Away Specimen Processor automated sample preparation technology_o Copan (Group) 2015-01-09
Biomolecule Toolkit (ChemAxon) software tools (bioinformatics)_o ChemAxon (Group) 2015-01-15
Plexus Suite web collaboration platform cheminformatics software tools ChemAxon (Group) 2015-01-15
Spectro Arcos high-resolution ICP-OES spectrometer ICP optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) AMETEK (Group) 2015-01-21
Fisher Chemical Optima and GC Resolv Methylene Chloride Solutions reagents (bio/biochemical)_o Thermo Fisher (Group) 2015-01-22
Mastersizer 2000 particle analyzer Spectris (Group) 2015-01-22
Mastersizer 3000 particle analyzer Spectris (Group) 2015-01-22
NephroCheck® Test clinical proteomic test Mérieux (Group) 2015-01-22
ACQUITY UPLC FLR Detector fluorescence spectroscopy Waters (Group) 2015-01-27
GlycoWorks™ RapiFluor-MS N-Glycan Kit reagents (bio/biochemical)_o Waters (Group) 2015-01-27
HT2800T all-in-one GC autosampler laboratory automation equipment_o HTA S.r.l. 2015-01-27
JNM-ECS400 NMR system NMR spectroscopy JEOL (Group) 2015-01-27
Nexera UC system (Nexera Unified Chromatography system) chromatography_other Shimadzu (Group) 2015-01-27
RapiFluor-MS Dextran Calibration Ladder and Glycan Performance Test Standard reagents (bio/biochemical)_o Waters (Group) 2015-01-27
Kenkodo personalised metabolomics service metabolomic services Metabolon (Group) 2015-02-02
BacterioScan 216Dx instrument (laser microbial growth monitor) diagnostic device, in vitro BacterioScan Inc. 2015-02-03
Sample Preparation Kit (Biognosys) sample preparation, protein (technology) Biognosys AG 2015-02-06
PeptiQuant™ Biomarker Assessmet Kit (BAK) reagents (bio/biochemical)_o Otsuka (Group) 2015-02-09
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