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Find below all kinds of mass spectrometry related products, technologies, and services.

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Vanquish Flex Binary UHPLC system liquid chromatography (LC) Thermo Fisher (Group) 2016-06-06
VGA-101 Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) detector spectroscopy VUV Analytics Inc. 2016-06-07
Exputec inCyght® chromatography data science software cheminformatics software tools BIA Separations (Group) 2016-06-13
PATfinder™ HPLC system liquid chromatography (LC) BIA Separations (Group) 2016-06-13
AMICS software platform (Advanced Mineral Identification and Characterization System) software tools Bruker Corporation (Group) 2016-06-20
iLab lab management platform laboratory equipment services_o 2016-06-27
iLab/CORES solution laboratory equipment services_o Agilent (Group) 2016-06-27
B.I.-LISA IVDr-by-NMR profiling module (Bruker IVDr LIpoprotein Subclass Analysis) NMR spectroscopy Bruker Corporation (Group) 2016-06-28
LabSolutions IR thermal-damaged plastics library spectral database (spectral library) Shimadzu (Group) 2016-07-05
LIGHTNIRS functional near-infrared spectroscopy system (fNIRS system) spectrophotometer Shimadzu (Group) 2016-07-13
Presston™ 100 Positive Pressure Manifold for sample preparation sample preparation (technology)_o Danaher (Group) 2016-07-13
7000D triple quadrupole GC/MS/MS (Agilent) triple quadrupole mass spectrometer Agilent (Group) 2016-07-18
7010B triple quadrupole GC/MS/MS (Agilent) triple quadrupole mass spectrometer Agilent (Group) 2016-07-18
Exactive™ GC Orbitrap GC/MS system hybrid mass spectrometer Thermo Fisher (Group) 2016-07-18
Orbitrap GC-MS Contaminants Library spectral database (spectral library) Thermo Fisher (Group) 2016-07-18
Pathfinder X-ray microanalysis software (Thermo Fisher) X-ray analyis software Thermo Fisher (Group) 2016-07-25
Axinon® test system (product series) NMR spectroscopy Numares (Group) 2016-07-26
Magnetic Group Signaling technology (MGS technology) NMR spectroscopy Numares (Group) 2016-07-26
Wiley Spectra Lab spectral database (spectral library) Wiley (Group) 2016-07-26
MobileDaRt Evolution X-ray MX7 system X-ray technology Shimadzu (Group) 2016-07-29
1220 Infinity II LC System (Agilent) liquid chromatography (LC) Agilent (Group) 2016-08-01
Axinon® lipoFIT® IVD test system NMR spectroscopy Numares (Group) 2016-08-01
B·R·A·H·M·S Procalcitonin (PCT) assay diagnostic test Thermo Fisher (Group) 2016-08-01
LabLink xL™ quality assurance software LIMS (laboratory information management system) Thermo Fisher (Group) 2016-08-01
Juno™ Targeted DNA Sequencing Library Preparation System sample preparation, nucleic acid (technology) Fluidigm (Group) 2016-08-04
Nexera MX Dual Stream Technology (MX-DST) laboratory automation equipment_o Shimadzu (Group) 2016-08-09
FlexFlow gas subscription service gas generator (laboratory) Peak Scientific (Group) 2016-08-10
FlowJo software flow cytometry software FlowJo, LLC 2016-08-10
Afla-V® AQUA™ test food test Waters (Group) 2016-08-15
Flavor Stability Packace (Flavor Stability e-scan Beer-Analyzer EPR instrument + methods) analytical instrument_other Bruker Corporation (Group) 2016-08-15
iKey™ HT 300-micron i.d. microfluidic device liquid chromatography (LC) Waters (Group) 2016-08-17
Syntri Arcos Block Management system laboratory automation equipment_o Thermo Fisher (Group) 2016-08-18
Pegasus® BT system (GC-ToF-MS) time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOF-MS) Leco (Group) 2016-08-22
Diagnostic Cortex™ data analysis platform mass spectrometry software (MS software) Biodesix Inc. 2016-08-23
OEM-1000NG Core Analyzer ion trap mass spectrometer Astrotech (Group) 2016-08-23
RapiFluor-MS™ (RFMS) Glycan GU Scientific Library spectral database (spectral library) Waters (Group) 2016-08-23
StayClean™ ion source ionisation technology (mass spectrometry) Leco (Group) 2016-08-23
Yarra 1.8µm SEC-X300 GFC/SEC HPLC column liquid chromatography (LC) Danaher (Group) 2016-08-23
GCMS-TQ8050 mass spectrometer triple quadrupole mass spectrometer Shimadzu (Group) 2016-08-26
Quick-DB GC/MS/MS forensic toxicological database (Quick-DB Forensic) spectral database (spectral library) Shimadzu (Group) 2016-08-26
i-Series HPLC analyzer (product series) liquid chromatography (LC) Shimadzu (Group) 2016-08-30
i-Series HPLC Food Safety Analyzer Antimicrobial Screening System liquid chromatography (LC) Shimadzu (Group) 2016-08-30
i-Series HPLC Food Safety Analyzer Mycotoxin Screening System liquid chromatography (LC) Shimadzu (Group) 2016-08-30
Intuvo 9000 GC system gas chromatography (GC) Agilent (Group) 2016-08-30
Solaris Nitrogen gas generator gas generator (laboratory) Peak Scientific (Group) 2016-09-01
SPM-9700HT scanning probe microscope scanning probe microscopy (SPM) Shimadzu (Group) 2016-09-01
AP-W analytical balance analytical balance Shimadzu (Group) 2016-09-05
AP-X analytical balance analytical balance Shimadzu (Group) 2016-09-05
AP-Y analytical balance analytical balance Shimadzu (Group) 2016-09-05
BioEthanol Analyzer (based on Prominence-i integrated HPLC platform) liquid chromatography (LC) Shimadzu (Group) 2016-09-06
Prominence-i integrated HPLC system liquid chromatography (LC) Shimadzu (Group) 2016-09-06
Zebron™ PLUC GC Inlet Liners gas chromatography (GC) Danaher (Group) 2016-09-06
JSM-IT300HR InTouchScope™ SEM electron microscope JEOL (Group) 2016-09-07
SkyScan™ 1276 microCT system computed tomography (CT) technology Bruker Corporation (Group) 2016-09-07
Omni point of care system (Cepheid) point-of-care diagnostic device Danaher (Group) 2016-09-08
Xpert® Finger Stick HIV-1 Viral Load Assay clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Danaher (Group) 2016-09-08
Xpert® HIV-1 Qual test clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Danaher (Group) 2016-09-08
Xpert® HIV-1 Viral Load test clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Danaher (Group) 2016-09-08
NeoMass AAAC assay clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) 2016-09-09
Agilent 4210 microwave plasma-atomic emission spectrometer (4210 MP-AES) ICP optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) Agilent (Group) 2016-09-13
Lux® i-Cellulose-5 chiral column liquid chromatography (LC) Danaher (Group) 2016-09-13
Tracer™ 5i handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) elemental analyzer fluorescence spectroscopy Bruker Corporation (Group) 2016-09-15
KingFisher® Presto automated sample purification system automated sample preparation technology_o Thermo Fisher (Group) 2016-09-19
SONAR data acquisition mode mass spectrometry (MS) Waters (Group) 2016-09-19
PeakForce SECM™ mode (for AFM) Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Bruker Corporation (Group) 2016-09-20
PeakForce Tapping® technology Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Bruker Corporation (Group) 2016-09-20
Lipotype Shotgun Skin Lipidomics Technology mass spectrometry (MS) Lipotype GmbH 2016-09-22
TMTcalibrator mass spectrometry workflow mass spectrometry (MS) Proteome Sciences (Group) 2016-09-22
Viresolve® Pro Device filter (laboratory/biochem production)_o Merck (DE) (Group) 2016-09-26
Viresolve® Pro Shield H filter (laboratory/biochem production)_o Merck (DE) (Group) 2016-09-26
Intellixir software software, office Questel (FR) 2016-09-27
Volatile Sample System mass spectrometry (MS) 2016-09-27
Meta IMD™ Test (CLIA LDT test) clinical metabolomic test Metabolon (Group) 2016-09-28
Sorcerer Storm™ cloud-based proteomic data appliance proteomic software tools Sage-N Research Inc. 2016-09-29
EZGC Chromatogram Modeler software cheminformatics software tools Restek (Group) 2016-10-03
ReCIVA™ Breathalyzer diagnostic device, clinical Owlstone (Group) 2016-10-04
Altus® UPLC® system liquid chromatography (LC) PerkinElmer (Group) 2016-10-10
Avio™ 200 ICP-OES system ICP optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) PerkinElmer (Group) 2016-10-10
IROA® Biochemical Quantitation Kit reagents (bio/biochemical)_o Otsuka (Group) 2016-10-10
ProMaxion quadrupole process mass spectrometer quadrupole mass spectrometer AMETEK (Group) 2016-10-10
QSight™ triple quadrupole LC/MS/MS system triple quadrupole mass spectrometer PerkinElmer (Group) 2016-10-10
Torion® T-9 portable GC/MS system mass spectrometer_other PerkinElmer (Group) 2016-10-10
FilmArray® Respiratory Panel EZ (FilmArray RP EZ) clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Mérieux (Group) 2016-10-11
HiSorb sorptive extraction technology (product series) thermal analytical instrument Schauenburg (Group) 2016-10-18
SureGuide CRISPR libraries genomic technology Agilent (Group) 2016-10-20
LFQbench software mass spectrometry software (MS software) University of Mainz (Johannes Gutenberg University) 2016-10-24
PD-L1 IHC 22-C3 pharmDx (Dako) clinical test_other Agilent (Group) 2016-10-24
Third Rock Venture IV, LP (Fund IV) fund, human health Third Rock Ventures LLC 2016-10-31
Fumo-V® AQUA™ test food test Waters (Group) 2016-11-01
RadEye SPRD-GN handheld radiation detector (spectroscopic personal radiation detector – gamma neutron) analytical instrument_other Thermo Fisher (Group) 2016-11-01
Syndromic Panel Technology PCR technology Bruker Corporation (Group) 2016-11-02
GO Clinical Workbench™ genomic software tools GenomOncology LLC (GO) 2016-11-09
Cortecs® Shield RP18 column liquid chromatography (LC) Waters (Group) 2016-11-10
Cortecs® T3 column liquid chromatography (LC) Waters (Group) 2016-11-10
eMag® automated nucleic acid extraction system nucleic acid purification (technology) Mérieux (Group) 2016-11-10
Maxpar® mass cytometry panel(s for immuno-oncology research) research test Fluidigm (Group) 2016-11-10
Ultima NeuraLight 3D™ module (for Ultima Multiphoton Microscopes) microscope_o Bruker Corporation (Group) 2016-11-14
D8 Advance Plus™ X-ray diffractometer X-ray technology Bruker Corporation (Group) 2016-11-28
PTR-TOF 4000 trace gas analyzer time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOF-MS) Ionicon (Group) 2016-11-29
Clarity® Oligo-SAX column liquid chromatography (LC) Danaher (Group) 2016-11-30
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