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EZ Test EZ-X Series

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Period Status 2012-05-11 sales start
Organisation Organisation Shimadzu Corporation
  Group Shimadzu (Group)

Shimadzu Corporation. (5/11/12). "Press Release: Release of the New EZ Test EZ-X Series. Compact Tabletop Testers Are Ideally Suited for Food Texture Analysis, Pharmaceutical Evaluation, and a Wide Variety of other Testing Applications".

On May 11, Shimadzu will release the EZ Test EZ-X Series, consisting of 29 compact tabletop tester models. Based on the key concepts of "convenience, ease-of-use, and high functionality," they have been designed for small-capacity testing machine markets. These models offer the world's highest levels of test force measurement precision (±0.5 % of indicated value), guaranteed range (1/500 to 1/1), control precision, and test speed (from 0.001 to 2000 mm/min for the HS model).

In recent years, the need for physical property testing has increased significantly in a wide range of application fields. To address these demands, the EZ-X series offers a variety of software and testing jigs for applications that require small-capacity high-precision testing, such as for evaluating the texture of foods or for testing pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as electrical/electronic parts, fibers, paper, film, rubber, or plastics.

In addition, EZ Test testers are available in three variations to accommodate a wide variety of operating requirements. For research and development applications with complicated control and data analysis requirements, TRAPEZIUM X software, which makes it easy to set testing parameters, perform tests, reanalyze data, and create reports, can be included. For quality control applications with high throughput and strict data control requirements, TRAPEZIUM LITE X software can be included to make it possible to use the control panel on the tester to load testing parameters from a computer, and to display, save, or print test results. To efficiently repeat maximum test force measurements without saving data, the testers can also be operated without a computer, on a standalone basis.

Product Development Background

Capable of performing various tensile, compression, bending, peeling, and other tests by simply exchanging jigs, compact tabletop testers are used to evaluate physical properties in a wide variety of fields.

For example, manufacturers of perishable and nonperishable processed foods monitor not only the flavor, but also the crispiness, glutinousness, consistency, tongue feel, texture, and other characteristics of foods. In the past, this was mainly accomplished with sensory testing involving inspectors actually eating samples to evaluate those characteristics, which resulted in poor repeatability due to differences in sensations experienced by different inspectors and variations in their physical condition. Therefore, customers have been demanding a more objective and quantitative evaluation method to supplement sensory testing. The EZ Test series offers a broad line of specialized jigs and software to enable a variety of tests that can numerically evaluate texture and other food characteristics. The nursing home food industry, which develops foods that are safe and taste good for the aged and those with mouth disorders, has also shown interest in evaluating food texture, and the number of other applications is expected to increase.

In the medical device industry, manufacturers evaluate a variety of strength characteristics so they can guarantee the functionality, performance, and safety of products such as syringes and catheters. This evaluation often includes a wide range of detailed tests, such as 3-point bending tests to test the force required to split pills or testing how easy it is to remove pills from their packaging. EZ Test testers not only enable such specialized tests, but also support IQ (installation qualification) and OQ (operational qualification), required for pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control applications.

New Product Features

The key features of the series are as follows.

(1) Test Force Precision within ±0.5 % of Indicated Value and Sampling Speed of 1 msec

Testers are not only precise to within ±0.5 of the indicated test force value, but they also offer the industry's widest test force range, which has been increased to 1/500 to 1/1 (from 1/250 to 1/1) of the maximum test force. This means a single tester can perform higher precision tests over a wider range. In addition, the testing speed range is now 0.001 to 1,000 mm/min (increased from 0.05 to 1,000 mm/min), enabling peak data to be detected accurately in tests, including glass bending tests, for brittle materials or when compression-testing for electronic parts.

Also, the speed with which the tester returns to its starting position after tests has been increased to 1,500 mm/min (from 1,000 mm/min). A high-speed HS model is capable of test speeds ranging from 0.001 to 2,000 mm/min and a return speed of 3,000 mm/min. This dramatically improves testing efficiency by moving to the next sample more quickly, especially when measuring elastic materials such as rubber.

(2) A Larger Selection of Jigs to Accommodate an Even Wider Variety of Applications

The addition of more specialized jigs expands the application range and provides broader support for food development and quality control. Additional jigs include those for evaluating the hardness or spreading characteristics of butter, bar soap, and other samples that deform when heated, and jigs that compress, slice, and extrude samples using multiple blades to evaluate average characteristics of non-uniform samples, such as cereals, beans, or sauces containing food pieces. A jig platform is also available for easy jig exchange.

(3) User-Defined Test Operating Environment

Available software includes TRAPEZIUM X, which can accommodate everything from R&D to QC applications, and TRAPEZIUM LITE X, which is designed for quality control departments that perform a given test repeatedly. Both are compatible with Windows 7 and feature a user-friendly design for easy operation. In addition, a lower tester table makes tabletop operations easier, while the control panel used to start and stop tests can now be freely tilted to improve operability. It is also possible to perform tests without a computer, using only the tester (standalone). Used in combination with a non-contact video extensometer and width sensor (TRViewX), it can also measure the modulus of elasticity and Poisson's ratio, which is required for developing films with enhanced functionality and other applications.

Precision universal testing machines are core products of Shimadzu's testing equipment business. By offering this series of high precision and convenient, yet low priced, testing machines as strategic global products, we intend to further advance our global marketing strategy.

Description: EZ Test EZ-X Series Compact Tabletop Testers

EZ-SX Load capacity 1 N to 500 N 8 models in total
EZ-LX Load capacity 1 N to 5 kN 11 models in total
EZ-LX HS Load capacity 1 N to 2 kN 10 models in total

Instrument Dimensions:
EZ-SX W420 x D530 x H940 mm
EZ-LX W420 x D530 x H1,330 mm
EZ-LX HS W420 x D530 x H1,330 mm

Record changed: 2012-05-19


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